The United Nations  
(UN; French: Organisation des Nations unies, ONU) is the world's largest, foremost, and most prominent international organization. The stated aims of the United Nations include promoting and facilitating cooperation ininternational law, international security, economic development, social progress,human rights, civil rights, civil liberties, political freedoms, democracy, and the achievement of lasting world peace. The UN was founded in 1945 after World War II to replace the League of Nations, to stop wars between countries, and to provide a platform for dialogue. It contains multiple subsidiary organizations to carry out its missions. 
Since 2011, the UN has 193 member states. From its offices around the world, the UN and its specialized agencies decide on substantive and administrative issues in regular meetings held throughout the year. The organization has six principal organs: the General Assembly (the main deliberative assembly); the Security Council (for deciding certain resolutions for peace and security); the Economic and Social Council (for assisting in promoting international economic and social cooperation and development); the Secretariat (for providing studies, information, and facilities needed by the UN); the International Court of Justice (the primary judicial organ); and the United Nations Trusteeship Council (which is currently inactive). Other prominentUN System agencies include the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Food Programme (WFP) and United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). The UN's most prominent position is that of the office of Secretary-General which has been held by Ban Ki-moon of South Korea since 2007. 
The United Nations Headquarters resides in international territory in New York City, with further main offices at Geneva, Nairobi, and Vienna. The organization is financed from assessed and voluntary contributions from its member states, and has six official languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.

Skeptics of New World Order conspiracy theories accuse its proponents of indulging in the furtive fallacy, a belief that significant facts of history are necessarily sinister; conspiracism, a world view that centrally places conspiracy theories in the unfolding of history, rather than social and economic forces; and fusion paranoia, a promiscuous absorption of fears from any source whatsoever.  
Domhoff, a research professor in psychology and sociology who studies theories of power, writes in a March 2005 essay entitled There Are No Conspiracies: 
There are several problems with a conspiratorial view that don't fit with what we know about power structures. First, it assumes that a small handful of wealthy and highly educated people somehow develop an extreme psychological desire for power that leads them to do things that don't fit with the roles they seem to have. For example, that rich capitalists are no longer out to make a profit, but to create a one-world government. Or that elected officials are trying to get the constitution suspended so they can assume dictatorial powers. These kinds of claims go back many decades now, and it is always said that it is really going to happen this time, but it never does. Since these claims have proved wrong dozens of times by now, it makes more sense to assume that leaders act for their usual reasons, such as profit-seeking motives and institutionalized roles as elected officials. Of course they want to make as much money as they can, and be elected by huge margins every time, and that can lead them to do many unsavory things, but nothing in the ballpark of creating a one-world government or suspending the constitution.
Partridge, a contributing editor to the global affairs magazine Diplomatic Courier, writes in a December 2008 article entitled One World Government: Conspiracy Theory or Inevitable Future?:
I am skeptical that “global governance” could “come much sooner than that [200 years],” as [journalist Gideon Rachman] posits. For one thing, nationalism—the natural counterpoint to global government—is rising. Some leaders and peoples around the world have resented Washington’s chiding and hubris over the past two decade of American unipolarity. Russia has been re-establishing itself as a “great power”; few could miss the national pride on display when China hosted the Beijing Olympics this summer; while Hugo Chavez and his ilk have stoked the national flames with their anti-American rhetoric. The departing of the Bush Administration could cause this nationalism to abate, but economic uncertainty usually has the opposite effect. [...] Another point is that attempts at global government and global agreements have been categorical failures. The WTO’s Doha Round is dead in the water, Kyoto excluded many of the leading polluters and a conference to establish a deal was a failure, and there is a race to the bottom in terms of corporate taxes—rather than an existing global framework. And, where supranational governance structures exist, they are noted for their bureaucracy and inefficiency: The UN has been unable to stop an American-led invasion of Iraq, genocide in Darfur, the slow collapse of Zimbabwe, or Iran’s continued uranium enrichment. That is not to belittle the structure, as I deem it essential, but the system’s flaws are there for all to see.
Although some cultural critics see superconspiracy theories about a New World Order as "postmodern metanarratives" that may be politically empowering, a way of giving ordinary people a narrative structure with which to question what they see around them, skeptics argue that conspiracism leads people into cynicism, convoluted thinking, and a tendency to feel it is hopeless even as they denounce the alleged conspirators.
The activities of conspiracy theorists (talk radio shows, books, websites, documentary videos, conferences, etc.) unwittingly draw enormous amounts of energy and effort away from serious criticism and activism directed to real and ongoing crimes of state, and their institutional background. That is why conspiracy-focused movements (JFK, UFO, 9/11 Truth) are treated far more tolerantly by centers of power than is the norm for serious critical and activist work of truly left-wing progressives who are marginalized from mainstream public discourse.
Marxists, such as the members of the U.S. Party for Socialism and Liberation, reject conspiracy theories in general and New World Order conspiracism in particular because it produces false consciousness and cultism. They argue:
Conspiracy “theories” lack any true analysis of the systemic class forces at work that oppress billions of people each day. They do not point to imperialism and capitalism as the main problems, instead ascribing society's ills to a few leaders from imperialist countries that are somehow above the class systems under which we live. Such “theories” are not only false, anti-Marxist and truly reductive of history—they are dangerous diversions that keep people from aiming their anger and hatred toward the system that actually causes oppression throughout the world.
Marxists conclude that the real solution is something right-wing populist conspiracy theorists would never advocate or contemplate:democratic socialism. 
Concerned that the improvisational millennialism of most conspiracy theories about a New World Order might motivate lone wolves to engage in leaderless resistance leading to domestic terrorist incidents like the Oklahoma City bombing, Barkun writes:
The danger lies less in such beliefs themselves ... than in the behavior they might stimulate or justify. As long as the New World Order appeared to be almost but not quite a reality, devotees of conspiracy theories could be expected to confine their activities to propagandizing. On the other hand, should they believe that the prophesied evil day had in fact arrived, their behavior would become far more difficult to predict.
Warning of the threat to American democracy posed by right-wing populist movements led by demagogues who mobilize support formob rule or even a fascist revolution by exploiting the fear of conspiracies, Berlet writes:
Right-wing populist movements can cause serious damage to a society because they often popularize xenophobia, authoritarianism, scapegoating, and conspiracism. This can lure mainstream politicians to adopt these themes to attract voters, legitimize acts of discrimination (or even violence), and open the door for revolutionary right-wing populist movements, such as fascism, to recruit from the reformist populist movements. 
Hughes, a professor of religion, warns that no religious idea has greater potential for shaping global politics in profoundly negative ways than "the new world order". He writes in a February 2011 article entitled Revelation, Revolutions, and the Tyrannical New World Order: 
The crucial piece of this puzzle is the identity of the Antichrist, the tyrannical figure who both leads and inspires the new world order. [...] for many years, rapture theologians identified the Soviet Union as the Antichrist. But after Sept. 11, they became quite certain that the Antichrist was closely connected with the Arab world and the Muslim religion. This means, quite simply, that for rapture theologians, Islam stands at the heart of the tyrannical "new world order." Precisely here we discover why the idea of a "new world order" has such potential to move global politics in profoundly negative directions, for rapture theologians typically welcome war with the Islamic world. As Bill Moyers wrote of the rapture theologians, "A war with Islam in the Middle East is not something to be feared but welcomed -- an essential conflagration on the road to redemption." Further, rapture theologians co-opt the United States as a tool in their cosmic vision -- a tool God will use to smite the Antichrist and the enemies of righteousness. This is why Tim LaHaye, co-author of the best-selling series of end-times books, could lend such strong support to the American invasion and occupation of Iraq. By virtue of that war, LaHaye believed, Iraq would become "a focal point of end-times events." Even more disturbing is the fact that rapture theologians blissfully open the door to nuclear holocaust. Rapture theologians have always held that God will destroy his enemies at the end of time in the Great Battle of Armageddon. But since World War II, they have increasingly identified Armageddon with nuclear weaponry, thereby lending biblical inevitability to the prospects of nuclear annihilation. As one prophecy writer put it, "The holocaust of atomic war would fulfill the prophecies."
Criticisms of New World Order conspiracy theorists also come from within their own community. Despite believing themselves to be "freedom fighters", many right-wing populist conspiracy theorists hold views that are incompatible with their professed libertarianism, such as dominionism, white supremacism, and even eliminationism. This paradox has led Icke, who argues that Christian Patriots are the only Americans who understand the truth about the New World Order (which he believes is controlled by a race ofreptilians known as the "Babylonian Brotherhood"), to reportedly tell a Christian Patriot group: 
I don't know which I dislike more, the world controlled by the Brotherhood, or the one you want to replace it wit 
Sunday, November 20, 2011 

What is Agenda 21?
Author - Chris Carter - U.S. Air Force Veteran

“Agenda 21 proposes an array of actions which are intended to be implemented by every person on Earth…it calls for specific changes in the activities of all people… Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all humans, unlike anything the world has ever experienced… ” - Agenda 21: The Earth Summit Strategy to Save Our Planet (Earthpress, 1993). 
Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich stated during a recent campaign event that the United Nations was seeking to create an “extraconstitutional control” over the US with programs like Agenda 21. 
Gingrich’s remarks are featured in a YouTube video.  | HERE 
But what is Agenda 21 and why has it taken nearly 20 years before this subject got national recognition? 
Youtube video "Behind the Green Mask"HERE 
Agenda 21 seeks to control populations through zoning and seizure of private property, strip national sovereignty, reduce the world population, even control our consumption of meat and air conditioning ... all in the name of the environment. 
And who can be against the environment, right? 
Many Americans cringe at the mention of “global government” or “conspiracy.” And often, conspiracy theories have little basis in fact. But we must recognize that it is a basic element of human nature to seek wealth and power, and that people throughout human history have conspired together to do so. Not all conspiracies are real, but they do exist. And Agenda 21 is a perfect example on a global scale. 
From the report produced by the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements, which was the predecessor to Agenda 21: 
“Land…cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice…. Public control of land use is therefore indispensable….” 
Our Constitution explicitly protects our private property rights. No wonder President Clinton signed it into law without consent from Congress. In fact, those who drafted the plan considered it to be so toxic that they warned proponents not to use the term Agenda 21. 
“Participating in a UN advocated planning process would very likely bring out many of the conspiracy- fixated groups and individuals in our society,” said J. Gary Lawrence, adviser to President Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development. “This segment of our society who fear ‘one-world government’ and a UN invasion of the United States through which our individual freedom would be stripped away would actively work to defeat any elected official who joined ‘the conspiracy’ by undertaking [Agenda 21]. So we call our process something else, such as comprehensive planning, growth management or smart growth.” 
Rather than defend against the disinformation campaign used to prop up Agenda 21, we must read the document and instead demand why the UN thinks it has any business subjugating the world under its authority when their record is full of epic corruption and humiliating failures
List of USA cities: (List of cities worldwide can be found | HERE
(See how it has spread!) | HERE | HERE

The Hidden Truth Behind The News
The Horrific New World Order Master Plan that has full UN approval
They say “A picture paints a thousand words.” Look deep into this picture and you will see what the New World Order is all about – False Flags – Natural Resources & Money – Chip and Pin for everyone – Mass depopulation by whatever means including WMD’s (depleted urnnium), Vaccinations (HPV, Swine Flu and other toxic jabs), Mind Control, Forced removal -  Imprisonment – Assasinations/Deaths -  Matial Law – Police State – Drones – CCTV/Internet/Phones Monitoring and Total Control of your life!! Basically do what they say or have your chip switched off making it impossible for you to go to the bank, go shopping, go to hospital or see a doctor etc without these basic needs ones fate is clearly sealed!! 
Out of all the articles I have ever written this particular one was probably the most difficult and accordingly it is also very long…….one cannot write a standard aricle based on the magnitude of this topic and I have no intenton of doing so…..basically you can read it or not and likewise you can believe it or not…..the choice is yours……all I can say is whatever your decision just remember this article next time you look into the eyes of your children or grandchildren and say to yourself “I let this happen and did nothing” !! 
Despite all my efforts over many years on TV, Radio and writing hundreds of articles on this topic the so called compassionate human beings that grace this planet still go along with this huge cover-up and act like lost sheep in a world that is fast disappearing. I guess there was only one man who appeared to know what the future would hold for us and his name was H.G. Wells who back in 1898 wrote that classic book “War of the Worlds. 
His incredible ability to foresee the future goes without saying but maybe he made just one simple mistake……..her referred to the aggressor’s as being “Martians” instead of “The New World Order (NWO). 
The book’s underlying message clearly related to “British Imperialism” and in that context he was spot on because the true “Axis of Evil” is right here in the City of London.

It is from here that the New World Order’s tentacles reach out across the pond to American, Europe and the rest of the world with strong connections to the European Royal Families, the Rothschild’s, the Pilgrims Society, the Royal Institute of International Affairs ( Chatham House), the Bank of England, selected banking and financial institution, Friends of Israel Groups and so many other “Elite Groups”……..not forgetting the Freemans etc. 
These evil and very satanic organizations controls their counterparts over in the US i.e.  The Rockefeller’s, the Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the Federal Reserve Bank, AIPAC and that little known powerful group known as The Project for the New America Century (PNAC) a so called charity that basically writes up the policy for the White House and Congress etc. 
You may also find it hard to believe that part of the NWO is the UN and all its respective departments, the WHO, the ICJ and the entire Judicial System, the Educational System, the foundation of the Banking and Financial System, the Mainstream Media and believe it or not NATO which is its military arm. The latter is trying to spread its tentacles to form a defensive ring around the globe to basically surround the old Soviet Bloc and stop its ideology and also an attempt to stem the spread of Islam etc………..basically one can clearly see that the Cold War as such has never ended and the Crusades continue. 
This is not the first time they have tried to do this……when I served in the Military and worked at NATO HQ they tried this same ring of defence…….it was called (as it is now) NATO but what you didn’t know was the fact that there was also CENTO which was basically the Middle East and then there was SEATO which was SE Asia and the Far East. 
You can clearly see the same game is on again with the build up in the Middle East and with a focus (yet again) to boost joint military cooperation with SE Asian and Far Eastern countries including the latest pact signed with Australia which has now allowed the US to establish a base in Darwin, Northern Territory. One should also be concerned of the fact that Howard also signed up a deal (20 years or so) to allow the US and other allies to use Australian Territory to fire live weapons/munitions/bombs and missile…….needless to say many such weapons contain uranium based components. 
We must be aware that such tactics has been used in many other regions of the world such as Vieques,  a small island to the east of Puerto Rica, that was used by the United States Navy, Royal Navy and others to live fire on the established bombing range where a huge amount of depleted uranium weapons were dropped. There has also been much concern from such places as Guam, the Marshall Islands and the British Territory called Diego Garcia to name but a few!!
It was this type of  activity alone that eventually contaminated Vieques and the entire area with depleted uranium which obviously hiked up the regional cancer rates etc……..so the inevitable happened….the US got kicked out after many local protests. The local government forced the US EPA to carry out a clean up of the area but I must emphasise that one cannot clean up depleted uranium….it remains in the environment for a half life of 4.5 billion years and so Australia should remain extremely cautious of this fact. 
We are now seeing the US military moving into a sort of “Star Wars Scenario” with extremely sophisticated weapons being designed that fit into the Hyper-Speed range that have been on test now for many years. One place that comes to mind is RAF Machrihanish, on the Kityre Peninsula, Scotland. This base has been used by many none British military forces and at one stage was taken over by the United States Navy (USN Naval Weapons Facility), including US Navy Seals.

RAF Machrihanish which now belongs to the MoD

It was used as a transit/test facility for military Hypersonic Vehicles and if one asks any of the radar operators that were around at the time you will hear some pretty amazing stuff!! Can you imagine such a weapon having the ability to fly from the UK to Sydney in around 50 minutes such is the mindset of the military and the advancing technology v poverty and naturally our environment!!
 It is rather sad in a way that beautiful Scotland was and still is used as a testing and dumping ground for military weapons, including the dreaded depleted uranium, and also good place to dump your nuclear waste!! 
So back to the topic of NATO again…….one can see a distinct intentional reduction in all those countries military capabilities. Take the UK for instance our respective forces are now being drastically cut back which means each respective country is loosing it own ability to defend, thus making it dependant on NATO which is controlled by the New World Order…..do you get it yet?       
No that we have got most of that out the way we come back to what exactly is this New World Order all about and just how powerful are they? Well you may find it hard to believe that despite the many organizations and their numbers they are relatively small compared to the masses that live on “Mother Earth” and yet they are well down the track on their master plan which basically will absolutely shock you to a point of not even believing me………well that’s fine because I have taken a few knocks in my time and another strike on the chin isn’t going to make any difference………as far as I am concerned I have a sort of “Call of Duty” to talk about this satanic group and attempt to educate you and the general public in the hope that you can break away from your X-Factor or TV Soapies and maybe possibly slow them down or by the “Grace of God” actually stop them……I think the latter could be quite a battle to say the least…….anyway here we go with the story and its left entirely up to you…..a sort of “Believe it or not.” 
I have written some very hard hitting stories in my time on some very gut wrenching topics that would reduce even the strongest of men to tears. I have always thought that I have seen the scariest of things and just when you thought it cannot get anymore evil than this…..along comes another story that leaves the others for dead (excuse the pun11). 
So sit tight folks and hold firm of the armrests of your armchair and be prepared for something that is totally and utterly beyond belief. We already know some of the NWO’s geo political plan which is:
To control the natural resources of the world
To control the markets for those resources
To control the transit routes, sea lanes and pipeline routes for those resources.
We all have our own respective religions right? We all have our own God’s we worship right? But what would you say if there is another unknown God out there or should I say someone that wants’ to play God that is progressively changing this wonderful and beautiful planet into what one could only say is a sort of “Hell on Earth.” 
Take a look at one page of this authentic document that was written and fully approved by the United Nations compliments of Alex Jones:

Note the date of this document is 1969 and believe me these plans have already been implemented and some aspects are currently under test in other countries prior to them being implemented in the west whilst others are already firmly embedded into our lives!!

Besides all the obvious ways of mass depopulation or mass genocide which I have already written about so many times before i.e. The illegal use of  WMD’s in all wars and conflicts (mainly on Islamic populations) i.e. Depleted Uranium and indeed Low Yield Tactical Nuclear Weapons (dial up value up to 5kt’s), Introduces Virus’s such as HIV and Swine Flu etc,  Vaccination Programmes (containing deadly or DNA altering ingredients) such as HPV and the current annual “Flu Top-UP Vaccine” which now incorporate Swine Flu,  Chemical and Biological Programmes some of which can target specific race genes i.e. Afro, Chinese or whatever and last but not least the existing government “Triage Health Assessment Programme” whereby they decide who lives and who dies etc……….so now having been totally knocked of your feet you might just say what else?………sorry but there is even more deeply upsetting stories emerging which you will never read about in the regular mainline media because they are controlled by the Zionist backed NWO empire. 
Don’t you find it so sad that you have to go offshore to watch stations such as Press TV or RT and those other stations that are almost frowned upon such as Jeff  Rense and  Alex Jones in the US or Radio Stations such as Talk Radio Europe and ITALK FM both based in Marbella, Spain….truly a very sad world………alternatively you have the many many blogs that exist (me being one of them) where you get either praised or totally ridiculed by the masses, many of whom  suffer from the “Ostrich Syndrome” i.e. have their heads buried in the sand or in some case up their own arse!!   
So to move on what else is there you might ask…….well I have to tell you what you are about to read is not only horrific but absolutely beyond comprehension and logic!! 
If any of you have ever watched the interview between Aarun Russo and Alex Jones you would have seen some of what I am talking about…..this man was one of the most  wonderful persons to ever grace this planet and just dedicated his life to bringing the truth to the world. He has since died of cancer but this dear man will never be forgotten…. take a look at this link and please take your time watching it all because it forms the building blocks of our future: HERE 
Remember what you are watching here is also occurring in the United Kingdom because that is where the brainchild of the New World Order is based and one can clearly see this is also happening all over Europe with France and Germany playing a leading role.
Now that you have the foundation blocks on the New World Order firmly set in your mind this is what they are doing to us all at the current time: 
They have openly admitted that they want to depopulate the world my whatever means and the figure talked about is anything between 80 to even 90%…….I emphasis the “by whatever means.” 
Alex Jones gave one classic example regarding the use of Bisphenol A or BPA which is a chemical used in the manufacturing of plastics. This product is far from being friendly to the human body……on the contrary it has the potential to be a very dangerous “Hormone Disrupter Chemical”…….so now you are asking what the hell is that?

This basically means such a chemical can have a multitude of applications when it is controlled by such organisations as the satanic New World Order who can use it as a Sterilant or allow it to mimic Estrigen 
A Sterilant is capable of lowering male fertility and it is also an Estrogen which can cause and does cause major problems in both male and females. 
In males it can cause breast growth, weight gain, less sexual drive, facial hair growth, increase in possible blood clots, liver problems, softer skin texture and more importantly unwanted femininity or the ability to became bi sexual or gay……which is certainly on the increase. 
In females it can cause changes to the menstrual cycle,……no doubt many of you have experienced some of the not so popular side effects of going onto the HRT programme which to me should never have been introduced as it’s certainly a case of playing with nature. BPA can mimic Estrogen causing problems for your reproductive tract, the urinary tract, the heart and blood vessels, bones, breasts, skin, hair, mucous membranes, pelvic muscles, and the brain. Sexual characteristics, such as pubic and armpit hair, organ systems, including the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems etc and more importantly creating a Hypo feminisation of females which basically means that very young female children develop breasts quickly and start their first period at a very young age…..it has been shown that such changes can take place anytime from the age of 5 onwards and certainly before normal puberty….I have actually witnessed this first hand and seen a young girl almost become a women before going to high school……BPA also has  links to breast cancer. 
In a nutshell Bisphenol is devastating our society with these Hormonal Disrupters which are freely running off into our lakes, rivers, streams and our water tables that we drink. 
They are confusing the sexual reproduction in fish and other aquatic species such as beavers, salamanders, turtles, frogs and plants. We drink it, swim in it and fish in it……it is basically a toxic waste that the NWO is now putting to good use.!! 
I might also add that all of this is being overseen by the UN, WHO and our respective governments and health services. When one considers that such chemicals do compromise the development of reproduction, behavioral, sexual integrity and normal nervous system functioning. 
To add to this terrible cover-up one must remember that back in 1969 plans were being made to severely reduce populations that was tied in with the United Nations with an additional theme of trying to destroy the family unit which is also way down the track!!
One could read many books on this topic, one being Ecoscience jointly written by Paul Ehrlich, John Holdren and Anne Enrlich – Which openly discusses “Involuntary Fertility Control” to name just one of the topics” We basically are being forced to take drugs that are added to water supplies in many forms from Radioactive Isotopes – Sodium Fluoride etc which alone gives a 7 fold increase in cancer etc and as I said such chemicals  mimics Estrogen. 
Besides all of the above problems associated with such chemicals we also have the fact that it not only accelerates hormonal development but it also accelerates the aging process, caused birth deformities, abortions, miscarriages etc. 
You may find it hard to believe that the US made a deal in 1976 with China to help industrialise that country (with the help of the US and the UN) in return for implementing such a programme of population control. The problem is this forced birth control and all the other things that are going on is not across the board…….many of the elite in that country have normal families and do not come under the stringent government restrictions. 
So where is this so called Bisphenol or BPA in our everyday lives……you will be shocked!!

It is known that as much as 40% all shopping till receipts are covered in these “Dangerous Hormonal Disruptors.”   
Most of our food is contained in plastic including the glad wrapping that surrounds almost every product, plastic trays, plastic bags etc and even in tins that contain the many foods we consume…….it is now on such a vast scale it is almost impossible to avoid it and that’s exactly how they want it because one way or the other you will either digest it or absorb it!!
It is blatantly clear that test results have shown a clear trend in animals and as is normally the case it is the unborn featus , babies and chilren that will be the ultimate victims of their satanic plans and remember this is likely to be passed on to generation after generation as is the case with depleted uranium, except to say the latter has terrible pain and suffering associated with it!!
It is one thing to try to reduce population growth by natural means but to genocide people by intense suffering or to take away their right and joy of having a child or for grandparents to share that joy is truly an act against humandkind! 
We are all mature enough to understand that when you attempt to play God and tamper with the very DNA of life you are certainly going down an ireversible path, not knowing the final outcome. I am sure that deep down,  despite all the hype and publicity we were all shocked when they cloned a sheep….what we do not know is the mental aspects of the animal itself as it cannot talk!……..is it normal or is it simply a sort of robot with no feelings etc 
It is clear that in the past many shortcuts have occurred trying to rush an experiment, vaccine or to get a drug over the counter before it has reached its full testing programme and one classic example of this was the HPV vaccine that has now been given to well over 75% of the young female population in the UK…..could it be that many of these young girls will never have a child? 
By now you are starting to think “Oh my God” and wonder if there is anymore of this shit that we have to put up with……….sorry to have to tell you there is even more……let’s take a routine visit to the dentists. If you can recall the fillings some time ago were mercury based which is highly toxic and extremely dangerous and this in more modern times has been replaced with a safe amalgam right?…….wrong……take a look below and maybe you can again see another problem looming on the horizon and whilst on the topic of dentistry……do you remember the days when they used to put a leaded cape around your neck and and chest to reduce exposure to radiation from the X-Ray machine…….well my observations to date show that many dentist no longer do this, what used to be a legal requirement and still is!!!!…….I challenged one dentist and staff on this topic and they said its only low level radiation……..my response was “There is no safe level when it comes to radiation and if as you say it’s safe why do you all walk out the room whilst you take the shot”…….they were unable to answer and one person’s face went extremely red……..the dentist then whispered they are supposed too……..my reply was “then it is your duty to ensure it is done.”

It is also vital that you check the labels of plastic containser such as those that you can store water in (drinking fountains) or baby bottles because that have also in the past contained BPA as per the extract below.

Ok so by now you are totally pissed off and full of rage and maybe asking yourself surely there is no one who would intentionally do this to humankind…….what made you think that?…….they did 9/11 and 7/7 and many other major incidents that were clearly inside jobs….known as “False Flags” so why should this bother their sadistic little minds, not to mention the latest false flat in Toulouse!!! 
So lets continue to stick to this magic chemical that these shits have got so attached too and see if there are any other medical problems that can be related to BPA…….well here’s another  two examples.

Had enough yet?………sorry my friends but it is my duty of care to inform you of all the potential risks that the UN – WHO – Governments – Health Authorites and the EPA are keeping under lock and key and then having done so leave it to you the general public to decide what happens next….whatever way this causes you stress or concern or whichever way you want to react to this article is entirely up to you but one thing I must stress that should you take to the streets in protest please do so in a peacefull and orderly manner because they (NWO) want you to become rebelious and unlawfuly so that they can arrest you or impose more stringent laws to contain you or stop you from carrying out such activity in the future…….that is what living in a “Police State” is all about. 
Then we have the question of obesity which many people blame for simply eating too much but please do not be so critical of such people, especially when it comes to the fact that such chemicals and highly toxic sugar (not to mention the artificials sweetners) are all adding to their demise……..ever thought that a can or bottle of soft drink contains around 99% sugar and 1% flavour plus the possible presence of BPA and one can see what the NWO have on their agenda………I had to smile to myself only yesterday when a wife asked her husband “what was that drink you purchased for me the other day”……he pointed to a well known can of soft drink…….she replied “no it wasn’t that one it was a diet drink”……..what she did not realise is that the assumption that is diet makes is safer and less fattening…….unfortunately it’s just one big con with an artificial sweetner being used that in itself is extremely toxic to the body with again the possibility of BPA  being also included by some means………come on people wake up!!! Are you starting to understand by now what is really going on?
Oh boy I am having so much difficulty putting this across to you all and can imagine just how much you can take in without freaking out and God forfid if depression take over…………you have to think in a very optimistic way and say to yourself, like I did some years ago,  you either accept it and suffer the consequences or you simply do something about it.
Someone once told me I have started a journey….you do not know how it started or how it will end and certainly you will never know what contribution you have made to humankind but once you start there is no turning back so enjoy the ride!!! I could never imagine the things I have done since this journey started but believe me its been hard but extremely rewarding in a different sort of way!
Ok so we are now well into this big article with just a few more point to make which again will blow you away……….they say that “Money is the root of all evil”……well when it comes to BPA it’ss certainly true and even everyday things like ink catridges can spoof you.

Let’s just again refresh our memory at some of the sources of BPA

Yes you read right it’s also in Cosmetics and Branded Clothing
When it comes to our drinking water it is obvious that we all know about Chlorine and Flouride (which are Carconogenic)  and there relationship with cancer but what about other possible drugs that have either entered the water table by normal runoff or the fact that water will always find its own level by the simple action of gravity etc. One should not  dismiss the possibility of further interference by other third parties but I won’t go down that road at the moment as there is more than enough to write about!!!

We all take tablets from time to time but I myself found that I was getting hooked on pain killers for headaches and migraines etc………naturally it is good for the pharmaceutical industry to push such remedies over the county but did they or you realise that what goes in certainly comes out and can and does find its way into the water table and so we sort of digest them for the second time……this is what someone had to say about it.

 Ok so now we come to what you all like doing best and that is shopping for clothes and guess what Greenpeace found out?

Ok so now I am nearly finished (thank God you might say) and just want to see who in the world is paying attention to the dangers of all this junk that is being pumped into our bodies…….Canada declared BPA as being toxic and we could well see more from these neck of the woods. The FDA in the US (as one would expect) has faulted on its his stance……as they say why would you change anything if it serves a purpose!!
However we are starting to see some slight improvements with the release of some packages that are BPA free as this clearly show below

Just one word of caution to remember to check everything as there are still things slipping under the radar and new products always coming out!

It would not be right to miss out one very important player in this game of deceit especially when it comes to a very dangerous alternative to products that are grown under the rules of mother nature and it is a company called Monsanto that comes to mind. I have always believed that they  seek to harm people for their own greed and will go to any length to gain a foot in the door to market their products. As a result of their activity we can see clearly that their products are not only destroying the lives of many poor farmers around the world and their families but also there is also a very high suicide rate as a direct result of being controlled by Monsanto who not only rip them off but also destroy their natural seed banks and that of the district. I first came across this in Indonesia with the rice crop and now we are at last seing India fighting back. They arrived in Iraq during or just after the war and pushed their products onto the local populatiions…….at the same time totally destroying their own seedbank which was the birthplace of civilisation and indeed agriculture….that is so very sad. Please understand that Monsanto contaminates and kills the land we used to grow our healthy crops in…….nothing more and nothing less!!

Now that we have got most of that out the way there is one very important topic that has played a very important part in my life for some time and that is the question of the continued use of highly illegal weapons that clearly come under the title of WMD’s and have been and continued to be used in all areas of conflict since the early 70′s. They were first introduced to the Israel military (Yom Kippur War) by the designers of these evil weapons the USA. The main problem being the use of depleted uranium  and in some cases smaller tacktical nuclear weapons that have been used in Iraq, Afghanistan and also possibly in Libya. 
This would have to be the greatest “War Crime ever to hit this world” and clearly shows an act of “Mass Genocide” that makes the Holcaust miniscule by comparison and yet those people who suffered under the hands of the Germans have indeed themselves used WMD’s against Lebanon in 2006 and again in Gaza 2009/10…….what is even more horrific is the fact they also “Nuked their own population in Israel”…………one also has to understand that the foundation stones of the New World Order clearly rests on their shoulders and their Christian brothers  under the title we  call Zionists……..having said that however there is an elitist group that basically are a sort of “Zionist Mafia” who have strong ties with The Project for the New America Century (PNAC) and believed to be implicated in that “False Flag” called 9/11 along with the CIA, Mossad and other key players in the US. 
I have no intention of describing again the effects of using these terrible weapons but at the end of this article you will see the consequences of their actions. Millions have died since the war in the Balkans (where they were used excessively) and millions will continue to die over a period of time, including possibly over one million war vets in many countries. I think the picture below shows the war as I see it. Make no mistake this is happening right now and our government, the US, France and others are encouraging more conflicts in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan with the ultimate target being that of Iran which all forms part of their grand master plan that was planned back in 1997 with the help of Paul Wolferwitz and others and again revitalized by the Pentagon after 9/11. 
The level of contamination falls well outside the areas of battle/conflict and truly leaves no part of the world without some donation from the millions of radioactive particles that simply drift on the wind to start their deadly cycle of cancers and so much more, It can never be cleaned up and remains in situ for a half life of 4.5 billion years…….such is the insanity of the New World Order – The United Nations – The WHO – Our Respective Governments! 
I have decided at this stage that another way of showing you this terrible situation is to do so with pictures. These images clearly speak for themselves and show the connection between those that want to play God and those of us that could well become their victims……….remember they are few and we are many but unless you all get up off your arse now and break away from your TV’s or trips to the Night Clubs/Bars nothing will change…….you can naturally ignore all of this and just accept it ( like the sheep they want you to become or have already become)…..that is your choice….that is democracy…. but do so at your own peril and always remember “Big Brother is Watching You and guiding you.”

I wonder what is written in Cameron’s awe inspiring speech – could it be:
“We are immensely proud of your efforts to protect the streets of the United Kingdom but one thing I must tell you is that you are all actually here to protect our geo political plan which is to rape this country of its resources and more importantly to protect the opium crop that is so vital to our economy.” Henry Kissinger once said “Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” “That is exactly my own sentiment, and remember when you return home, and that is assuming you will, (after being contaminated with the depleted uranium weapons we gave you) we will turn our back on you once your initial treatment budget has run out:”

All the many areas I have covered reveal the problems that face us as human beings but having just returned from Latin America there was another incident that caused me deep concern and that is the impact of all of this on our environment and on others species. 
Whilst in Peru there was a major incident involving the death of thousands of anchovies and many dolphins with conflicting reports as to what actually caused the problem. The first report clearly blamed the offshore oil exploration companies and the dolphins in particular appear to have died from damage caused by seismic apparatus but then the story line from that same source changed…….either way something terrible had occurred and this is not the first time that aquatic animals have been victim of our greed. 
I received an email from someone I communicate with from time to time by the name of Jeff Weffeson (I call the Dolphin Man) and his partner Liesbet who originally came from North Carolina and now spends most of their time travelling around Australia and New Zealand…….they both worship mother nature and all that is has to offer. It was his email that had a profound effect on me, especially having been in Peru at the time. I have decided to print his email which puts everything into true perspective in a very meaningful and compassionate way……here is his account of that incident:

What we are witnessing is the mass-genocide of the Earth’s highest beings, blatant expressions of human ignorance, stupidity and violent aggression, using the latest in technology, in the name of our unwaivering worship of our false ‘gods’ of money, greed, and most lethally, the delusional and psychotic beliefs we cling to about ourselves as ‘modern man’: that WE are the ‘pinnacle of creation’, that what WE do somehow matters far more than the rights to exist of all other living things, that we are homo sapiens, ‘man, the wise.’ A dark irony is that ‘man, the wise’, in his great wisdom, is literally taking himself out, scientifically and methodically; if he alone were being affected, one could say that justice was being done but the sad and dire reality is that the ‘wise ones’ are taking out all living beings, reluctant companions in our joy-ride to hell. Such are the implications of mis-use of our immense powers of creativity, the result of our deviation from the sacred path of the Great Spirit. 
Who will speak for the whales and dolphins, for the Earth herself? And who are their murderers? Names can be named, fingers can be pointed at organizations, bureaucracies, individual influential decision-makers…the reality is that it is a mentality that is driving the destruction, a MOE, or ’mental operating environment’ shared in varying degrees among all ‘civilized’ people in all countries. 
Ultimately we are ALL to blame; we are ALL responsible for what our species is doing to the Earth, to ‘mitakuye oyasin’, ‘all our relations.’ When we stop functioning as ‘soldiers in World War 3′ ourselves, then we might have a meager chance of slowing the juggernaut of ecocide; if we don’t begin by changing ourselves, by reprogramming our daily routines, we stand no chance whatsoever of affecting the behaviour of the U.S. Navy or the global army of energy and resource extraction corporations.
Thousands of cetaceans are washing up on the shores of northern Peru, not only dolphins but other kinds of whales as well. These deaths, which represent only the very tip of a massive ‘ice-berg’ of unseen mortality, are occurring in a region of some of the heaviest hydrocarbon exploration in South America. Houston-based BPZ has been conducting seismic and electromagnetic surveys in the area over the past few months. Other companies with licenses to explore in this area include London-based Gold & Oil and Petrotech, formerly a Peruvian company now owned by South Korea and Colombia. Like their sister company Anadarko, a Texas-based oil giant implicated in the Christchurch earth-quakes and New Zealand cetacean strandings, these exploration corporations hire geophysical exploration contractors who operate ‘research vessels’ armed with 21st century technologies like seismic air-gun arrays which are functionally almost identical to the low frequency active (LFA) sonar systems deployed by the U.S. and NATO naval forces. These technologies generate power levels on the order of tens of thousands of watts per blast and generate a ‘kill zone the size of Texas.’ According to an Anadarko representative, over 100 of these ‘research vessels’ would be in operation globally at any given point in time. The likely result might be that, given that most exploration takes place in relatively shallow coastal waters where cetaceans spend most of their time, hundreds of thousands or even millions of beautiful cetaceans might be dying right now. 
If we all stopped using so much hydro-carbon fuel in our light-years of needless driving, we might choke off the trans-nationals a bit, but it’s possible that an even darker agenda could be in operation, that is, the imperative to rid the Earth of not only cetaceans but biological life as she currently exists. The U.S. Navy has been granted…by one of its own subsidiaries, the NOAA and NMFS…permits to ‘take’ 11.5 million marine mammals over the next five years. It makes me wonder what their legal ‘take limit’ on human beings is for this same time period. End of Jeff’s email.
I intentionally underlined the last line which directly relates to this entire story.

Jeff’s message really did hit home with me as I can recall my own days onboard a minesweeper with all the sophisticated devices we lowered into the water that send acoustic noises deep into the ocean and the long booms trailing behind us on top of the surface  transmitting a strong magnetic field ……at the time I could never imagine the damage to the marine life…….then there were my days in the oil and gas industry again reminded me of his words……yes we certainly have much to account for………..last but not least is the tremendous energy released from massive radar antennas (I was a radar operator)……..sometime you may recall when you have a simple hand held radio how you get funny impulses obscuring the sound, especially when you are near an airport radar facility……not to mention the mobile phone antennas and the massive microwave dishes used by the police, military and government departments……..basically we are contaminating our environment with high levels of unacceptable junk…

Environmentally friendly? – Certainly not they are highly toxic!!
Before I forget what about the new generation of so called efficient light bulbs (CFL’s) that are literally being forced upon us by the government, who in some cases actually gave a free set to the elder…I wonder why?…..they are certainly not good for us or the environment….they emit Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) that play games with your mind and health and they also contain Mercury………If your break one in the home you had better beware and look up how to remove and clean the floor because iff broken indoors will flood the space with toxic mercury vapours. Mercury is one of the most toxic elements on earth and it affects the nervous system and kidneys. CFLs emit EMF radiation because of the dirty electricity produced by the extremely rapid on and off internal electrical switching. This is common to all fluorescent lighting. EMF radiation has been linked to cancer, neurological disorders, and it plays havoc with diabetics. It’s almost like living in a microwave when your living space is full of CFL’s..…..you could try handing a bag of expired CFL bulbs to your garbage man….he could well refuse to take them………my question would therefore be why are they mass producing them……..you already know the answer!!…….Halogen lights are a much better option but please remember they get extremely hot and you can get burnt if you touch them and they can also be dangerous should you put material close to them or over them…….always allow good air circulation around them and you will be fine. 
It is obvious that we are all species living on this one planet with its one environment. If we allow this mass genocide to continue then each species will progressively die. 
What I must emphasise is the fact that in nature we are all totally dependent on each other and if you contaminate or kill one species then you are adding to the demise of all the others………its that simple……we are all connected to mother natures massive eco system and indeed its food chain. 
This article has become almost a book rather than an article but it’s like anything else in life once you get on a thought wave you keep surfing. I hope that you have managed to read it and found some, if not all aspects, of interest…….for me it was probable the hardest article I have ever written because of the hidden agenda that lies behind it and hopefully I would not like to write such a story again…..so let’s leave this one as my classic LOL!! 
Oh by the way if you feel all of this is a bit of an over reaction you should study the UN Agenda 21 programme which clearly shows and almost demands a massive depopulation programme leading to what is basically a one world government…….China has accepted the Agenda 21 and is probably the only country at the moment ….this basically makes China a sort of test bed for this programme……….then the rest of the world will follow…….hey presto!!!  
For my part all I can do is educate via TV, Radio, Articles, Conferences, Functions and Events.
I feel this information is so important that your very life may one day depend on it. 
Please feel free to communicate with me should you require someone to give a talk at one of your conferences, functions or events. I can assure you that I will keep your audiences attention and also keep them on the edge of their seats. What I talk about you will never see or read about in today’s severely controlled and highly censored mainline media! 
Topics range from War Crimes – Wars/Weapons Used – New World Order Infrastructure/Funding – The Well Planned Financial Meltdown and Associated Links to the Arab/Western Spring – Their Geo Political Plan – Mass Genocide and Depopulation – Massive Corporate Fraud Linking Senior Executives with their counterparts in the Banking and Financial Sectors,  Senior MP’s and respective members of the House of Lords – The Numerous False Flags including 9/11 and 7/7 – The Truth behind Gaza and Palestine – Why They  Support Various Leaders in the Middle East and Force Regime Change in others – The Dangers of Vaccinations in the Developed World and in the Third World – The Lies about Gulf War Syndrome and Depleted Uranium -  How Zionism is funding and running politics – How to safeguard your potential investment from Virtual Companies that simply do not exist – Global Development and how it increases poverty rather than reducing it – GM crops/Monsanto, the implications on countries their environment and farmers -  The reduction in our Military and the implications – The continued Thatcherism and the European Union  that is destroying this country etc etc…….basically any topic you require or a mix of all followed by a question and answer session. It can be just a talk or combined with a Power Point Presentation.

Finally I would like to say, despite all of the above, that all is not doom and gloom. If one remains eternally optimistic, show love and compassion towards each other, treasure what you have, enjoy the beauty of nature and live for the moment you will certainly overcome any future fears that may come your way…….you do however have a duty of care towards your children and grandchildren because they didn’t ask for any of this. 
There are always risk associated with what we do and no matter what fate comes your way the most important thing is to duplicate and distribute everything you do to as many safe houses both within your country and to as many overseas locations as possible… Make sure wherever possible you report sensitive issue to the Police, Serious Fraud Office, Local MP’s, National MP/Lords and blog it because news travels fast…this then gives you a certain amount of security and also allows the battle to continue should they eventually get you!! Oh and don’t forget to switch off your phone when in transit unless it’s vital for you to remain on air – your phone operates just the same as a Sat Nav and they can follow you. 
Last but not least the new HD TV now have software to connect your Laptop – Tablet into the TV….That TV now may have a camera and recording mechanism which allows you to talk to your friends and relatives via the TV (on the big screen)….but be warned the GCHQ, MoD, Government or Intel services could well hack into the system and not only watch you but also record you talking etc…….would you believe this?……..I hope that you do  
Take care and God Bless
Eyre International – Bringing You The News No One Else Wants To Bring You
Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 9/4/2012

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
The UNcrabby Cabbie
In recent years, San Francisco (along with other major American cities) has been overrun with various types of illegal public passenger vehicles for hire. The offending drivers are using smartphone applications which dispatch vehicles and meter rides. The companies providing these smartphone applications and services in my home town of San Francisco, CA are known as Uber, Lyft and SideCar.  
NOETS is an acronym for New Online Enabled Transportation Services. Uber, Lyft and SideCar are NOETS. The regulatory body currently reviewing such services (the California Public Utilities Commission) has officially termed them this. I was hoping they might find a way to call them TURDS, but no such luck.  
Agenda 21 (or the agenda for the 21st century) is a United Nations originated series of wide-ranging policy directives which became public in 1992 when the UN published a book called Agenda 21: Earth Summit: The United Nations Programme of Action from Rio. This local infestation of gypsy cab dispatch services and the lack of subsequent law enforcement are a result of United Nations Agenda 21.    
Uber, Lyft and SideCar 
Uber, Lyft and SideCar unfairly compete with taxicabs and legitimate car services by providing the same services as taxicabs without adhering to the same rules and regulations. 
Uber is illegal mostly because their drivers are metering rides like a taxicab while operating under only a car service (black car) license. To meter rides like a taxicab, a public passenger vehicle for hire must BE a taxicab. It is this way to protect the public. Taxicab meter rates are set by the city in order to protect consumers. Uber sets their rates however they please. If there are a hundred different companies operating like Uber on the streets, then the customer never knows what s/he is getting into. Passengers should not have to bargain hunt or be unpleasantly surprised when their driver charges them $50 to go 1 mile.  
Uber cars pick up anybody who hails them trough a smartphone. Uber is servicing the public at random. If a vehicle for hire is servicing the public at random, that vehicle should be subject to all the rules and regulations applied to taxicabs. Local taxicab rules and regulations contribute to a system of official accountability which helps ensure the safety of both passengers and drivers. Car services by law are not permitted to pick up people at random because car services do not provide an adequate system of public accountability. Uber also violates other laws, but for the sake of brevity, I will leave it at that.  
Lyft and SideCar are gypsy cabs. The smartphone applications provided by Lyft and SideCar are proffered to individual non-commercial vehicle owners. It is illegal in the city and county of San Francisco for an individual to use his or her personal vehicle as an unlicensed and uninsured taxicab. Furthermore, if a person is found by a court to have been using his or her automobile to convey passengers for profit, non-commercial insurance DOES NOT APPLY. If a person is injured in an accident involving a Lyft or SideCar vehicle, THE LYFT OR SIDECAR VEHICLE HAS NO INSURANCE. If you get injured as a passenger or driver in a Lyft or SideCar vehicle conveying passengers for profit, YOU ARE PAYING YOUR OWN MEDICAL BILLS. Going for a ride in a gypsy cab can RUIN YOUR LIFE. If any of these services ever tells you that they have insurance, you should ask to see proof.  
Just about everything that comes out of their holes is a lie. They falsely claim themselves 'rideshares' and part of the new 'sharing economy' canard. They also claim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This idea makes absolutely no sense at all because while most Uber, Lyft and SideCar vehicles run solely on gas, almost all San Francisco taxicabs are hybrids or alternative fuel vehicles as mandated by local law. NOETS claim to be taking vehicles off the road and therefore reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But, in reality these services encourage people to put more cars on the road conveying passengers which would otherwise be taken by an already existing taxi.
While corporate media outlets and government officials consistently cheerlead and provide cover for NOETS, their drivers are on the streets violating the law with impunity every single day. These services are only allowed to exist and proliferate because they have backing from the United Nations, implemented (like all things Agenda 21) on a regional and local level.  
Agenda 21
In 1992, the UN published a book called Agenda 21: Earth Summit: The United Nations Programme of Action from Rio. The gist of this book is that local governments should do A, B and C because man-made global warming is a problem. One must admit that man-made global warming has been and is being used as a reason for making public policy decisions. Most of the 'green,' 'smart' and 'sustainable' rhetoric bantered about so often these days is a result of this book and the UN's subsequent public relations campaigns.
If you want to learn all about Agenda 21 and how groups mentioned here are Agenda 21 implementors, I suggest the first thing you do is watch Santa Rosa, CA activist and author Rosa Koire on the Alex Jones Show from a little over a year ago. (Source
Rosa was on the inside as a career commercial real estate appraiser when Agenda 21 came to town and she's been fighting it tooth and nail ever since. 
Maybe you've heard of Glenn Beck's book Agenda 21. Don't bother reading it. Glenn Beck is a phony. If you want the real deal, go see Rosa Koire. Here is a link to her incredible book  
Rosa names names as she exposes the central thrust of Agenda 21; redevelopment. 
NOETS fit into Agenda 21 as transportation services. Redevelopment involves changing transportation systems as well as zoning and land use.  
The Evidence 
The first clue that NOETS are Agenda 21 is their consistent use of the 'green,' 'smart' and 'sustainable' terminology. This terminology was popularized by Agenda 21 and the United Nations. These services also suggest that they represent social justice in the face of a tyrannical system much like so many of today's global warming activists. Both NOETS and Agenda 21 claim to seek social justice through environmentalism.  
Agenda 21 the book says: 
In order to enhance the skills of energy service and transport professionals and institutions, all countries should, as appropriate raise public awareness of the environmental impacts of transport and travel behaviour through mass media campaigns and support for non-governmental and community initiatives promoting the use of non-motorized transport, shared driving and improved traffic safety measures.  
The Southern California Association of Governments (southern California's regional Agenda 21 implementing group) released a document in 2009 which mentions Zimride (Lyft's parent company) by name. Here are some excerpts from 'Maximizing Mobility in Los Angeles – First & Last Mile Strategies:'  
A key barrier will have to be overcome is the fear of the public realm. This can be addressed via marketing programs and social networking. ZimRide, as described in Chapter 6, is a model which provides some sense of pre-screening. Zimride is a social-networking site like Facebook to match drivers and passengers on university campuses or at companies. Programs such as this can help introduce casual carpooling to Los Angeles. [sic] 
It continues: 
In order for casual carpooling to gain a presence in Los Angeles, a first step would be to expand instant ride-matching services in order to encourage people to carpool on an occasional basis. This can be accomplished in the short-term through increased marketing of existing ride-matching services and by forming partnerships with the private sector to implement new ride-matching technologies.  
A little later they write: 
Capital costs to promote casual carpooling might include new or enhanced software to increase the speed and accuracy of matches, or start-up costs to assist private sector organizations in establishing themselves in the market. 
Lastly, they write, "Casual carpooling can be expanded upon through partnerships with the private sector."  
Casual carpooling can be done legally and, in the opinion of this author, is a good thing. But, Zimride and Lyft are not carpools of any sort. From an Agenda 21 document, Zimride and Lyft have metastasized into taxicabs.  
Meanwhile, NOETS get cover from local government overlords. Our fabulous and god-like ruler of San Francisco, mayor Ed Lee (his hair is simply amazing!) used his State of the City Address recently to lavish praise upon Uber, Lyft and SideCar. On Jan. 28 of this year, Mr. Lee said, "And we’re embracing alternate forms of transportation through the new 'Sharing Economy,' ... a growing number of San Franciscans look to their smartphones every day to summon a taxi, an Uber sedan, or participate in innovative rideshare services like SideCar and Lyft." (Source
Mayor Edwin Lee sits on the Association of Bay Area Govenrments' executive board. His appointee also sits on the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Both the Association of Bay Area Governments and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission are Agenda 21 implementation groups.  
Uber has protection from on high. When the state regulatory body in Colorado overseeing car services was about to make proposed refinements to their laws which would effectively kick Uber out of the State, the Federal Trade Commission intervened stating that the federal government needs to 'protect innovation.' The case has now been delayed. (Source
Uber, Lyft and SideCar get cover from the media. Corporate media outlets constantly refer to NOETS as 'rideshare services' when they have very little to do with legal ridesharing and everything to do with gypsy cabs. The illegalities of these services are rarely, if ever discussed. NOETS are almost always portrayed as 'innovative,' 'smart,' 'dynamic' and 'new.' Most corporate media stories about these services read like advertisements rather than articles.  
Lastly, I have received a confirmation from Rosa Koire. I sent her an email describing the situation and she responded by writing, "I agree with your analysis of this encroachment into the licensed conveyance business and your astute linkage of this with Agenda 21. UN Agenda 21 is about disruption and destruction (they call it 'transformation') of the current rule of law." She continues, "This plan is designed to fragment and exhaust our forces, and destroying the independent taxicab business is part of it. 

Although other Agenda 21 groups are involved, the group most directly responsible for this implementation of Agenda 21 here in San Francisco, is a group called TransForm. Andy Katz and Stuart Cohen are two TransForm representatives who actively advocate NOETS. Andy Katz is a former Chair of Sierra Club California. The Sierra Club is deeply involved in implementing Agenda 21. Stuart Cohen previously worked for the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI); the big kahuna of Agenda 21 implementors.
The Crimes of the UN 

You may have supposed that the UN is there to help. That is the public image they promote. They seem nice enough. I mean, the Super Friends live there, right?  
I used to think the UN was good, too, until I looked into it. Although the corporate media largely portrays the UN as some sort of divine group of saint-like activists altruistically striving for world peace, the reality is much different.  
The UN is a mass murder machine hell bent on establishing an authoritarian world government. Do you know about the sex, drugs and weapons trafficking? Have you heard of their funding terrorism? What do you know about the UN providing the incentive to destroy entire villages in Africa? The UN has been historically and is currently a staunch supporter of aggressive military actions all over Africa, the Middle East and the world. This is all just scratching the surface.  
  • For crying out loud, every robber baron and his grand daddy founded the thing! Now, do you really think that they're just here to help?  
  • Why does the UN need a military? 
  • They have both their proprietary forces and NATO. If the UN is so beneficent, then why do they need legions of roughnecks who specialize in killing people and breaking stuff?  
One also might think that the UN is just not powerful enough to pull off something like Agenda 21. They are. Our Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta testified before congress last year that he and his generals do not answer to the American congress, rather they work for the UN. 
Panetta Publicly Admits U.S. Military/Obama Takes Orders from The U.N.
9 Mar 2012
These people are bold! That's power! They're doing it right in front of our faces and figuring that we're too ignorant to notice and understand.  
This investigation concludes that TransForm is pulling the strings here. NOETS are an Agenda 21 implementation first and foremost and TransForm is doing the implementing. I wouldn't be surprised if TransForm has been coordinating public relations campaigns for Uber, Lyft and SideCar. I wonder what other types of protection and encouragement TransForm provides. 
Now that we have identified the enemy, we can engage them in the information war. Please join me. Their names are Andy Katz and Stuart Cohen. They work for a group called TransForm. They are responsible for Uber, Lyft and SideCar here in San Francisco. Respectfully resist everything they propose. They will undoubtedly deny all of this. Know that they come from a very dark place. We must be the light reacting to their darkness. We win by knowing our enemy and dealing with him appropriately. HERE 
  • Agenda 21: Earth Summit: The United Nations Programme of Action from Rio book by the United Nations Division for Sustainable Development 1992 
  • Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21 book by Rosa Koire 2011 The Post Sustainability Institute Press 
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  • "In Scramble for Land, Group Says, Company Pushed Ugandans Out" article by Josh Kron reporting for the New York Times Sept. 21, 2011

UN ordered depopulation of 3 billion people by food malnutrition has started.

The WHO and UN are undertaking a covert and sinister plan to kill off as many as 3 billion people by food malnutrition. The organization that is responsible for preparing for the murder of 3 billion people is called the Codex Alimentarius Commission. It was established in 1963 by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UN). Their officially stated purpose is to develop international food standards to protect consumer health and to facilitate fair trading practices in foods. Today, there are 181 member governments including Canada.  The real purpose of this WHO / UN Codex Alimentarius Commission is to murder 3 billion people. How will they murder some 3 billion people?
It was Henry Kissinger, who in 1974 conceived the idea of the food genocide to control world population – less people to consume world resources – more for the rich nations (elites) to exploit the sources of the world to satisfy their greed. On December 10, 1974 the US National Security Council under Henry Kissinger prepared a classified study ‘National Security Study Memorandum 200 (Full text of NSSM 200 (governmental source – pdf file)) – which falsely claimed that the worldwide population growth poses a great threat to US national security interests.
US Air Force weapon of mass destruction military installation called HAARP – live cam image from November 29, 2010. HAARP is active and is responsible for causing recent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, heat waves and monsoon rainfall that caused major flooding.
Classified UN documents reveal that 1 billion people will be killed by starvation as UN trade agreements and WHO health moratoriums will forbid any country from selling and exporting any food to targeted regions for depopulation. Starvation of 3 billion people has already begun as the United States has been using its weapon of mass destruction called HAARP to control, alter and intensify the weather of the targeted nations. This past summer HAARP was used to create a heat wave in Russia, resulting in the near complete destruction of its crops. Also this past summer the US used HAARP to cause the massive flooding in China and Pakistan – an attempt to wipe out the crops of China and Pakistan resulting in the mass starvation of their populations. 2 billion more will be murdered by diseases and illnesses associated with malnutrition from crop destruction, pasteurization and irradiation. The Codex Alimentarius Commission will be responsible for causing disease and illness from malnutrition by implementing the 2 latter killing instruments. The Codex Alimentarius Commission has begun this process by labeling the life sustaining nutrients (vitamins, minerals and enzymes) in our foods as poisons. Now that nutrients are classified as poisons they have been given the authority by the United Nations to eradicate all nutrients in our foods. They have already begun the eradication process by pasteurizing (exposing to high heat) and irradiating (exposing to radiation) all of our food. Milk was the first to be targeted for eradication as milk is the most important life sustenance on Earth. It is packed full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. All essential for keeping us healthy and alive. Next was eggs. Another very important food that keeps us very healthy and alive.
With the recent false declarations of E. coli contamination in fruits and vegetables the member nations of The Codex Alimentarius Commission have been ordered to pasteurize or irradiate all fruit and vegetables. Why? Pasteurization and irradiation destroys all of the nutritional value of our food. These processes don’t eliminate the microorganism they claim they are killing in our food. It kills the organisms and everything else including the vitamin, mineral and enzyme content of our food. Furthermore pasteurization and irradiation doesn’t clean or filter out the bad organisms in our food it just kills them and when we drink or eat pasteurized or irradiated foods and beverages we are consuming the dead, rotting and disease and illness causing bodies of the organisms. Because all of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes have been destroyed by pasteurization and irradiation your body can’t stop or fight off the disease and illnesses caused by consuming the dead and rotting organisms.
Who is behind this mass murder of 3 billion people?
In the investigation of the WHO and UN plans for murdering 3 billion people there is one region of the World that seems to have been exempted. The only region that is not being targeted for mass depopulation are the countries that made up old Europe. Why everywhere else but old Europe. Because, according to information written in the classified UN documents, Canada, the US, China, Russia, Pakistan, the Middle East and Africa are nations populated with people who are considered inferior races. The only superior race of people is the Aryan Race. Adolf Hitler started WWII to reinstate the Aryans as a master race of Indo-Europeans. The Aryans are supposed to be Nordic in appearance and directly ancestral to the Germans. During WWII the Nazi SS officers and soldiers were put in charge of slaughtering all inferior races of people by whatever means possible, including; war, famine, poison, biological diseases and mass executions. Today the UN has been put in charge of slaughtering as many as 3 billion people.
Very few people realize that the UN was created by former high ranking politicians and war criminal officers of Nazi Germany. Even fewer people know that an International organization existed during WWII and it was that League of Allied Nations who were responsible for the defeat of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. Immediately after WWII the League of Nations was destroyed by the Nazi Germans in retaliation for defeating them in WWII. In its place the Nazi Germans formed the UN. The UN (the negative prefix un means – Opposite of; contrary to: unrest.) was formed to bring about global unrest. Once global unrest was achieved a New World Order governed by “The Four principles” (The Fourth Reich) – * One Leader * One Budget * One Programme and * One Office would be implemented. To have an understanding of the clandestine agenda of the UN you must have an understanding of the meaning of Reich. Reich is the territory or government of a German state, as the Holy Roman Empire (the Vatican), or First Reich , from 962 to 1806; the German Empire, or Second Reich, from 1871 to 1919 (Germany’s WWI); the Weimar Republic, from 1919 to 1933; and the Third Reich, from 1933 to 1945 (Nazi Germany’s WWII). The Nazi formed United Nations launched the“Delivering as One” initiative in 2007 – the Fourth Reich. Today Germany is once again the leader of the new and Fourth Reich. A former Nazi German Youth – Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger ( served the Third Reich for at least 4 years) is now leader of the Vatican – the original or First Reich.
The Nazi war criminals also formed many of the International and national organizations we have today, including NATO (created by commanding officers and ex-multinational conscripts that made up the German Waffen SS army units), the CIA (created by former Gestapo agents to spy on, sabotage, torture and kill agents, military personal and political figureheads of the Soviet Union ), the WHO (created by former Auschwitz death camp scientists and physicians), NASA (created using former Nazi rocket scientists who were smuggled into the US in Operation Paperclip).
Now that our governments have been ordered by the Nazi UN to begin pasteurizing and irradiating every consumable food the only question left to ask is “how much time do we have left before we starve to death from eating?”
A viewer just reminded me of a very important historical fact that relates to this story. I was reminded of the fact that the Royal Family of England, namely Queen Elizabeth II and the House of Windsor, are actually descendants of the German arm of European Royalty – the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family. Due to anti-German sentiment in the United Kingdom during the German Reich World War I, George V of the United Kingdom changed the name of his branch from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to Windsor in 1917. The same happened in Belgium where it was changed to “van België” (Dutch) or “de Belgique” (French). The House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha is a German dynasty, the senior line of the Saxon House of Wettin that ruled the Ernestine duchies, including the duchy of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. The House of Wettin is a dynasty of German counts, dukes, prince-electors (Kurfürsten) and kings that once ruled the area of today’s German states of Saxony, the Saxon part of Saxony-Anhalt, and Thuringia for more than 800 years as well as holding at times the kingship of Poland. Agnates of the House of Wettin have, at various times, ascended the thrones of Great Britain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Poland, Saxony, and Belgium; of these, only the British and Belgian lines retain their thrones today. This historical fact means that Germans rule the United Kingdom, Canada and a host of other Commonwealth Nations. The head of state in Canada is the sovereign or Queen of Canada (a German from the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha) . The Queen’s powers are exercised by the Governor General of Canada except when the Queen is in Canada. The Governor General, like the sovereign or Queen, is not political and remains above politics. That would suggest that Canada and other Commonwealth Nations are servants of the German Reich. | HERE
Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Julie Beal
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! A simple cure for political activism has been found! Forget your worries, because all you have to do is …. BE HAPPY!!! The science of happiness has shown that only 10% of how we feel is related to our circumstances; 50% is genetic; and the rest is up to us! 
Being a Happiness Activist involves choosing to live in a way that promotes happiness ….. being a force for good rather than a voice of cynicism, criticism, or selfishness. (Source
Learn about the H(app)athon Project and our goal to create a crowdsourced Vision of the Happiness Economy. We're working to leverage emerging technology to help people understand a deeper sense of their well-being, happiness, and purpose by comparing their attributes with those guiding Happiness Indicators around the world like Bhutan's Gross National Happiness.
We hope you'll give the video a watch, then join our Community and collaborate with us at: happathon.com.
Take our survey at happathon.com/survey (live on 3/20) to start to learn more about your "Personal Happiness" or "MeDP" Score. | HERE

 9 Jun 2011
Tan Le, a Vietnamese-Australian telecommunications entrepreneur, is president and co-founder of Emotiv Systems, a neuro-engineering company that developed a breakthrough interface technology for digital media, taking inputs directly from the brain. Tan Le's vision is to revolutionize human-computer input in the same way the graphic user interface did 20 years ago.
For more information visit: http://www.tedxkids.be
About TEDx, x = independently organized event
In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations) |HERE 
Don’t laugh . . . but the United Nations, and all the other Big Boys, want to know how ‘well’ we are. Economists, ecologists, and evangelical psychologists have proclaimed we must “measure what matters” and “go beyond GDP” – making our level of wellness matter a great deal. Claiming they want to make us feel better, the globalists have already begun conducting massive surveys in order to measure our well-being. This is part of a well-established plan to measure, alongside the traditional material assets, all the natural capital in the world; human, social, and environmental assets are to feature as part of a new system of national account keeping, which will either complement, or replace, the traditional measures of GDP.
This will change our economy radically, as part of the economic phase transition we are currently living through, such as new currencies being formed based on ‘social credits’. Measuring well-being will extend this trend, and create a global cult of mindless happiness, opening the door for governments to make ‘interventions’, as each person’s well-being becomes the concern of all. This is Big Pharma’s wet dream. 
Governments around the world have agreed to start measuring and recording the (pre-defined) ‘well-being’ of their citizens, and incorporate these into their national accounts. It is said that the usual measures of GDP are not enough: we need to gauge the progress of a country by incorporating statistical analyses of the level of ‘happiness’ each population has achieved. This is effectively an Emotional Census – and is thought likely to be conducted using cell phones, which are already equipped with a suite of sensors. 
That we all want to be happy goes without saying – but the happiness movement, for all its positivity, is a highly contentious political issue. There needs to be widespread discussion about this, because ‘measuring what matters’ means pricing what matters, and it is linked to the far-reaching aim of Agenda 21. Besides, the Happiness Angels are already fluttering in the wings, ready to help you be just like them. 
The first United Nations ‘International Day of Happiness’ was held in March, and a rash of apps, and happiness ambassadors, have emerged to help further the agenda, as if it were a new idea to be happy! The health and happiness of every nation is to be assessed, to help create the New World Economy. This requires regular standardised surveys about personal well-being, which involve very probing questions about your innermost feelings - things that no-one has a right to ask, never mind add to a database which is then used to judge and ‘help’ you. 
To be considered effective, the survey questions need to be regular, frequent, and standardised, and to include a wide variety of personal data. The answers received will be used to inform public policy and intervention mechanisms, from the societal level to the individual, such as detecting depression and finding ‘solutions’. 
The quickest and most efficient way to gather data for these global surveys of well-being is via mobile phones, and the more data that’s gathered the more ‘reliable’ the metrics will be deemed to be. Smart phones are already equipped with numerous sensors (including, accelerometer, digital compass, gyroscope, GPS, microphone, camera, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor), which are capable of deducing a whole bunch of stuff about your feelings, health, and movements.
In what makes for very illuminating reading, the 2010‘Survey of Mobile Phone Sensing’, by Lane, et al, states, 
The camera and microphone are powerful sensors. These are probably the most ubiquitous sensors on the planet. By continuously collecting audio from the phone’s microphone, for example, it is possible to classify a diverse set of distinctive sounds associated with a particular context or activity in a person’s life, such as using an automatic teller machine (ATM), being in a particular coffee shop, having a conversation, listening to music, making coffee, and driving. The camera on the phone can be used for many things including traditional tasks such as photo blogging to more specialized sensing activities such as tracking the user’s eye movement across the phone’s display as a means to activate applications using the camera mounted on the front of the phone. The combination of accelerometer data and a stream of location estimates from the GPS can recognize the mode of transportation of a user, such as using a bike or car or taking a bus or the subway.
Ok, you think – so I won’t have a phone . . . Good idea! Only . . . there are other ways to figure out how you’re feeling, such as biometrics, which can be gathered at a distance (covertly), and your online data trail and identity profile. Games are also now capable of detecting many physiological, and even neural, signatures. 
The Emotiv device can detect your emotions (for instance, by your facial expressions), as well as cognitive intent, then interpret these for a variety of hands-free applications, including games. A game for children to play has also been designed – the game is played purely by the power of thought: there are no wires, and no bodily movement is required. It is suggested that games are a powerful tool for learning because the brain secretes neurotransmitters when it receives a reward, and this helps “consolidate the changes to [the child’s] brain map.” 
The emotive brain interface is also highly valuable to marketers because it can track eye movements whilst performing emotional response analyses via EEG to show what works best in an advert, movie, etc. 
Worst of all, though, is the ‘biostamp’ currently being promoted by a company called MC10; like a Band-Aid, the biostamp is a small stick-on patch of stretchable, wearable microelectronics, which can be used to track the location of the person wearing it, and monitor their vital signs. According tocincinatti.com,
When it hits the market in 2014, it will be able to collect data from your heart, brain and muscles. It can sense physical impact, body temperature - even hydration levels. And...it will communicate in real time to your smartphone. 
According to research and analytics firm IHS, demand for wearable, wireless devices will grow from 14 million gadgets this year to nearly 200 million in 2016.
The European Union is also promoting the idea that we should all wear these devices, which they call ‘Guardian Angels’, as part of the FuturICT project. We have entered the age of ‘tele-health’, or ‘m-health’, where diagnosis, and even treatment, are conducted from afar, and the emphasis is on prevention rather than cure. This entails constant monitoring of people who are healthy, and even just the pressure from employers and health insurers could be enough to force people to have to wear these things. Add to this the fact that surveys of subjective qualities such as emotion are notoriously unreliable, (e.g. people can lie, or over/under-estimate their answers, question format and sequence bias, etc.) and you have the perfect argument for needing people to wear a biostamp, to make sure the answers they give to the survey questions match up with what the sensors say. 
After what’s happened with carbon – credits are traded for profit, so carbon has become a commodity, or currency – the same seems likely for "social value" and "well being". Once they are part of the national accounts for your country, or biome, each individual would become personally responsible to the rest of society to be as well as they can. Not, of course, GM free, organic, real food, and NOT a society which allows people privacy and the freedom to make their own choices. The corporatocracy’s view of ‘wellness’ is something quite other, as it is based purely on maximising both the productivity of ‘the workforce’ andperpetual consumption. We are, in fact, very useful eaters. We make the world go round - and once our value can be bought and sold, we will constitute an endlessly ‘replenishable’ stock of capital assets. Although there are, of course, “limits to growth”: 
"Human capital has increased in every country and is the prime capital form that offsets the decline in natural capital in most economies”, according to the ‘New Balance Sheet for Nations: UNU-IHDP and UNEP Launch Sustainability Index that Looks Beyond GDP’, which indicates the need to, “slow down population growth.” (Source)
The word on the street in the alternative media is that Agenda 21 is all about sustainable development and carbon footprints, and thus tight control of land use and consumption behaviour. It’s a means for those who intend to carry on living like kings to lord over the lives of the serfs, who must forever bow in shame for their very existence. This, however, is but one strand of three. All along, Agenda 21 has been designed to balance the 3 ‘E’s: equity, environment, and economy[1]. As Niki Raapana, and her daughter Nordica, have shown, equity refers to the communitarianprinciple of global collectivism and consensus for the common good, but, unbeknownst to most, the ideological shift towards communitarianism is also being manifested by promoting and rewarding personal well-being, and social good. 
Doing social good is a movement borne of Agenda 21, and perfected by the Fortune 500, through carefully scripted and executed corporate responsibility programs. In many countries, it is now mandatory that companies abide by the principles of sustainability (the environment) and have regard for all stakeholders (equity). Now these companies are passing the responsibilities on to employees, whilst the United Nations and other Global Guvnors are developing schemes which will lay the blame on each and every individual, to collect revenue for retrofitting the developing world. 
They’ve done the West; now they want to do the rest, and the heat is on for land grabs for biomass and genetically modified food production in the developing world. They just need us to finance it. They call this ‘wealth redistribution’, only . . .  it doesn’t include the Guvnors. 
As social credits evolve, the points that are earned will become tradeable, and therefore commodified, just like carbon, and will function as virtual currencies. In the same vein, health and happiness are already being rewarded as incentivised games, and, once they become important enough, could also come to function like the social currencies. Game-ified measurements of individual carbon footprints are also becoming more common, and called for by the very same New Economists promoting happiness. This, then, is the final phase of Agenda 21, as it incorporates all 3 ‘E’s of equity, environment, and economy. 
Happiness metrics give an incredibly detailed profile of an individual, especially when combined with other online and sensor data. Profiles are aggregated using the tools of complexity, and network science, to facilitate prediction of behaviours. The ability to predict decisions and possible events is a prize being sought by high frequency traders, law enforcers, and many others, and is paramount to control of the economy and society at large. The smart grid, the economy, social networks, and individuals, are all examples of ‘complex adaptive systems’, forming a web of networks which make up the system of systems – the Global Ecosystem. Big Data and A.I. have revealed that networks such as these have common properties, which allow predictions to be made about how the networks will operate over a given timeframe. Each network is made up of individual nodes, or agents, which are connected dynamically. The attributes of these nodes are already being modelled by the military, governments, and corporations, according to the science of complex adaptive systems, and understood by algorithms, which evolve along with real-time data inputs. Hence, happiness data would be invaluable to the Global Guvnors, as it makes for a very fine prediction mechanism indeed. 
The more real-time data, the better. Hungry genetic algorithms will crunch your numbers and sum up your value to the world. This is global accounting of natural, human and social capital. The sum of environment plus equity equals the economy. People + Planet = Profit. 
A cult of mindless happiness which disposes of philosophical and political concerns almost completely. 
You’re supposed to be happy whatever the weather. It’s a heavy expectation, a huge responsibility - your com(munity)patriots would be depending on you to do your best to ensure a flourishing economy, and a functioning world-system. The sensors would know anyway. It’s all one big network. 
One of the key proponents of ‘accounting for externalities’ is Club of Rome member, Hazel Henderson. She is fond of pointing out that “170 nations agreed to reform their GDP in Rio’s Earth Summit in the 1992 Agenda 21, Article 40”. (Source)
There was no specific mention of happiness or well being measures at the time, but this has now been resolved with the ratification of ‘Resolution 65/309: Happiness: towards a holistic approach to development’ at Rio+20 last year.
The whole thing amounts to an entirely undemocratic process, as it has been planned for over a decade and is now to be foisted upon us as if it were a naturally evolved movement, grassroots even. But it would change life as we know it completely. It is a movement designed and implemented by the United Nations, the OECD, the European Union, World Bank, the World Economic Forum, DEMOS, Gallup, the Aspen Institute, and the various New Economy organisations, principally Soros’ New Economics Institute and the UK’s New Economics Foundation. It involves Global Book-keeping of the entire global ecosystem, where each and every part of natural, human, and social capital, is PRICED, itemised, and traded. All of this is done with complicated equations and algorithms. I strongly recommend reading the Inclusive Wealth Report, the World Happiness Report, the Sustainable Society Index and this OECD-DAC document.
The general idea is that sustainability is linked to well-being, and the various ‘externalities’ must be included in the Global Account. 
The argument for measuring happiness boils down to 1) happiness is important, and 2) therefore we must measure it. They never mention love though. 
Happiness is personal, complicated, and all the better when it comes through wisdom and genuine freedom. It is meaningless when it comes from following a scientific happiness program which blinds people to the important issues in life. 
Lord Richard Layard, from the London School of Economics (LSE), has worked long and hard on the happiness agenda, and he’s got an answer for some of the questions ‘skeptics’ might ask of him. He defends the agenda by saying ‘everyone’s doing it’, and the usual ‘government can only help people if it knows what they need’ line:
All British political parties now support the idea. See the ONS consultation on Measuring National Wellbeing. So too does the club of rich nations (the OECD) and many individual foreign governments. Such measurements are not new. Happiness has been measured regularly in the United States since the 1950s, and in the European Union's Eurobarometer it began around 1970. What is new is that these measurements are being made on larger samples and given official status. 
That is all to the good because if you measure the wrong thing you do the wrong thing. Governments began measuring the GDP in order to manage unemployment, but they allowed it to become the totem of national success. This simply confirmed the materialistic, consumerist values of the wider society. It is great that this now changing. 
The aim of measurement is to see who is languishing and, having found the causes, to adopt policies to improve things. To find this out people are asked questions about how happy they are, how satisfied with their life and its different dimensions, and so on. These measurements get high response rates. But do they mean anything? The answers are, as intended, totally subjective. But they are well-correlated with all kinds of objective measurements. 
First they are correlated with brain activity in the relevant areas where positive and negative feelings are experienced. Second, they are correlated with behaviour - people who say they are unhappy at work tend to leave their jobs. Third, what people say is correlated well with obvious causes of happiness and misery, like unemployment. And fourth, what a person says about his happiness is echoed by what his friend say about him - if we could not perceive each other's subjective feelings, human society would be impossible.
Pascal Bruckner is a French writer and philosopher, who has written a masterful article called, "Condemned to Joy; The Western cult of happiness is a mirthless enterprise", in which he comments on the global zeitgeist of the duty to be happy; apparently unaware of the elite political force behind the new happiness agenda, his words are perhaps even more prescient: 
Sadness is the disease of a society of obligatory well-being that penalizes those who do not attain it. Happiness is no longer a matter of chance or a heavenly gift, an amazing grace that blesses our monotonous days. We now owe it to ourselves to be happy, and we are expected to display our happiness far and wide. 
Thus happiness becomes not only the biggest industry of the age but also a new moral order. We now find ourselves guilty of not being well, a failing for which we must answer to everyone and to our own consciences. 
….. Who would dare admit that he is sometimes miserable and expose himself to social opprobrium? This is the strange contradiction of the happiness doctrine when it becomes militant and takes on the power of ancient taboos—though in the opposite direction. To enjoy was once forbidden; from now on, it’s obligatory. Whatever method is chosen, whether psychic, somatic, chemical, spiritual, or computer-based, we find the same assumption everywhere: beatitude is within your grasp, and you have only to take advantage of “positive conditioning” (in the Dalai Lama’s words) in order to attain it. We have come to believe that the will can readily establish its power over mental states, regulate moods, and make contentment the fruit of a personal decision. (Bruckner’s article was translated by Alexis Cornel.) [Source]
If only Bruckner knew about all the happy clubs and apps that have sprung up. For instance, Bob and Virginia Pothier founded and launched Hapacus last year. Bob was a GE Healthcare executive and Virginia was an Account Director for Standard Register. Their new company, Hapacus, “promotes the science of happiness”, based on the findings of positive psychology and mindfulness. (Source)
Positive psychologists rightly point out that we need to accept what has happened to us, and move on. They say we have a tendency towards a “negativity bias”, focussing more on the bad than we do on the good. Pothier insists, “We have to recognize when our brains have [become] unreasonably focused on negative information so we can manage back towards more healthy patterns.” (Source)
This approach is an altogether different piece of advice when applied to a political activist or protestor. Those concerned about corruption and injustice could be accused of having a negativity bias, and to need help from the Happiness Angels. 
To sum up,
The measures of Gross National Happiness will become so important, each of us will have to try our best to be healthy and happy. Our country will fare less well if we are not. We may be offered incentives, like the social currencies, to improve ourselves to the desired standard.
There are a whole lot of sensors on smart phones which can help agencies figure out who, where, and how you are, and there are a lot more on the way. The quantified self movement is busy testing many apps and devices which build up a picture of how well they are, many of which will be used as part of the future ‘e-health’ – monitoring from afar.
The whole system is just about up and running, so the time to take action is NOW!
Please note - Future articles will focus on the various aspects of this movement, including:

The history of the ‘beyond GDP’ movement, i.e. the UN, OECD, Gallup, Demos, etc.; the World Happiness Report, the Happy Planet Index, etc.; the New Economists, and the various government initiatives/policies
The Bhutan Illusion
The 9 domains of gross national happiness (called 'GNH') which includes measuring political beliefs
‘Accounting for externalities’ – Agenda 21 and human and social capital
Phone sensing (ie of 'wellness'), apps, MEMS, etc, and the Quantified Self movement
The various happiness movements (and who set them up!) and happiness apps, and survey questions
The quantified self movement / sensors / neurotechnolgoy
The genetic determinants of well-being
The redistribution of wealth – e.g. Gates, Sachs, and the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) – financing the development of the poorest nations, ready for capitalist expansion: a global tax?
Tracking the global economy – predicting financial and behavioural decisions – how Soros’ beloved notion of reflexivity fits in with the FuturICT project (complexity science), and the ‘social economy’; The New Economics
In the meantime, I’ll put up all the links I have so far on my website www.getmindsmart.com , and hope that others can use them to write about this, to help raise awareness of the issues involved.
[1] SSI
Julie Beal is a UK-based independent researcher who has been studying the globalist agenda for more than 20 years. Please visit her website, Get Mind Smart, for a wide range of information about Agenda 21, Communitarianism, Ethics, Bioscience, and much more

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