Our government's plans to finish the police state are very similar to those used by the Israeli government in the pre-Intifada days of September 2001, where the making of aggressive preparations to create a defensible position served as the final spark needed to start the uprising which they then planned to repel. In other words, the provocative preparations that have been made in the name of fighting "terror" will, at some critical point, trigger the conflagration. Like the Israelis, the Bush government cannot know beforehand what the "last straw" will be, but it can reasonably assume that there will be some violent reaction to open government preparations for violence, which will serve as legitimate provocation for the total police state transformation of our "democracy." 
According to retired Israeli Brigadier General Zvika Fogel (chief of staff of Southern Command headquarters in February 2000), in "Collision Course," By Yotam Feldman: < "The constellation of preparations we made actually led to the confrontation - there was no other choice...the conceptual sequence is that we [were] creating the conditions for a confrontation by the very fact of our preparations," 

The Israelis prepared for the event by planning for the day after, much like America's rulers did in the Patriot Act and the neocon Project for a New American Century plots against freedom. They were plans for a police state, awaiting the "catastrophic event" that would trigger them. These coups were planned to begin the day after the next random terrorist attack set it in motion. "It is clear to everyone that this is a self-fulfilling prophecy. We want to decide which event would foment the explosion." Our government, like the Israelis, intended to be the "explosion," that would come after a (Palestinian) terrorist lit the fuse. Reflecting dominant Israeli thinking on the starting date of the uprising, Gen. Fogel related the Zionist position, exactly the opposite of the Palestinian testimony: "In the Gaza Strip, the second Intifada began on September 27, 2000, the day before Ariel Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount. A Fatah man initiated a roadside bomb attack on soldiers who were escorting a convoy of settlers from Karni checkpoint to Netzarim [a settlement]." In this perfect example of militant Zionist thinking, the plan was to discreetly provoke the violence that would one day justify plans to retaliate with overwhelming force, under the guise of "self-defense." This aggressive mode of thinking dominates American planners, as well, with this and other faulty Israeli strategies repeated by American forces in the war on terror. 
The Israeli plan was to come down with the full weight of the brutal Zionist ideology, to create the"Iron Wall" conditions that were recommended by Israeli hero Ze'ev "Wolf" Jabotinsky (father of Jewish Defense League), intended to paralyze the Palestinians with overwhelming fear for their lives. 
Hear is a great video on the 'Iron Wall' doctrine, from
This doctrine, formulated by one of Zionism's greatest heroes, postulates that peace with the Palestinians will only be possible when they are fully subdued into submission, on Israel's terms, by a wall of deadly force, against which, resistance is impossible. This is the force of division that drives the building of the "Apartheid Wall" through Palestine. This wall strategy is the essence of American and Israeli strategy in the war on terror – build impenetrable walls to divide and fence the people in, then pound them into submission behind them
"Settlement can thus develop under the protection of a force that is not dependent on the local population, behind an IRON WALL which they will be powerless to break down. ....a voluntary agreement is just not possible. As long as the Arabs preserve a gleam of hope that they will succeed in getting rid of us, nothing in the world can cause them to relinquish this hope... only then will the moderates offer suggestions for compromise. Then only will they begin bargaining with us on practical matters, such as guarantees against PUSHING THEM OUT, and equality of civil, and national rights." Ze'ev Jabotinsky. 
According to Gen. Fogel, "we opened a dialogue of weapons." (Here is a video of Israelis "dialoging" a bunch of protesters along the "Apartheid Wall" which runs through Bil`in, Israel.) This video tells a portion of this fascist torment first hand, taking the reader where my words cannot go. 
Their "dialogue" would eventually escalate to the point where "no one died a natural death in the Gaza Strip - they were all killed by us." After the Intifada and Israeli operations were well underway, the Israelis created "death zones in the Gaza Strip - areas in which IDF soldiers were authorized to open fire at anyone who entered them. "We understood that in order to reduce the margin of error, we had to create areas in which anyone who entered was considered a terrorist." American leaders have delineated a symbolic "death zone," of silence on the most controversial elements of the 9/11 cover-up and the war on terror, where those "un-Americans" who dare to ask the wrong questions are labeled terrorist-supporters, with their careers and possibly their freedom in danger of being shot down. 
Fogel feels justified in what they did in Gaza then, as well as in the unfolding operation there now, arguing that the end justifies the brutal means used to get there. "I say that the operation in Gaza is a necessity that has to be carried out in conjunction with other actions.... After all, after an equation is created, when it will be clear that you are not afraid of entering the Gaza Strip [kill zone] and striking at them, the majority - who are rational - will understand that it is worthwhile to live." Afterwards, the Iron Wall essence of Zionist ideology will have been justified, by these standards. The same line of reasoning is being used to justify the slow adaptation of brutal fascist Israeli tactics as standard operating procedure for America's police forces. 
The closer we get to zero hour for the American police state, the more brutal police policies here become. More and more, we are being conditioned to seeing large groups of police dressed in military style uniforms brutally suppressing political dissent. Weapons and tactics used are increasingly the same as those used by the military for crowd control in war zones. The epidemic of tasering, clubbing, secret arrests and police harassment, directed at Americans who boldly express themselves in legal acts of protest, is pumping up the volume of a building wave of fascist oppression. The anger of those who would resist this wave of fascism is building as well. 
What will be the "red line" for America, the crossing of which will unleash the much-anticipated social upheaval and the ushering in of the police state? 
Right-wing congressmen and elitist commentators have been integral to the plotters, defining a non-lethal political "kill zone," where concerned American opponents of the police state dare not enter. Senators like Lindsay Graham, have sounded the alarm about "fifth columnists" among the American people and Fox News types have hyped the dangers of anti-Bush criticisms as treasonous acts, approaching sedition, spelling-out the parameters of unacceptable debate. Cross into the "kill zone" at your own peril! Journalists have been warned over and over that their actions "provide aid and comfort to the enemy." 
Journalists, bloggers and radical radio hosts who violate the rules of allowed debate, like the leaders of the Palestinian liberation movement, will pay the price, when the time is right. Following the pattern of escalation set by Israel, we are witnessing the transformation of our democracy in stages. Even though the government repression here is still in the non-lethal stage, at a moment's notice the plans for total militarization of America's streets could go into effect. Tasers and pepper spray can be replaced at any time with much deadlier "dialogue." Like Israel, when the crackdown here begins, we can expect to see mass arrests of agitators and leaders. 
Today, on the Alex Jones program, Mike Rivero of WhatReallyHappened was asked what he thought were the reasons for the escalating police brutality and threats against the outspoken. Jones asked whether Rivero thought that the fascism would soon increase exponentially, whether we were nearing a point where conspiracy theorist radio hosts and free-thinking bloggers were about to be taken-up in a wave of arrests. Mike laughed, and theorized that these escalating police tactics merely demonstrated their complete fecklessness, in the face of a building peaceful democratic-revolution (like that of the recently Ukrainian "orange revolution," and elsewhere). He didn't seem to doubt that such arrests were coming, only that if they came, they would represent acts of desperation by the crumbling empire of the elite. Whenever we stop seeing new daily postings at sites like PrisonPlanet, Infowars and WhatReallyHappened, we will know that it has begun. 
I believe that Mearsheimer and Walt were absolutely right-on in their assessment of the measure of Israeli domination of American foreign policy, and that Israel will not relent in driving us to a catastrophe in Iran on its behalf. But the authors of The Lobby were far too timid in their criticism of Israel, preferring to act like gentlemen, refusing to say that Israeli actions were hostile, or a "conspiracy" to dominate America. They protested that charges like Israeli "control" of America's government were "canards," that were only used by anti-Semites. They are only "canards" if they are not true. I hate to disappoint them, but they pretty much proved this canard to be true. They should be man enough to admit it. No matter how much they protest, we are like cattle being driven to the slaughter, in order to help Israel try to stave-off the total collapse of Zionism, the only real "existential threat" to Israel. 
In order for Israel to be the "Jewish State" they claim to be, they must have a Jewish majority, and this is not true in much of Israel, especially in the areas known as "Judea and Samaria," aka. The West Bank. Zionist doctrine has always called for expelling all but 20% of the Israeli Arabs, for "wood-cutters" and other menial labor. 
"We shall reduce the Arab population to a community of woodcutters and waiters."-Uri Lubrani, special adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Ben-Gurion. 
The Zionist position is that Israel stretches from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River. It is an accepted fact that when Zionists speak of the "Palestinian state," they are not referring to the "Occupied Territories," they are speaking of Jordan. According to Noam Chomsky, when Israelis say that "there can be no additional Palestinian state," they mean other than Jordan. 
Even more extremist Zionists believe that "Eretz Yisrael" (greater Israel) covers the ancient land of promise – stretching all the way to the Euphrates River, then to Nile, reaching from there into central Turkey. 
The more that America copies failed Israeli policies in the war on terror, such as carrying-out targeted assassinations using Hellfire missiles on crowded streets, the more that total defeat is assured. The more like Israel we become, securing democratic rights for the elite class only, the more like Nazi Germany we become. The hard truth is that modern Israel has patterned all its anti-Palestinian policies after those from the early stages of the fascist German regime. This is the direction where US policies are heading. It is only a matter of time before Israel makes the transformation to total fascism (and drives all the Palestinians from their homes and their homeland). How long before Bush follows suit? 
To oppose the violence of Zionism and its spread to our country under the false banner of "neoconservatism," is every patriot's duty. Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism, even though the Israeli propagandists like the ADL and this guy, and also this guy (the father of Daniel Pearl), keep getting free press to proclaim the lie, in places like the Jerusalem Post. 
The Zionists are using slur tactics that will ultimately backfire on them, as we are starting to see today. By resorting to the tactic of relying on the charge of "anti-Semitism" as their first line of defense for every incident where someone dares to criticize Israel or the Israel lobby, the Zionists will see it come back to haunt them. By attempting to counter anti-Zionism or anti-Israel statements with the same blanket of protection that is given to the Jewish people, over the charge of anti-Semitism (in the middle of two unpopular wars being waged for Israel), the Zionist lobby will cause unjust persecution for all Jewish Americans. If the American Jewish community fails to separate itself from the Zionist supporters of the war for Israel, then the rapidly building wave of anti-Israel sentiments might easily turn into a true wave of anti-Semitism. 
Mearsheimer and Walt have provided the documentation to prove that Israeli Zionists have been the primary drivers for the Iraq war and now the new global war centered on Iran. Abe Foxman and friends have tried to call these patriotic authors anti-Semitic, charging that they are reviving the "old canard," that accuses the Jews of starting wars. Foxman, it is not a canard if it is true. 
Lobby-inspired legislation, like the hate crimes bill and the Homeland Terrorism Act, focus upon conspiracy theories, and the spreading of them. They focus upon critics of Israel, claiming to be fighting the spreading of racial hatred. The bills' supporters claim that what they do, they do for America. 
 Even though America faces no realistic threat from "homegrown terrorists" and occasional hate crimes are no reason to shred the Constitution. One of the central complaints cited, about the extremist belief systems of conspiracy theorists, relates to alleged Israeli involvement in the 9-11 attacks. This is being played-up as the mother of all hate crimes, in order to silence growing popular outrage over the cover-up and the whitewash of one of the greatest crimes in American history. There is ample evidence of Israeli involvement in the attacks. 
To remain silent while the proof of state involvement in the attacks is flushed down the memory hole, would be a crime against our forefathers and veterans. 
The Zionization of America continues apace. The replication of Israeli police and military tactics is accelerating America's downfall. The passage of Zionist-inspired (written) laws is making normal political opposition to those policies nearly impossible. Like the Israelis in the days just before the second Intifada, our government has laid the foundations for a domestic war on protesters and resisters. 
What we do next, as concerned defenders of the homeland, will determine what form the resistance is about to take – will we have our own peaceful "orange revolution," or an American Intifada?

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