I) God, the Blazing Star HERE
An examination of the origin of the letter 'G' and the Blazing Star in Masonic ritual and its significance then and to the Freemason today.  A paper by Bro. Prof. Dr. U. Gauthamadas, Grand Lodge of India.
April 3rd, 2013  
2) Knights Templar History and Freemason Mysteries

 Knights Templar History : The History of the KnightsTemplar

If we look at the Knight Templar and Freemasons history, the most widely publicized theory of the origin of Freemasonry stems from the recognition of the Medieval Order of the Poor Soldiers of Christ and Solomons Temple, founded around 1118 and more commonly known as the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar is still known in freemasonry today.

It is widely believed that the Templar Knights were based in or near the original site of the Temple of Solomon and widely spread throughout France in the early 12th century. Being religious templar knights and reporting only to the Church, gave them exemption from many laws and enabled them to receive much land and property throughout the country enabling a network of wealth to be created, which some folk still beleive to be a secret of freemasonry today.

Knights Templar and Freemason History 
It is thought that the roads to Jerusalem were often patrolled by thieves looking to prey on unaware travelers to the holy city. This gave rise to a need for protection by Templar Knights to the travelers and it is thought that fees were generated by the templar knights in exchange for the protection offered. 
This simple Templar system became an exercise of the knights which gave rise to the first form of banking whereby a patron would be able to leave funds with a knights templar preceptory in one city and receive a promisary note which could be exchanged in another city in order to eliminate the risk of having to travel cross country with large sums of money.

The Knights Templar in France 
The Migration of the Knights Templar 
In the late 12th century the Christian following ,including Templar Knights, was removed from the holy city and the Knights Templar were no longer needed and thus returned to France where King Philip governed with the Knights still answerable only to the papal authority. 
The King of France had been king since the age of 17 and had inherited much debt from his predecessors. This meant that loans were made from the Jews, the Church and the Knights Templar in order to maintain the country. This inevitably led to poor repayment by the monarchy and caused drastic swings in the economy leading to riots and a call for the removal of King Philip. The Knights templar allowed the king to seek refuge within their preceptory for a few days and it is believed that during this time King Philip forged a plot to arrest The Jews on June 24th 1307 and the Knights templar on Friday 13th October 1307 in order to retain their wealth, property and remove all debts that were owed to them by the monarchy, possibly explaining why Friday 13th is deemed unlucky by some people. It is believed that some of the Knights Templar avoided this arrest tactic and made their way to some of their ships in anchor and sailed for Europe to eventually land in Scotland.
The Knights Templar and Robert the Bruce 

The Knights Templar in Scotland 
Arriving in Scotland it seems was a choice by the Knights Templar due to the fact that Robert the Bruce had been excommunicated by the church and papal authority did not apply in Scotland. This meant that the Knights Templar had sanctuary from the reaches of the pope in Scotland. 
Robert the Bruce was at war with England and was pleased to have the expertise of such battle qualified knights in his army and it is believed that the Knights Templar were integral in the defeat of the English at the battle of Bannockburn. Robert the Bruce is often credited with forming the Freemasons as a means to hide the fact that there were Knights Templar present in his army. This was because he wanted to return Scotland to a state recognized under Christendom and had informed the church that no Knights Templar existed in Scotland. The Knights Templar were then able to continue as they had previously, but now under the name of Freemasonry.

Freemasonry and the steps to Knights Templar 
There are various avenues which can be followed in Freemasonry. The three most popular avenues being the Royal Arch, Rosicrucian (Rose Croix) or Knights Templar degrees. 
There are 4 world wide accepted degrees which must be completed by a new person deciding to enter freemasonry which shall we say are the basis of understanding to Freemasonry. The other avenues are all different in their teachings and handle different aspects of Freemasonry. 
There are many opinions and schools of thought on the dates that speculative Freemasonry came into existence with the most common being 1717. 
The Knights Templar were said to have obtained secrets throughout their travels from the ancient mysteries in Alchemy, Magic and Building Techniques scattered through history by the likes of the Greek, Roman and Egyptian civilisations.

The Freemasons first appeared in Scotland and England late in the seventeenth century. They have always been a very secretive society using a pyramidal, hierarchical structure They engage in secret rituals, and seem to proficiently use magical and mysterious Symbols. 
There were other Secret Societies that were founded in the United States and elsewhere. These groups could usually be found to be connected with the Masons. George Bickley’s Knights of the Golden Circle, who promoted the idea of Southern secession which helped ignite the Civil War. 
There are rumors that people involved in the Confederate Secret Service were members of the Knights of the Golden Circle. Rumour also has Jesse James and John Wilkes Booth as being members of these societies. The Knights of the Golden Circle became the Ku Klux Klan after the end of the Civil War.
Are All Secret Societies Part Of The Illuminati? 
 There are numerous Secret Societies in the world today. 
  • Are all these groups in the same belief as the Order Of the Illuminati espoused by Adam Weishaupt? 
  • Are they branches of the original Order Of the Illuminati?
Nineteenth Century British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli claimed that there was a Secret Group Of Men who had control over the Political Parties. Even the American President Woodrow Wilson made reference to just such a group of powerful organizations, even to the point of saying that it was dangerous to criticize them at all. Winston Churchill not only made the claim that the Illuminati existed in the 1920′s, he also claimed that they were the force behind Marxism. 
  • Could it be possible that the Illuminati existed in ancient times? 
  • Could they have existed in prehistoric Atlantean Times? 
Did they exist long before Weishaupt founded the Illuminati. 
In ancient Greece and Rome there were Priesthoods of Mystery Religions that would be considered Secret Societies. These religions had hierarchical leadership and rites of initiation. 
In the 12th century there was a Secret Order among the Crusaders. They were called the Hospitallers. The Hospitallers still exist today, they are known as the Knights of Malta and they belong to the Catholic Church. 
There were other Crusaders who formed the Templars, actually the Templars were formed by nine French Knights. The Templars used many of the same symbols as the Hospitallers. The Templars gained control over the Fiat Money System allowing them to accumulate enormous wealth and power. The French King Philippe the Fair outlawed the Templars and ordered their destruction. The Templars escaped on their fleet of ships with their treasure and completely escaped capture, never to be found. 
Many of the Templars joined the Knights of Malta, the ones who escaped to Spain and Portugal changed the name of their Order to the “Knights of Christ.” 
Robert the Bruce of Scotland can give credit to his victory over the English to a secret group of knights who mysteriously appeared on the battlefield. 
It was later in Scotland that the Order Of The Masons appeared. Even today these Masons claim to be descended from the Templars. 
Even though there is definitive proof of the existence of the Illuminati in history there is no proof that they are active today. When the history is studied though there is compelling evidence to prove that not only did they exist but that they are still quite active today. 
It is unknown as to the actual extent of control residing in these secret societies. Only recently has their existence been revealed. 
  • What kind of difficulties arise when the leaders of the world are aligned with these forces? 
  • Where does their actual loyalty lie?
  • If a leader has taken an oath to their society and another for their position within the government, which oath is upheld? 
These questions need to be answered before we can truly understand the actual motivations behind current events. Please share your knowledge, ask questions, realize who you are and what your status is in society. Expose those that seek to manipulate others. It is our duty, our destiny, our purpose in life. To attempt to make the world a better place for all. You are the change that the world needs. You have the power. Together, we are unstoppable.


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