Alexander Emerick "Alex" Jones (born February 11, 1974) 
is an American radio host, author, and documentary filmmaker. His syndicated news/talk show The Alex Jones Show, based in Austin, Texas, airs via the Genesis Communication Network on over 70 AM, FM, and shortwave radio stations across the United States and on the Internet. His websites include and As of January 2012, his Youtube channel, InfoWars, garnered over 250 million views. 
Mainstream sources have described Jones as a conservative, a right-wing,conspiracy theorist, and a libertarian. Jones describes himself as a libertarian and rejects being described as a right-winger. He has also called himself apaleoconservative and an "aggressive constitutionalist". Jones has been the center of many controversies, such as the one surrounding his actions and statements about gun control after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, and has accused the US government of being involved in the Oklahoma City bombing and the September 11 attacks. Rolling Stone covers his belief that government and big business have colluded to create a New World Order through "manufactured economic crises, sophisticated surveillance tech and — above all — inside-job terror attacks that fuel exploitable hysteria." 
Jones was born on February 11, 1974 in Dallas, Texas, and grew up in the suburb of Rockwall. His father is a dentist. He attended Anderson High School in northwest Austin, Texas. Jones was a lineman on his high school's football team. As a teenager, he read Gary Allen's None Dare Call It Conspiracy which strongly impacted him, and which he calls "the easiest-to-read primer on The New World Order". After high school, Jones attended Austin Community College. 
He began his career in Austin with a live call-in format public-access television cable TV program. In 1996, Jones switched format to KJFK, hosting a show named The Final Edition. During this time, Ron Paul was running for congress and was a guest on Jones' show several times. The two share many beliefs and have been friends since then. In his early shows, he frequently talked about his belief that the US government was behind the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, using the incident to put down a growing "states rights movement. In 1998, he released his first film, America Destroyed By Design. 
In 1998, Jones organized a successful effort to build a new Branch Davidian church as a memorial to those who died during the 1993 fire that ended the government's siege of the original Branch Davidian complex near Waco, Texas. He often featured the project on his public-access television program and claimed that David Koresh and his followers were peaceful people who were murdered by Attorney General Janet Reno and the ATF during the siege. 
In 1999, he tied with Shannon Burke for that year's "Best Austin Talk Radio Host" poll as voted by The Austin Chronicle readers. Later that year, he was fired from KJFK-FM for refusing to broaden his topics, his viewpoints making the show hard to sell to advertisers, according to the station's operations manager. Jones argued: "It was purely political, and it came down from on high", and, "I was told 11 weeks ago to lay off Clinton, to lay off all these politicians, to not talk about rebuilding the church, to stop bashing the Marines, A to Z." He began spreading his show via internet connection from his home.
In early 2000, Jones was one of seven Republican candidates for state representative in Texas House District 48, an open seat swing district based in Austin, Texas. Jones stated that he was running "to be a watchdog on the inside", but withdrew from the race after a couple of weeks. 
In July, a group of Austin Community Access Center (ACAC) programmers claimed that Jones used legal proceedings and ACAC policy to intimidate them or get their shows thrown off the air. 
In 2001, his show was syndicated on approximately 100 stations. After the 9/11 terrorist attack, Jones began to speak of a conspiracy by the Bush administration as being behind the attack, which caused a number of the stations that had previously carried him to drop his program. 
On June 8, 2006, while on his way to cover a meeting of the Bilderberg group in Ottawa, Canada, Jones was stopped and detained at the Ottawa airport by Canadian authorities who confiscated his passport, camera equipment, and most of his belongings. He was later allowed to enter Canada lawfully. Jones said regarding the reason for his immigration hold, "I want to say, on the record, it takes two to tango. I could have handled it better." 
On September 8, 2007, he was arrested while protesting at 6th Avenue and 48th Street in New York City. He was charged with operating a bullhorn without a permit. Two others were also cited for disorderly conduct when his group crashed a live television show featuring Geraldo Rivera. In an article, one of Jones's fellow protesters said, "It was ... guerilla information warfare."
Reception and impact
Mainstream sources have described Jones as a conservative, a right-wing, conspiracy theorist, and a libertarian. Jones see himself as a libertarian and rejects being described as a right-winger. He has also called himself a paleoconservative and an "aggressive constitutionalist". The Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Files assert that he has "exploit[ed] racial animosities" to "appeal to the fears of the antigovernment Patriot movement". 
Jones has been the center of many controversies, such as the one surrounding his actions and statements about gun control after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, and has accused the US government of being involved in the Oklahoma City bombing and September 11 attacks. Jones was in a "media crossfire" in 2011, which included criticism by Rush Limbaugh, when the news spread that Jared Laughner had been "a fan" of the 9/11 conspiracy film Loose Change, of which Jones had been an executive producer.  In January 2013, Jones was invited to speak on Piers Morgan's show after promoting an online petition to deport Morgan due to his support of gun control laws. The interview turned into "a one-person shoutfest, as Jones riffed about guns, oppressive government, the flag, his ancestors' role in Texan independence, and what flag Morgan would have on his tights if they wrestled". The event drew widespread coverage, and according to The Huffington Post, Morgan and others such as Glenn Beck "agreed that Jones was a terrible spokesman for gun rights". Jones' appearance on the show was a top trending Twitter topic the following morning. 
Main article: The Alex Jones Show
The Alex Jones Show syndicated radio program is broadcast nationally by Genesis Communications Network to more than 70 AM and FM radio stations in the United States, and to WWCR Radio shortwave. Live-broadcast times are weekdays 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. CST and Sundays from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. CST. The Sunday broadcast is also broadcast by Emmis Communications' KLBJ Radio. 
As of 2010, he was estimated to have an audience of over 2 million listeners, with a demographic heavier in younger viewers than other conservative pundits. 
In 2011, he had a larger on-line audience than Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh combined. Author Will Bunch says that Jones was in part a model for Glenn Beck who "synthesized" some of the paranoia of Jones' commentaries into his persona. 
Jones is also the operator of several web sites centered on news and information about civil liberties issues, global government, and a wide variety of current events topics. Several of these sites are,,, and 
He has been able to mobilize his followers to create "Google bomb" actions that bring particular terms to the top of search engine listing, a tactic which has then inspired other online media, such as The Drudge Report to cover the story.

April 12, 2013 

Renowned illustrator Anthony Freda has issued a prediction – Alex Jones will soon make it to the cover of TIME magazine. In a tongue-in-cheek image sent to this week, Freda features Jones on the cover of the weekly magazine founded by Henry Luce, a key figure in the CIA’s successful media takeover, Operation Mockingbird. 
Indeed, according to the corporatized establishment media, Alex Jones is near if not at the top of the list of dangerous Americans – dangerous because he is unswerving in his dedication to the Constitution and the founding principles of the republic… principles the elite and their pawns are desperate to destroy along with Jones and millions of others hankering to take back their birthright from a predatory global elite. 
Jones was in large part cast as a bad guy by the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization responsible for demonizing hundreds of activists and portraying them as mentally deranged and violent terrorists, if not lunatic racists bent on taking down Obama due to his accumulation of melanin. According to the organization, another Oklahoma terror act will go down if the government does not immediately convene a McCarthyesque inquisition. 
Of course, all this manufactured paranoia is absurd, as the faux cover of TIME comically demonstrates. Alex Jones is not a member of the Aryan Brotherhood or the Ku Klux Klan, organizations routinely portrayed as interchangeable with constitutionalist and patriot organizations and individuals. Under COINTELPRO, the FBI effectively turned the Klan into a ludicrous shadow of its former self. In fact, as the trial of the racist talk show host Hal Turner in 2009 revealed, it is fair to conclude the government is behind much of what passes for the so-called white supremacist movement in America. Despite this reality, the corporate media continues to trot out the SPLC’s Mark Potok who issues histrionic warnings of a militia apocalypse.
The TIME cover is but a glint of Anthony Freda’s extensive catalog. Much of it consists of scathing and spot-on social and political commentary. Below we feature a few examples.

Novmver 24, 2010 
Novmver 24, 2010

RT correspondent Kaelyn Forde and cameraman Jon Conway were arrested over the weekend filming a rally of the School of America Watch in Fort Benning, GA. As a journalist Alex Jones has been arrested and he says police are targeting the media in order to prevent them from showing the truth. Radio host Alex Jones says the US government hires police provocateurs to use violence and then use it as an excuse to attack peaceful protesters.
Alex Jones: America is becoming a tyranny
Diupload pada 23 Nov 2010 : WATCH : HERE |Alex Jones: America is becoming a tyranny 

March 2, 2011 
Paul Joseph Watson

Rolling Stone’s profile of Alex Jones is a largely positive and accurate exploration of Jones’ personal history and the factors that continue to drive and motivate his work today. However, in attempting to denigrate Jones’  political stance, the piece oversimplifies several issues in an effort to dismiss his concerns as “paranoid” exaggerations. One such example is where the author, Alexander Zaitchik, confines the whole subject of population control and eugenics into his personal interpretation of a “Henry Kissinger memo,” presumably referring to National Security Memorandum 200, in which Kissinger outlines the plan to use food scarcity as a weapon in order to achieve population reduction in lesser-developed countries. 
Despite the fact that the memo directly states Kissinger’s goal to use food as a weapon in the interests of “curbing the numbers of LDC people,” (lesser-developed countries), Zaitchik defines this as “little more than government officials beginning to grapple with the strategic implications of runaway population growth.” In actual fact, as we have exhaustively proven, the population reduction agenda is deeply rooted in the eugenics movement which began amongst the aristocracy in 19th century Britain and later manifested itself under the banner of Hitler’s Third Reich. As is documented in Alex Jones’ seminal film Endgame, Rockefeller’s father, John D. Rockefeller, exported eugenics to Germany from its origins in Britain by bankrolling the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute which later would form a central pillar in the Third Reich’s ideology of the Nazi super race. 
After falling out of favor as a consequence of Hitler’s embrace of the pseudo-science, eugenics was then reborn in the United States in the 1950′s under the umbrella of “family planning”. 
All this is documented in our article, The Population Reduction Agenda For Dummies. 
Despite such oversights, the Rolling Stone Magazine profile is a generally good insight into Alex’s personal character and how he sees his own role  in standing up against tyranny. 
“My life is a love letter to humanity. What the globalists do is a hate letter, a curse.”
Alex Jones 
Read excerpts from the article below and click on the link for the full piece.
Talk Radio’s Alex Jones, the Most Paranoid Man in America
Alexander Zaitchik
Rolling Stone MagazineWednesday, March 2, 2011
April 8, 2008 
Last Thursday, Richard Greene of Air America’s Clout played an extended portion of the Alex Jones Jesse Ventura clip on his show. Yes, Alex Jones was featured on Air America Radio. Pigs were flying. My educated guess is that this probably is not welcome at AA headquarters which recently silenced Randi Rhodes for her comments about Hillary Clinton. Richard is walking the walk for 9/11 truth.
(24 Minutes – 7 Meg) | Source: HERE
Get your exclusive Prison membership today and enjoy a plethora of multimedia content as well as access to live video streaming of The Alex Jones Show – click here to subscribeThis article was posted: Tuesday, April 8, 2008 at 10:35 am
November 14, 2012 

This Thanksgiving, is giving thanks for the First Amendment, by getting back in the faces of those who are attempting to abuse their authority to silence free speech and in turn conceal flagrant abuses of our rights and our basic dignity – with the launch of the national Opt Out and Film campaign. | HERE | Say No to Tyranny: TSA Screening Opt Out

March 4, 2009 

It’s in the can and on the way to be manufactured — The Obama Deception, Alex Jones’ latest documentary, a film likely to not only stir up controversy but also enlighten people to the banker scam that is Barack Obama. The Obama Deception disassembles the carefully contrived myth surrounding Obama, a fable engineered by the captains of the New World Order and foisted upon us by the corporate media. Obama is a meticulously crafted fraud designed to pacify a gullible public as the global elite work to institute their plan for world government, beginning with the implementation of a North American Union and a new Bank of the World that will dominate the planet through carbon taxes and brutal military force. Jones’ latest film reveals how Obama, as a front man for the global elite, is moving America toward fascism and trashing our cherished constitutional republic — severely eroded under the reign of his predecessor — by destroying the Second Amendment, unleashing domestic civilian spies, engaging in warrantless wiretaps, and moving the nation toward martial law. The Obama Deception also reveals how the international bankers engineered the global economic crisis and deviously plan to use this catastrophe to consolidate wealth and bring about their long sought after goal of world government and a prison planet. If you value liberty and the future of the republic — indeed, the future of humanity — it is crucial you see this film and tell others about it. Until all are made aware, humanity will remain captive to the masters of the New World Order. 
This article was posted: Wednesday, March 4, 2009 at 5:57 pm | Alex Jones Completes The Obama Deception

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