Pasar Minggu 
Is a subdistrict of South Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia. The area is known for its traditional Sunday market, famous for the fruit market. Historically, Pasar Minggu is a fruit cultivation area developed by the Dutch government during the colonial period. The central point of the cultivation area is the traditional market of Pasar Minggu, located in what is now Pasar Minggu Kelurahan. Teak forest could also be found in Pasar Minggu Subdistrict, notably around Jati Padang (Javanese for "bright teak") Kelurahan. Most of these areas has been converted into residential area as Jakarta grow southward.
FEBRUARI 12 ` 2012

FEBRUARI 12 ` 2012
The boundary of Pasar Minggu is Kemang Selatan Road - Warung Jati Timur Road - Kalibata Timur Road to the north, Ciliwung River to the east, and Krukut River to the west. The southern portion of Jakarta Outer Ring Road passed through Pasar Minggu Subdistrict. [Wikipedia]
20/05/2013 17:17:36
Hundreds of Street Vendors on Jl. Ragunan Raya Raided

The presence of street vendors (PKL) who spread their wares not where they are supposed to be is disturbing public order. Moreover, the street vendors are often blocking the road which is supposed to be accessible for road users.

As the raid against hundreds of street vendors hawking wares alongside Jl. Ragunan Raya, or precisely outside PD Pasar Jaya Pasar Minggu. Those street vendors are raided because their presence have closed road accesses towards Jl. Raya Pasar Minggu.

“We received many complaints from residents regarding street vendors activities in that location. That’s why we raided street vendors whose stalls were blocking Jl. Raya Pasar Minggu road access this morning. We instructed them to move from the location where vehicles should have been able to directly pass,” stated Head of Traffic Diversion Section for South Jakarta Transportation Sub-Department, Priyanto, Monday (5/20).

According to Head of South Jakarta Transportation Sub-Department, Nurhayati Sinaga, the raid is conducted without repressive action. “We are just trying to smooth traffic flows around Pasar Minggu. One of them is by securing the bane lane,” she told.

Regarding street vendors problems, Sinaga explained that it is the duty of Pasarminggu Sub-District and its related units. “Street vendors problems could be resolved with coordination between Medium Business Cooperation and Trade (KUMKMP) Sub-Department, urban village, su-district, PD Pasar Jaya, and the Mayor. Street vendors problems are still being discussed on provincial level. But, we will be ready to help in terms of traffic arrangement,” she uttered.

Sinaga also informed that South Jakarta Transportation Sub-Department officers will be placed in that location every day. “Officers will be deployed in the morning and afternoon in a bid to prevent street vendors from blocking the road again,” she finished. Berita Jakarta

03/06/2013 14:35:27
Hundreds of street vendors alongside Jl. Raya Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, are netted by 750 joint personnel from Satpol PP, Transportation Department, Health Department, and army/police, Monday (6/3). Besides making chaotic scenes, the existence of those street vendors is also causing traffic congestion in Pasarminggu area.

The raid begins at 8 AM. Two bulldozers are deployed to clean up wastes and stalls owned by the peddlers. In addition, the personnel also ticketed several public transports due to stopping haphazardly.

According to South Jakarta Deputy Mayor, Rustam Effendi, the peddlers are not evicted, but only being relocated to a provided coachee location which could accommodate two thousand peddlers.

“In the morning until afternoon, there are about 500 peddlers. While from night until morning, the number of peddlers would increase fourfold. The peddlers will be relocated to a coachee location in order to create discipline. Thus, the sidewalks could be used by passerby again as usual,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Head of Jakarta Transportation Department, Udar Pristono, uttered with this raid, the traffic in Pasarminggu area is expected could be smoother. And to safeguard the location remain sterile from public transports stopping haphazardly, he will deploy personnel there.

“The personnel will anticipate public transports which stop haphazardly on roadsides. This way aims to encourage them to enter the terminal, and also to move illegal parking into parking building behind PD Pasar Jaya,” he explained.

Semin (50), one of peddlers raided, said that he do not get a notice about the raid today. “The operation should not be done abruptly, so we had the chance to tidy up our stall before moving out,” he lamented.

Based on observations, Satpol PP personnel are still guarding the location. Unfortunately, three hours after the raid, the peddlers retuned to open their stalls on roadsides. Even more ironic is that one of the peddlers is hawking their wares in front of Satpol PP’s operational car.
Why ??

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January 17, 2013
Pasar Minggu Memprihatinkan, Jokowi Tanya Maunya Pedagang
Penulis : Kurnia Sari Aziza | Kamis, 9 Mei 2013 | 14:04 WIB | HERE

Sebabkan Kemacetan, PKL di Pasar Minggu Ditertibkan
Penulis : Alsadad Rudi | Senin, 3 Juni 2013 | 08:44 WIB | HERE 
Belum Ada Lokasi Pengganti, PKL Masih Boleh Berjualan di Pasar Minggu
Senin, 3 Juni 2013 | 13:55 WIB | HERE 
Dokumentasi Pribadi :
[ 3 juni 2013 ]
Pasar Minggu Street Market - AFTER RAIDED - Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

Jakarta revamps overcrowded markets 
JAKARTA - Cars and motorcycles jammed Jl. Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta on Saturday afternoon, as usual. The area is notorious for its appalling traffic, but the flow was smoother than two weeks ago when the market and bus terminal were restructured.
Congestion is inevitable, but the absence of street vendors and illegal parking means the vehicles can at least crawl forward.
The Jakarta administration is regulating on-street parking and street vendors around Jatinegara market and Pasar Rebo in East Jakarta, Tanah Abang market in Central Jakarta and Pasar Minggu in South Jakarta.
Transportation agency head Udar Pristono is working with the police, the public order agency (Satpol PP), market managers and the small business agency (UMKM) to find a permanent solution.
To find this permanent solution to the problem, the city has started a push-pull system.
"We have regulated vendors and parking in Pasar Minggu and Tanah Abang. Commuters can feel the difference already," Udar said. The plan will roll out to Jatinegara and Pasar Rebo soon.
Besides ticketing illegally parked cars, his agency is trying to add more parking spaces inside the markets with help from market managers like city-owned market operator PD Pasar Jaya, to accommodate all vehicles belonging to traders and shoppers.
"Pusat Grosir Jatinegara shopping centre has provided spacious parking lots but motorists still prefer to park on the streets."
The city administration is doing something similar for street vendors. The UMKM has had to find spaces for street vendors so they do not lose income or return to their previous stations.
Agency head Ratna Ningsih said on Sunday that all vendors would operate inside the market. "We are trying to pull all the vendors into the market. Satpol PP will guard the streets, so they do not go back," she said
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