Founder Reveals Secrets of the Bilderberg Group

Andrew Puhanic

Activist Post 
20 years after the Bilderberg Group was established, its founder Prince Bernhard revealed to the world the secrets of the Bilderberg Group. Today, the Bilderberg Group is still the same shadowy and secretive organization that it was in 1954 when it was founded. In fact, former United States President Gerald R. Ford in 1965 revealed his thoughts about the exclusivity of the Bilderberg Group. The former president was quoted as saying “you don’t really belong to the organization, one gets an invitation from the Prince”. The following years after the Bilderberg Group was established, the world’s only means of understanding what the organization is all about has been derived from selectively leaked information and the odd conspirator who has willingly divulged prohibited information (such as attendance lists). However, 20 years after the Bilderberg Group was founded, the founding father of the Bilderberg Group, Prince Bernhard, actually revealed to the world the inner workings of the organization to The Argus-Press on June 21 1974. 
The following is a summary of what the Bilderberg Group founder Prince Bernhard revealed.
  • The Prince covered a wide range of topics, including ‘what is the Bilderberg Group’, ‘the purpose of the Bilderberg Group’ and the ‘rules that govern the Bilderberg Group’.
  • The purpose of the conference is to allow eminent (the elite) persons in every field an opportunity to speak freely without being hindered by the knowledge that their words and ideas will be analyzed, commented upon and criticized in the press.
  • All Bilderberg Group meeting attendees are guaranteed privacy.
  • Reporters are never allowed to enter the hotel where
  • Bilderberg Group meetings are held.
  • Participants who are caught dealing with the press, are not invited back.
  • Between 1954 (when it was founded) and 1974, on average 80 persons were invited to each meeting.
  • Up until 1974, and possibly beyond that, there was only one topic discussed at Bilderberg Group meetings. The topic was ‘prospects for the Atlantic world’.
  • The main speakers at Bilderberg Group meetings get 10 minutes to deliver their speech. Other participants are limited to 5 minutes per speech.
  • Security at all Bilderberg Group meetings is of the up-most importance. During Bilderberg Group meetings, they are to be “practically” surrounded by police for the three-day event.
  • The founder Prince Bernhard always tried to ensure that there was a 50% switch in representation at each Bilderberg Group meeting.
  • Any notes or official documentation is to be written in both American English and French.
  • When it comes to voting, the votes of who voted for what are never recorded.
  • Prince Bernhard, personally requested that Henry Kissinger attend Bilderberg Group meetings. Also, at the 1974 meeting, David Rockefeller was also in attendance.
  • Prince Bernhard also expected that the ideas that emerged from Bilderberg Group meetings would influence the inner circle to which it’s participants belong.
  • This brief, yet revealing insight into the inner workings of the Bilderberg Group highlights that there is still plenty we do not know about the organization.

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Bilderberg 2011: Handbags at dawn
The rich and powerful leave this year's Bilderberg
On his way back from Bilderberg, Alexei Mordashov, the  Russian steel magnate, swept through the airport checkpoint in a window-tinted people carrier. Here he is, about to board his private jet at St Moritz airport: Nice bag. You don't get to be worth $18.5 billion without developing a taste for classy accessories. The only classier bit of luggage we saw all conference was this stylish holdall, carried by... well, see if you can guess from the legs. And the coat of arms on the side of the jet.. That's right, delegate spotters, it's Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands! A shame we're only seeing her knees, and are denied our annual peek at her glorious Molly Sugden bouff. Still, we got to enjoy the two-tone swirls of Fu Ying (China's Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs and current Chinese Ambassador to the UK) on Lord Mandelson's nature walk.
Here's a reminder: it's Fu Ying strolling with Neelie Kroes, European Commissioner for Digital Agenda and a Vice President of the European Commission.
The gong for worst hair of the conference belongs to tech investor Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal. I guess when you're only worth a couple of billion, and only own about 3% of Facebook, you have to make do with Tesco Value hair dye.
Maybe he was thinking: I'm in Switzerland, I'll go with their national colour. I'm tempted to approach him for seed capital for my peer-to-peer nanotech tinting solution.
The post-Bilderberg Thiel seemed a little grumpy at the airport. Maybe he was hungover after David Rockefeller's birthday disco. Or maybe the discussion on: 'Social Networks: Connectivity and Security Issues' hadn't gone his way.
Thiel is a good Bilderberger, in that he's an avowed fan of a global single-market, single-currency future. He says "everything that counts as political represents a counterforce to globalization" Perhaps he needled the politicians present with his view that: "as we continue to see the globalization of the world economy, we will come to see government more and more as a reactionary force, as a force that is standing in the way of progress. And we will have to make a very drastic choice."
Thiel's single-market libertarianism fits snugly with Bilderberg's desire to see national sovereignty melt away and supranational bodies (and corporations) take its place. Thiel is forever celebrating the individual, and the individual's choices. But in a world without government, without politics, there's nothing much standing between his newly empowered individual and the unimpeded transnational corporation.
You might think that the protesters outside Bilderberg are largely anti-government. In fact you'll find, on the whole, that they're anti-anti-government, insofar as they know that representation within a functioning and sovereign democratic system is their best defence within a free-for-all global economy.
They know that attending Bilderberg you've got the Chairman of Novartis, Daniel Vasella. You've got the Chairman of Coco-Cola HBC, George A. David. You've got Marcus Agius, the Chairman of Barclays PLC. The activists know that the bottom line of these fine fellows is not the interests of the general public.
And why would it be? They're businessmen. The public didn't vote Amazon's Jeff Bezos into office. And they don't expect representation from Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, the Chairman of Nestlé - seen here on his way to his private jet:
But maybe they voted for George Osborne.
It's such a comfort to know that our Chancellor has spent the last four days at the Bilderberg summit fighting for the interests of the British people. Delegates have been debating, amongst other things,"Budgetary Discipline" - which sounds like we've got rocky times ahead. But you know what? It'll be fine. Osborne's got our back.
If you'd like to know what the Chancellor been discussing at Bilderberg, and to hear what he's achieved, then simply watch one of the BBC reports from St Moritz. Or catch up with the analysis on CNN. Or read the commentary in the Independent. Or find out what the Daily Telegraph's political editor made of his trip to the conference. Or listen to Radio 4.
Or watch Sky News. Or read the Express. Or the Washington Post. Or catch up with the gossip from the venue on the Huffington Post.
Or open the Guardian.
Oh my god, I just had a crazy thought. Imagine if none of the British press had bothered covering this major international summit! Imagine if the BBC hadn't sent a news crew! Imagine if George Osborne wasn't being interviewed by heavyweight political journalists about his official trip as Chancellor to perhaps the world's most important annual policy forum! Ha ha ha ha -- ah, sorry, just amusing myself there.
Where was I?
Oh yes - at the airport. With Alexei Mordashov.
I know that you're sick to death of the media analysis of this year's conference, but I'm going to take a wild, amateurish swing at explaining why Mordashov is here in St Moritz this year.
A few years ago, the oligarch declared: "we would like to build the biggest steel company in the world". So far, he's managed to turn Serverstal into the biggest steel company in Russia. But only the 9th biggest worldwide. That's the sort of life-disappointment that can keep you up at night.
Mordashov is the only (declared) Russian delegate at Bilderberg 2011. So why was he invited? Presumably he's not go much to to say on the subject of "Demographic Challenges" or "Social Networks". I think the topic "Conflict Areas" might be getting closer to his usefulness.
Here's what I reckon. Back in 2003, Mordashov was made a representative of Vladamir Putin in the 2004 election. In 2006, Mordashov told the FT that, "as a good corporate citizen", he consults his government when making big decisions.
Top of the "Conflict Areas" discussed at Bilderberg was presumably Libya. And we know that Vladamir Putin recently derided UN Security Council Resolution 73 as being "defective and flawed" because it "allows everyone to do anything, take any action against a sovereign state." So, is Mordashov at Bilderberg because Putin said the action in Libya "reminds me of a medieval call to a crusade?" Is it because Putin asked, of the NATO targetting of Gadaffi: "Who took on the right to execute this man, no matter who he is?"
Is Mordashov a steel-timbered bridge to Moscow?
Maybe someone better qualified than me can answer that. Bilderberg 2011: Handbags at Dawn

February 8, 2013 

Paul Joseph Watson 

Will the secretive Bilderberg Group meet in the United States for an unprecedented second year running or is Europe their most likely destination?
  • Bilderberg May Meet in Virginia, Again – HERE
  • Bilderberg Elite Angry Over “Constant Exposure” – HERE
  • List of Bilderberg Meetings – HERE

March 11, 2013
According to veteran journalist Jim Tucker, during a recent meeting in London, several elitists shared the sentiment that a mid-east war targeting Iran and Syria could be on the agenda for the secretive Bilderberg Group’s 2013 confab.
“War in the Middle East has been on the minds of Bilderberg members,” states the report, referring to an exchange between Vernon E. Jordan Jr. and another attendee about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s increasing hostility towards Iran. Jordan, a Bilderberg regular, is the Senior Managing Director with Lazard Freres & Co. LLC, an investment banking firm. He also sits on the board of directors of numerous large corporations, including American Express, J.C. Penney Corporation, Asbury Automotive Group and the Dow Jones & Company.
“It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, when Bennie boy gets mad about anything, it is directed at Iran and adds to the potential for war,” Jordan reportedly said, adding, “The more Bennie Boy gets mad at Iran, the better the chances for a really big Mideast war.”
Jordan’s fellow attendee responded, “The bigger the war, the better the chances of establishing a global banking system to finance such ventures.”
The conversation took place during a meeting in London on February 25 and was reportedly overheard by a source, “who travels extensively and regularly attends gatherings hosted by the country’s top elites.” Jim Tucker is renowned for having sources inside Bilderberg who routinely leak to him the group’s annual location and agenda weeks beforehand.
US Secretary of State John Kerry also weighed in, responding to concerns that there had been no boots on the ground and no direct US or NATO military intervention in Syria by remarking, “we can fix that.”
On the same day, Kerry gave a news conference in London asserting that Syrian rebels would not be left, “dangling in the wind wondering where the support is or if it’s coming.”
The issue of regime change in Syria was also on the agenda during last year’s conference, which was attended by Syrian National Transitional Council head Bassma Kodmani.
Kerry also hinted that the 2013 Bilderberg meeting will take place in the United States for an unprecedented second year running because no matter where the secretive group hosts its annual confab, “hoodlums” will always show up to demonstrate.
“In another indication Bilderberg will again meet in Chantilly, Virginia (though definitely not a certainty), Kerry said it is “most convenient” because “there are so many reasons for people around the world to fly to Washington. It’s easy to drop in on Bilderberg on a weekend when you have scheduled meetings at the State Department, White House or wherever. We know the hoodlums will be there wherever we meet. So make it convenient for everybody,” reports Tucker.
Kerry’s arrogant vitriol directed towards vocal opponents of Bilderberg’s undemocratic agenda has become a general theme in recent years.
During last year’s confab in Chantilly, a source working inside the Westfields Marriott hotel told London Guardian journalist Charlie Skelton that Bilderberg attendees referred to protesters outside the hotel as “cockroaches”.
During the 2010 Bilderberg meeting in Spain, members were overheard complaining about the fact that demonstrators could even afford to travel to different countries in order to make their voices heard and that the fact they still had an income that allowed them to do so was a “permanent threat” to and “very scary” to Bilderberg’s agenda.
Bilderberg’s possible decision to avoid Europe for a second year running, which would represent a first in the group’s history, could have been prompted by events during the 2011 conference in St. Moritz, Switzerland, during which Bilderberg members were directly confronted by protesters.Dominique Baettig, a prominent member of Switzerland’s largest political party, also attempted to confront other Swiss politicians attending the secretive confab and called for a parliamentary investigation into the activities of the group.
Italian lawyer Alfonso Luigi Marra also recently requested that the Public Prosecutor of Rome investigate Bilderberg for criminal activity, another good reason for its members to avoid gathering in Europe.
During a November 30-December 3 meeting in Washington of Bilderberg’s North American Group, former deputy secretary of state Richard Armitage reportedly said that Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg luminaries were angry over “their constant exposure,” citing it as a reason for why Bilderberg was planning to avoid Europe, where attention from media outlets is more intense in contrast to the largely compliant US corporate press.

Attempts to book a room at the Westfields Marriott hotel in Chantilly, Bilderberg’s usual haunt, from Friday to Monday June 21-June 24 are met with a message saying no rooms are available. However, it is still possible to book a room when checking out on Sunday June 23rd. All other weekends around these dates are still available. Report: Mid-East War On Bilderberg 2013 Agenda

April 2, 2013 
Is the Bilderberg Group purposely letting out disinformation or running evasive campaigns to hide the secretive groups 2013 meeting location? 
April 2, 2013
You better believe it, as last years meeting in Chantilly Virginia was overtaken by protestors and members of the press from around the world.

In fact, for hours a crown stood outside the meeting hall and chanted on megaphones messages to the globalists inside the hotel.
New information has come to light as James Tucker with the American Free Press reports, “A new possibility has evolved in the annual hunt for Bilderberg’s spring meeting: somewhere within 40 miles of London, England June 6-9. This is not absolute; there is still evidence that the meeting will be held again at the swankyWestfields Marriott near Dulles International Airport June 21-26.”
Although as pointed out by Tucker himself, this would be one expensive trick.
We might still expect to see the meeting in Chantilly this year.Source: ^HERE
April 2, 2013
Bilderberg 2013 Set To Take Place Near London? 
Henry Kissinger jokes about keeping people guessing location of secretive confab
Paul Joseph Watson 
According to veteran Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker, the secretive group could be preparing to host its annual confab within 40 miles of London, contradicting previous reports that the conference was set to return to Chantilly, Virginia.
“A new possibility has evolved in the annual hunt for Bilderberg’s spring meeting: somewhere within 40 miles of London, England June 6-9,”reports Tucker.
The location of the annual Bilderberg conference, a get-together involving around 120 of the most influential people on the planet, is always a guessing game for activists and journalists, who usually only pin down the precise spot just a few weeks beforehand.
Bilderberg occasionally likes to throw out a “red herring” months in advance, a bait and switch venue to trick would-be protesters into abandoning their plans. It now appears that speculation the conference would take place in the United States for an unprecedented two years running was inaccurate.
“On March 6, in the presence of a longtime source, Henry Kissinger was overheard joking about keeping people guessing on the location of this year’s Bilderberg meeting. At the time, the former secretary of state was in a hospital in New York, recovering after suffering a fall,” writes Tucker.
Although Tucker still thinks the conference may take place at the Westfields Marriott from June 21 onwards, rooms for that weekend are still available to book via the hotel’s website.
If the confab were to take place in the United Kingdom, it would draw a significant amount of protesters as well as increased mainstream media coverage in comparison to the usually compliant US corporate media.
The last time Bilderberg held their get-together in the UK was in 1998 at the Turnberry Hotel and golf course in southwestern Scotland. The last time they were in England was way back in 1977 when the conference took place at the Paramount Imperial Hotel in Torquay on the south coast.
Despite once meriting just a handful of press reports, coverage of the Bilderberg confab by both mainstream and alternative media has rapidly expanded in recent years, leading Bilderberg luminaries to express their anger over the “constant exposure” fueled by an increasing number of protesters who descend on the conference venue.
Although many quarters of the corporate press still like to pretend that 120 of the most powerful individuals from the world of banking, academia, media, politics and business all fly to the same location for three days every year merely to make small talk and play golf, there are innumerable examples of Bilderberg meetings having a direct influence on global affairs.
In 2010, former NATO Secretary-General and Bilderberg member Willy Claes admitted that Bilderberg attendees are mandated to implement decisions that are formulated during the annual conference of power brokers.
In 2009, Bilderberg chairman Étienne Davignon even bragged about how the Euro single currency was a brainchild of the Bilderberg Group.
Back in February, Italian lawyer Alfonso Luigi Marra requested that the Public Prosecutor of Rome investigate Bilderberg for criminal activity, questioning whether the elitist organization’s 2011 meeting in Switzerland led to the selection of Mario Monti as Prime Minister of Italy. |  Bilderberg 2013 Set To Take Place Near London?

April 8, 2013

Jurriaan Maessen

Bilderberg-regular Neelie Kroes’ schedule seems to indicate that London will indeed be the location of the Bilderberg 2013 gathering- as Jim Tucker earlier reported. There is however a possibility of Germany hosting the elite confab this year.

Bilderberg sleuth James P. Tucker Jr. has recently reported that the coming Bilderberg-campfire will be lit somewhere in the vicinity of London, which casts doubt on a revisit of Chantilly VA this year. The possible date provided to the veteran journalist by his trusted source will be June 6-9. 
This is not absolute”, Tucker writes, “there is still evidence that the meeting will be held again at the swanky Westfields Marriott near Dulles International Airport June 21-26.”. 
A recently published schedule by an EU information portal seems to concur with Tucker’s source. In the context of the “digital agenda” tour of longtime Bilderberg regular Neelie Kroes, who now acts as vice-president of the European Commission, a schedule has been published of her comings and goings this summer. The schedule reaffirms the validity of Tucker’s source- although that source hardly needs validating as he has been proven right on countless occasions.
The schedule has Neelie Kroes attending two separate conferences in London: she attends the Le Web conference in London from 5-6 June. Also in London, from June 12 to 14, she will be attending the Founders Forum. This makes it very likely that Bilderberg will indeed be taking place near London, as Tucker’s source has suggested. This schedule also confirms the expected date of the next elite confab, namely somewhere between June 6 to June 11 2013. 
As Kroes rarely misses a meeting, it’s probable Kroes will use the lapse between both conferences to make herself comfortable around the Bilderberg campfire. 
Although it’s more than likely Bilderberg 2013 will take place near London this year, I have found other globalist schedules which seem to suggest (south) Germany as a possibility. After some investigating into the schedules of other Bilderberg regulars, Germany pops up as a possibility. 
Why Germany?
At the end of April 2013 the current queen of the Netherlands will pass the torch of tyranny to her firstborn son, William-Alexander. The queen, who is annually present at Bilderberg, will in all probability hand over her Bilderberg activities to William and his wife. Now it just so happens that in the context of the queen Beatrix’ abdication, the royal couple’s first international visit as king and queen of the Netherlands will take them to south Germany from June 3 up to June 7. From June 12 onward, the king will tour several Dutch provinces, as he will in the weeks preceeding June 3. This strongly suggests the freshly anointed king will be re-anointed at Bilderberg from June 8 to June 11. 
If Tucker’s source is correct, Bilderberg 2013 will take place from June 6 until June 9- which makes it probable that the king and queen will follow up their German tour by participating in the 2013 confab, during or directly after their South German trade mission. This of course doesn’t exclude London as probable location, as the king and queen may easily fly over to London in their private jet. However, viewed in the context of the other likely attendants and their German schedules, a location in Germany emerges as a possibility, suggesting that London may also be a red herring. 
Siemens president Peter Löscher, for example, will be in Berlin on June 5 and 6, on a German industry meeting. In 2012 Löscher was present both in Chantilly, VA. and the 2011 Bilderberg meeting. If he is also to attend the coming conference, he will be available from June 7 onward, also coinciding with the king and queen’s visit to South Germany and other global players. Again: this does not necessarily indicate that Bilderberg descends on Germany this year, but it does make it likely that the annual confab will be held after June 6. Another Siemens top-gun, Peter Y. Solmssen,will chair a globalist meeting in Munich on June 7 and 8 on the subject of “Growth through Innovation”. We may assume therefore, this person will not be present at Bilderberg this year. 
According to a preliminary schedule of the south German trade mission, the mission ends on June 6 at the South-German town of Friedrichshafen. Assuming the new king and his wife will also be attending this year’s Bilderberg, Tucker’s date (June 6-9) fits in nicely- as it does with Kroes’ schedule. Another royal regular to Bilderberg, the Belgian prince Phillipe, however will be absent as he is presiding over a Belgian trade mission to the US from June 2-9 2013. If this seems to coincide with a possible Chantilly-revisit, the schedule keeps his royal highness exclusively busy in California. This seems to indicate that the US will not host this year’s Bilderberg conference. In my estimation, the most likely scenario is that the prince will fly himself directly after to the unmarked location in Germany or the UK, joining the group as a delayed visitor on June 9. 
Another indication that London is the more likely location to accommodate Bilderberg 2013 is the presence of Dutch Royal Shell’s “Petroleum executive of the year” Peter Voser (who attended Bilderberg in 2012), attending some speaking engagement in London on June 19 2013- some 9 days after the presumed conference date. This could speak in favor of a London gathering. On the other hand, the whereabouts of other globalist participants seem to indicate the conference may be held in Germany in 2013. I expect European president and Bilderberg wonderboy Herman von Rompuy will be present at Bilderberg this year. A check up on his whereabouts in June doesn’t reveal much, except that on June 7 2013 he will give a lecture in the Belgian town of Turnhout on “silence and leadership” (a combination Von Rompuy knows everything about). This could indicate Von Rompuy (a 2011 participant) will join his fellow transnationalists soon after his meditations, perhaps in nearby Germany. Otherwise he will be whisked away at the earliest opportunity by his taxpayer-funded jetliner towards London. 
It just so happens that from June 4-7 2013 one of the biggest scam-conferences in Europe is being held, Green Week, featuring “high profile international keynote speakers”, according to the EU news outlet. It is very likely that the EU’s environmental commissioner Janez Potočnik will be present there (as he was in previous years)- again, nicely coinciding with the presumed Bilderberg conference shortly after. Perhaps Potočnik can pick up Von Rompuy on his way to Germany on June 7. In the other event they may share Business class seats on their way to England. 
The schedule of Bilderberg’s new chairman, Henri de Castries, doesn’t tell us much either. De Castries will probably be attending the June 4 shareholder’s information meeting of his global company AXA Group in Toulouse France, as these meetings “are conducted by the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Henri de Castries or a member of the Executive Management”, according to AXA’s own website
In short: studying the schedules of the usual suspects, we find that many of them are occupied until June 7 with other engagements, making them available from June 8 onward. June 8, therefore, seems a likely starting date. Because the new king of the Netherlands has handpicked Germany as the destination of his first official international visit, I suspect that Germany may yet turn out to be the actual location of this year’s gathering. In this context I would like to remind readers of a report published in September 2012, pinpointing the likely 2013 Bilderberg location based on Bilderberg’s almost 60 year history to be either Greece, Italy or Germany. Although London is still the most probable of possible locations, I submit we should not discount Germany- especially considering the fact that the king and queen of the Netherlands will most certainly attend Bilderberg this year as en encore of their visit in the beginning of June. I realize this contradicts Tucker’s invaluable information, which has proven correct so many times that it makes my insistent hypothesizing look like incoherent gibberish. There is one final consideration though, which makes me think of Germany as the possible landing spot of Bilderberg vultures this year. 
In March of this year, the Trilateral Commission convened their annual meeting in Berlin, showing a heavy German presence there. The event was hosted by Michael Fuchs, and presided over by Bilderberg regular Jean-Claude Trichet, former head of the European Central bank. Even Chancellor Angela Merkel was invited to join the occasion, giving this particular meeting a special significance. Because the Trilaterals are by nature related to Bilderberg, it’s perfectly possible that the Berlin-meeting may prelude a German Bilderberg conference.
In the end the location of Bilderberg’s next meet-up is less significant than the subjects decided upon by the moguls who meet there. On the other hand, it would be nice to greet these globalists in the right location when they arrive to give them the welcome they deserve.
Jurriaan Maessen’s website site is
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April 16, 2013
Complete security lockdown at upcoming Bilderberg conference?

Jurriaan Maessen
April 16, 2013
According to several citizen-journalists, the entire area around the Grove Hotel near Watford UK and the hotel itself will be cordoned off by the local Hertfordshire constabulary in a “security exercise”. The exercise is planned exactly at the time that the Bilderberg conference is expected to take place there, from June 6-9.
A person posting on David Icke’s website forum apparently contacted the Hertfordshire constabulary, from which he learned that a security exercise, or drill, is planned not only in the area of the Grove hotel, but alsoinside the Hotel itself.
“I rang them up at their HQ this afternoon (April 15) to test the water, and they said that the matter is not for public discussion, but they did confirm that a security exercise is in place for that area and at the hotel between those dates. Naturally they declined my question as to which heads of state and officials were attending and all I got told by the call handler was “I don’t have that information Sir.”

“For security of this group event we cannot let anyone come to the hotel grounds either.”
“I asked if it was an international wedding, and she said:
“No its an international meeting and the whole hotel is booked out including all rooms.”
So, as reported earlier the nearby Fullerians Rugby Club has taken an unusual booking from the Hertfordshire constabulary, booking “the entire grounds and facilities for ten days – spanning the weekend of the conference.” writes:
“The rugby club has no idea what the booking is actually for. Could this be the base of operations for security during the event?”
That question, it seems, can only be answered with an affirmative. Furthermore, hotel staff has earlier confirmed that a complete security lockdown is planned at the area from June 6-9:
As we would expect, the Hertfordshire constable that gave this information was tight-lipped. The information provided however does suggest that Bilderberg is not taking any chances this year. Given the fact that Bilderbergers are increasingly hounded by citizen journalists, a security exercise in and around the Hotel will presumingly be put in place as cover behind which the participants may continue their deliberations in peace.
On the UK-based Planet X forum, one person writes he decided to ring up the Hotel, pretending to be interested to book a wedding at the hotel. He told the Grove employee he could only come and view the facilities at either June 7 of 8. The response by the employee at the “social events”-team at the hotel confirms that there will be high-level security on June 7 and 8, allowing no one to enter the Hotel or its immediate surroundings at those dates. He was told:
“Unfortunately on the 7th and 8th June 2013, the whole hotel and facilities are booked out to a group holding an international event. There is no way that you can come and visit that weekend. The only time we have free for you to visit is at 1030am on Monday 10th June, and the Amber suite will be available to view.”
After his request to view the Hotel, he proceeded to ask if he could instead “view the grounds and golf club”. The response he got from his second request?

“Hotel staff have said that the booking has been made by a ‘major’ and ‘high profile’ group. The whole hotel is ‘out of bounds’ and ‘in lockdown’ for the duration. One member of staff said: ‘We don’t know what it is, senior staff know what it is but they won’t tell us.’ They first heard about this unusual event in January.”
It’s fairly obvious that a massive security “exercise” around the entire area will be going live for the purpose of securing an international group event. We may assume that the operation planned will not be put in place to prevent anyone from entering the annual conference of the organization for international stamp-collectors. Either Bilderberg descends on Hertfordshire, or it will be the most elaborate red herring ever contrived.
Jurriaan Maessen’s website is
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April 24, 2013 
Jurriaan Maessen

American Free Press received e-mail from Grove Hotel staffer, apparently confirming that Bilderberg 2013 will be going down near Watford in the United Kingdom from June 6-9.
AFP’s Mark Anderson reports that he received an e-mail from a Grove Hotel employee, apparently confirming a UK-based Bilderberg meeting this coming June. Anderson writes:
“An email reply to AFP from a Grove staffer and a check of the hotel website’s calendar confirmed the hotel is booked solid June 5-9. The Bilderberg meeting itself, by all the latest indications, is to take place June 6-9. This updates a recent AFP report that stated England was likely the general meeting location but that the meeting would be held June 9-11. At the time, the hotel where the meeting was to be held was not yet known.”
Indeed. In recent weeks there have been several indications pointing to a probable UK Bilderberg meeting. As I recently reported, a call handler at the Hertfordshire constabulary confirmed that the Grove Hotel, both the surroundings and the Hotel itself will be cordoned off by the local Hertfordshire constabulary in a “security exercise”. The exercise, by the way, is planned exactly at the time that the Hotel, according to its employees, will accommodate a “high profile” international group- booking all 220 rooms. As Anderson notes in his article:
“The hotel’s location, some 18 miles outside of London, provides easy access to and from Heathrow Airport. Its rural setting is well suited for Bilderberg’s usual ring of armed security to keep pesky reporters and activists at bay.”
Thanks to many citizen-journalists probing the Hotel and local Hertfordshire constabulary it is also becoming obvious that an elite club will indeed descend on the area at the beginning of June. According to a recent vigilant posting on the Planet X website, an employee of the Grove Hotel has revealed that the hotel’s golf course is booked out by an “American Group” from June 6-9. The commenter, pretending to be interested to reserve the golf court, no booking is possible on those dates:
“No that is not possible during those dates because the private American Group Organizers have requested that they have full exclusive use themselves”.
The “American group”- comment is interesting in more than one respect. Not only does this slip-up by a Grove employee confirm the grounds (Hotel, all its facilities and the surrounding lands) are off-limit to the general public (meaning anyone not holding key power positions), it also suggests that the organizers are predominantly American. When we take a look at Bilderberg’s current steering committee we find no less than 11 Americans among the 34 members (including David Rockefeller). Because the event itself is “international” in nature, concerning “high profile” individuals – we now have further indications the UK will host this year’s Bilderberg conference. Adding this little information-droplet to the others, spilled by employees of the Grove Hotel and the local constabulary, the Hertfordshire venue is increasingly likely to be the spot where the annual Bilderberg conference is set to take place.
Investigative journalist Jurriaan Maessen’s article first appeared at his site

 23 Apr 2013
Jim Tucker Finds Bilderberg!
James P. Tucker, Jr., famed Bilderberg Hound, zeroes in on the international financiers and politicians, who have selected the locale Tucker predicted last week.
Jim explains how he located the "criminals," as he refers to them, and how the involvement of Americans in the dealings of the shadowy group is a clear violation of current United States law, in this entertaining interview (10:01).

April 28, 2013  

Jim Tucker, the ground breaking journalist who chronicled the activities of the secretive Bilderberg Group beginning in the 1990s, has died from complication after a fall. Tucker was 78.
Tucker departed from a Washington, D.C., newspaper in 1978 and worked with The Spotlight until that newspaper was forced out of business in 2001. He subsequently worked with The American Free Press.
In 2005, The American Free Press published Jim Tucker’s Bilderberg Diary, subtitled “One Reporter’s 25-Year Battle to Shine the Light on the World Shadow Government.” It is described as “a memorable and panoramic journey that will lay bare the realities behind modern-day international power politics.”
Jim appeared in Alex Jones’s seminal film, Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement, released in 2007. The film partially covers the 2006 Bilderberg conference at the Brookstreet Hotel in Ottawa, Canada.
Jim Tucker is survived by his two sons.

25 Sep 2007 
ENDGAME Sneak: Jim Tucker vs. The Bilderberg Group

This sneak preview for Alex Jones' ENDGAME: Blueprint for Global Enslavement introduces veteran reporter Jim Tucker, who has followed the secretive Bilderberg Group for more than 30 years as he fights to expose their plan for a one world government.
30 Mei 2012
Bilderberg = Global Mafia

An exclusive interview with legendary Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker who has reported on the secret Bilderberg meetings since 1975. This was recorded during last years Bilderberg conference in Switzerland.

April 28, 2013 

James P. Tucker, Jr. (12/31/1934 – 4/26/2013), famed Bilderberg Hound, author of Jim Tucker’s Bilderberg Diary, passed away yesterday due to complications he suffered following a fall.
A proper tribute to Tucker will rendered next week when the front page of AMERICAN FREE PRESS newspaper will be dedicated to Jim.
The thoughts and prayers from all of us at AMERICAN FREE PRESS go out to his family and friends. Thank you, Tucker, for all that you did to shine the light on the “criminals” of Bilderberg.
Please read his obituary below by colleague Michael Collins Piper and listen to the last interview Tucker gave AFP prior to his passing.
Our Good Friend Jim Tucker is Gone, But He May Get the Last Laugh on David Rockefeller
By Michael Collins Piper
Jim Tucker’s only regret was probably the fact he didn’t outlive his sworn nemesis of more than a quarter of a century, international banker David Rockefeller. The colorful former editor of AMERICAN FREE PRESS—and still a continuing correspondent for this newspaper—Tucker died at a hospital in Virginia on April 26 at age 78 following complications arising from injuries received after falling down the steps in his home while in the company of his family.
Best known for having trailed the aforementioned Rockefeller and the members of such high-level power groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and, most notably, the Bilderberg group, literally all over the planet for decades, the legacy of the North Carolina-born self-described “country boy” as a hard-driving investigative reporter is one that is hard to rival.
Prior to coming to work in Washington, D.C. in 1975 as managing editor of the newly-launched national weekly, The Spotlight, Tucker had been, by his own admission, a conventional journalist with a wide range of experience in the mainstream press, largely confident that the big media in America was doing its job, bringing readers the news they needed to know. He was sports editor of the The Northern Virginia Sun, managing editor of The Daily Tifton Gazette in Georgia, managing editor of The Radford (Va.) Daily News, copy editor of The Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch; night editor of The Washington Daily News in the nation’s capital, managing editor of The Martinsville(Va.) Bulletin, and news editor of The Akron (Ohio) Beacon Journal.
However, the day that Willis Carto, treasurer of Liberty Lobby, the populist institution that published The Spotlight, called Tucker into his office and described to Tucker the little-known history of the Bilderberg meetings, Tucker’s worldview—particularly from his perspective as a journalist—changed forever.
Despite all his years in the media, Tucker had never once heard of Bilderberg and he realized—as any real journalist should—that there was something wrong. As Tucker summarized it—all quite correctly—time and again, over the years, “If a hundred of the world’s best known sports figures or film stars were gathered at some exclusive resort behind closed doors for a private meeting, the entirety of the mass media would be on hand, clamoring for admittance and demanding to know what was going on. But when the world’s richest bankers, media barons, industrialists, members of royalty, and political leaders were meeting secretly and discussing public policy matters that impacted on the course of the world’s affairs, the establishment press never said a word.”
From 1975 to 1982, as editor of The Spotlight, Tucker supervised a wide-ranging array of journalists who trailed the Bilderberg and Trilateral gangs here and abroad. But in 1983, Tucker himself went on the road as The Spotlight’s man on the scene and scorched the Bilderbergers and Trilateralists with blistering real news coverage, from Japan to Portugal to France, England, Germany—wherever and whenever the global intriguers met, even as the rest of the American media remained mum, despite the fact that, over and over again, over the next three decades, Tucker’s pioneering investigations unveiled Bilderberg-Trilateral plans that had a direct influence on public policy affecting every man, woman and child on the face of the planet.
After the demise of The Spotlight in 2001—orchestrated by a clique of figures (including a corrupt federal judge) with known links to the Central Intelligence Agency and to Israel’s intelligence service, the Mossad—Tucker picked up his work with the newly-launched AMERICAN FREE PRESS, for which he served for several years as managing editor, and continued pressing the Bilderberg and Trilateral vultures wherever they swooped down to nest and hatch their latest plots.
Each and every year up until 2012—Tucker was there. Hustling about, grooming sources (including members of the staffs of the hotels where Bilderberg met), lending his support to other journalists who came on the scene, and generally driving the Bilderberg elite up the wall—and, literally, into the wall: On one occasion Tucker discovered a secret listening device planted in the wall of the hotel room he was occupying in an inn located close to Bilderberg’s gathering place at one of the exclusive resorts the shadowy intriguers regularly met.
In recent years—as more and more journalists worldwide became aware of the existence of the secretive Bilderberg meetings and started arriving on the scene themselves, looking for leads, Tucker became “the man to see,” when the grizzled veteran journalist—an unabashed journalist of the old school, a two-fisted drinker and unapologetic three-packs-a-day smoker—showed up to keep the hoity-toity “suits” at Bilderberg on their toes.
Tucker maintained regular contact with a number of sympathetic sources both inside and close to the Bilderberg elite, and just days before his death, he had once again cracked Bilderberg secrecy and managed to uncover the location of Bilderberg’s upcoming meeting in England—despite (as per usual) Bilderberg’s efforts to misdirect Tucker from learning their real destination.
Having slowed down considerably in recent months, Tucker had just decided not to attend this year’s gathering, passing his torch to AFP correspondent Mark Anderson, who had joined Tucker in covering a number of recent Bilderberg gatherings, but if anything is for certain it is this: the old Bilderberg Hound will be there in spirit and, given the opportunity, he might even slip David Rockefeller a “mickey.”
Tucker is survived by two sons and literally millions of friends and admirers all over the world who appreciated Jim’s wry humor and the real journalism that he represented in every sense of the word. His literary legacy not only includes many thousands of articles published in The Spotlight and AMERICAN FREE PRESS, but also his classic memoir, Jim Tucker’s Bilderberg Diary, and The Crimes of Yalta, first published in 1984 and just recently slated for republication.
This article was posted: Sunday, April 28, 2013 at 6:14 am
Jim Tucker's Bilderberg Diary
One Reporter's 25-Year Battle to Shine the Light on the World Shadow Government
Excerpt from section "Bilderberg: Conspiracy ‘Theory’ or Fact?"
    Covering Bilderberg is more than a spring adventure—it is a year-round operation. Two of the most significant Bilderberg exposés occurred during the “off-season” and in unlikely ways.
    In March 1985, The Washington Post carried a few lines of type in its society section, noting that David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger had a meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev, head of the then-Soviet Union. The Post described the meeting as productive, and
that was all. A check of the Soviet-controlled media revealed enormous details.
    Rockefeller and Kissinger had told Gorbachev they were sympathetic with the economic stress suffered by the Soviet Union and could arrange for U.S. financial aid to its puppet state of Poland if  Americans could observe a “free election.” So it was arranged that Poland would have a “freely elected” national legislature with only one-third of the seats reserved for the entrenched Communist Party.
    Another one-third of the seats were reserved for the Peasant Party, a wing of the Communist Party that had voted in lockstep with the Kremlin’s dictates for 40 years.
    But when the “election” was over, young Turks in the Peasant Party seized the moment and voted with members who were truly freely elected to form the government, ousting the communist regime. The fires of freedom then swept Eastern Europe, bringing an end to the Cold War. Based on this information, the still-flourishing Spotlight did an advance story on the downfall of communism in Europe, long before the mainstream media had a hint.
    Another significant event occurred when NATO celebrated its 50th anniversary in Washington in April 1999. Kenneth Clark, former chancellor of the exchequer in Britain and a longtime Bilderberg luminary, agreed to what he thought would be a “sweet- heart session” with a small group of reporters at the National Press Club. I asked the first question, pointing out that he would be attending the Bilderberg meeting in Sintra, Portugal, and inquired about the agenda.
    The question stunned him. He was too embarrassed to deny Bilderberg when he had been told the city, country, resort and precise dates. He was pounded by questions. Before the hour ended, he had openly acknowledged that Bilderberg intended for the Western Hemisphere to become an “American Union” similar to the European Union. The American Union’s common currency would be the dollar.

Jim Tucker's Bilderberg Diary
One Reporter's 25-Year Battle to Shine the Light on the World Shadow Government
Only Jim Tucker could pull back the veil of secrecy from the Bilderberg Group and only AFP has the courage to publish this volume.
Now, in the pages of Jim Tucker's Bilderberg Diary, Jim Tucker lays out, for the first time, his entire remarkable history of covering Bilderberg (and its Trilateral and CFR allies), literally infiltrating Bilderberg meetings, procuring their private documents, and working relentlessly to shine the spotlight of public scrutiny on Bilderberg's affairs. Tucker's prose, first-hand, folksy and colorful, will introduce you to the little-known arena of the Bilderberg elite.
This volume is a memorable and panoramic journey that will lay bare the realities behind modern-day international power politics in a way that you've never seen before. And the book includes several representative lists of Bilderberg membership over the past several years, more than 80 fascinating on-the-spot photographs of the Bilderbergers in action and photo reproductions of actual Bilderberg documents secured by Tucker. Plus a fascinating Afterword by Willis A. Carto, the man who first suggested Tucker cover Bilderberg forThe Spotlight newspaper, realizing what was happening behind closed doors at Bilderberg meetings was far more important, and sinister, than Bilderberg press releases were admitting. If you've ever heard the mass media claim that concerns about Bilderberg are "just some crazy conspiracy theory," you'll definitely think otherwise as you travel with Jim Tucker into the world of Bilderberg.
Softcover, 252 pages

May 6, 2013 
Jurriaan Maessen 
Press-secretary of newly appointed head of the Swedish social-democratic party admitted to a UK-based Bilderberg in early June, announcing that the newly elected leader of the Swedish social-democratic party, Stefan Löfven, will be the guest of Jacob Wallenberg- a prominent member of the Bilderberg steering committee.
Not only has the press secretary in question revealed the first official Bilderberg participant of 2013, he also reaffirmed for us that the meeting will take place in early June- confirming that which we in the alternative media have already uncovered, most notably thanks to the late, great Jim Tucker.
Apparently a source of the newspaper first stated that the newly elected leader of the Swedish social-democratic party will be present at Bilderberg at the invite of Swedish philanthropist Jacob Wallenberg. The article in Swedish national journal SvD Naringsliv states:
“Stefan Löfven is invited and plans to attend this year’s Bilderberg meeting in June. This has been gathered from informed sources, indicated to SvD Business and has now been confirmed.”
The confirmation of the paper’s inside information came from one of Löfven’s press-secretaries, Erik Nises, who told SvD:
“Yes, that’s right. Stefan is invited to the Bilderberg meeting. He will be there, invited as a guest of Jacob Wallenberg.”
Wallenberg, who is one of 35 members of Bilderberg’s steering committee, has invited politicians (from all walks of conviction) and businessmen from his home country before, so the SvD reports. Let’s throw a brief glance at the agenda’s some of the other members of the committee. The common denominator of their respective agenda’s is a striking gap between June 6 and June 10 2013, in which timeframe not a singel commitee member seems to have other engagements.
Steering committee member Balsemão Francisco Pinto (President of the European Publishers Council) will prelude his visit to Bilderberg byattending a digital “festival” from may 29 to June 2. That other member of Bilderberg’s steering commitee, Mr. Marcus Agius (former head of Barclays), will presumably be in the area, perhaps combining his responsibilities for the steering group with his activities as trustee for London’s royal botanic gardens. It is a shame, by the way, that his dedication to openness and honesty, described as some of his most distinctive characteristic in his capacity of tree- and plant-lover, doesn’t quite reflect his behavior when it comes to co-steering the world’s most secretive of meetings. On June 11 2013 Agius is set to interview a new appointment in London, which makes it certain that this prominent member of Bilderberg’s steering committee will be in the area in the days before.
Another member of Bilderberg steering committee, Mr. Franco Barnabé, will be flying in from Washington on June 6, where he will be present at a conferencefrom 09.00 to 10.00 a.m. US Time.- just in time perhaps to join a cab to Bilderberg with yet another steering group member, media mogul Juan Luis Cebrian, who is scheduled to speak on June 19 at the Global Editors Network (GEN) News Summit in Paris, joining the likes of Hu Shuli of Caixin Media and Jim Roberts of Reuters Digital.
As former head of Deutsche Bank and loyal member of Bilderberg’s steering committee, Jozef Ackermann’s duty’s will take him to London on May 20, speaking at the 2013 Global Leadership Summit at the London Business School. This will also allow Mr. Ackerman to tend to his responsibilities as non-executive director of Dutch Royal Shell on Thursday May 23, 2013 in London, joining his fellow-Bilderberg buddies Peter Voser and Gerard Kleisterlee at Shell’s annual general meeting. Shell’s number one guy, Mr. Jorma Ollila- quite a prominent member of the steering committee- will fly himself to Sweden after Bilderberg, where he will deliver the opening keynote speech at Stockholm’s Digital Horizon’s venue on June 12. Former head of the European Central Bank Trichet will follow up his Bilderberg activities in London speaking at the International Economic Forum Of the Americas on June 12 in Montreal, where he is one of the featured speakers. Another steering committee member, the Greek Loukas Tsoukalis, will be attending a seminarorganized by the Friends of Europe in Athens on June 13, perhaps to enjoy euro-friendly afterglow to his Bilderberg experience a couple of days before.
Now it just so happens that shortly after the last limo has fled the Grove premises, the 39th G8 summit will be held in Northern Ireland. Here “our global leaders” will cozily align themselves with the conclusions arrived at in the latest Bilderberg meeting.
Jurriaan Maessen is the writer and editor at ExplosiveReports.Com 
May 6, 2013 
Firebrand radio host plans to attend protest, but will UK government let him in?
Paul Joseph Watson

Alex Jones is calling on the global press to break the information blockade surrounding the Bilderberg group and cover the annual meeting of the real shadow government which is set to take place in Watford, UK from June 6-9.
Jones will personally fly in from Austin, Texas to attend the protest which will take place outside the Grove luxury resort hotel at which Bilderberg members will plot and scheme with complete disregard for the democratic process. Jones will also be covering the event in his capacity as an internationally recognized broadcaster and journalist.
One of the big questions surrounding Jones’ confrontation of Bilderberg is whether the United Kingdom will attempt to bar him from entering the country, just as they did with fellow talk show host Michael Savage back in 2009 after Savage was accused of making statements deemed “a threat to national security.”
The ban on Savage was initially ordered by the left-wing Labour government but later re-affirmed by the Conservatives. Savage was placed on a list of 16 people barred from the country because of their political views. Others on the list included Ku Klux Klan grand wizard Stephen Donald Black and neo-Nazi Erich Gliebe.
Jones previously ran into problems when attempting to cover Bilderberg back in 2006 when Canadian authorities detained him and his crew for over 15 hours on the orders of the Bilderberg group, subjecting them to an intense barrage of interrogation.
Aware of the fact that UK authorities could be considering attempting to bar Jones from entering the country, Infowars will have a network of influential politicians and media personalities waiting to cause a public relations stink if any problems are encountered.
Jones wants to remind UK authorities that his intentions are completely peaceful and that he is entering the country as a journalist to cover an important gathering of global power brokers.
Jones will be joined by hundreds of other alternative media personalities and activists who will travel from all over the world to attend the event at great expense in an effort to fill the void left by the mainstream media, which routinely underreports the conference and downplays its significance, despite the fact that it is attended by over one hundred of the world’s most influential movers and shakers from the spheres of politics, business, academia, technology and banking.
The attitude of the elitists who gather for the annual confab can best be summed up by a recently revealed Henry Kissinger quote. Kissinger, a regular attendee, once stated, “The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer.”
Far from being a mere “talking shop,” as it is often derided by a compliant and castrated corporate media, there are numerous examples of major policy decisions being decided behind closed doors at Bilderberg.
In 2010, former NATO Secretary-General and Bilderberg member Willy Claes admitted that Bilderberg attendees are mandated to implement decisions that are formulated during the annual conference of power brokers.
In 2009, Bilderberg chairman Étienne Davignon even bragged about how the Euro single currency was a brainchild of the Bilderberg Group.
Back in February, Italian lawyer Alfonso Luigi Marra requested that the Public Prosecutor of Rome investigate Bilderberg for criminal activity, questioning whether the elitist organization’s 2011 meeting in Switzerland led to the selection of Mario Monti as Prime Minister of Italy.
Labeling the group a “unique, illegal brotherhood” of elitists who consider themselves to be “above the law,” Marra pointed the finger at Bilderberg for engineering wars, economic collapses, and arming dictators, activities which, “constitute an obvious, blatant violation, to say the least, of the articles of the Criminal Code.”
Last month, Honorary President of the Supreme Court of Italy and former Senior Investigative Judge Ferdinando Imposimato accused the Bilderberg Group of being behind terrorist attacks in Europe.
Despite once meriting just a handful of press reports, coverage of the Bilderberg confab by both mainstream and alternative media has rapidly expanded in recent years, leading Bilderberg luminaries to express their anger over the “constant exposure” fueled by an increasing number of protesters who descend on the conference venue.
Alex Jones is calling on all concerned activists to join forces and make Bilderberg 2013 go down in history as the year that the clandestine group loses its veil of secrecy and is finally exposed as a malevolent force that has no place in an open and democratic society.

The Grove hotel set to host Bilderberg 'secret summit'
By Ben Endley, Senior reporter
10:21am Friday 10th May 2013

Hertfordshire taxpayers will foot the bill for a major police security operation to protect a shadowy summit of world leaders taking place in Watford next month. 
The Bilderberg Group of around 140 influential figures including royalty, politicians and business leaders will meet at The Grove from June 6 to June 9. 
To ensure privacy, all 227 rooms at The Grove hotel are booked for the duration of the meeting. 
Hertfordshire Constabulary has confirmed to the Watford Observer it will be policing the event, which is likely to attract protestors from across the globe. 
Watford’s elected mayor, Dorothy Thornhill, said she had mixed feelings about whether the summit was a good thing for the town.
She said: “I have my concerns about it because it does attract people who can and do cause violence and disturbance.
“But I am confident the police will be able to minimise that and give them their right to protest.
“I am ambivalent about whether this is a good thing. It’s potentially a positive thing as long as things don’t kick off.
“I am concerned about the use of police resource but it is very good The Grove has been deemed a prestigious enough venue.”
 The guest list for the “small, flexible, informal and off-the-record international forum” event is kept a closely guarded secret until the meeting is underway but attendees to previous events include Chancellor George Osborne, Labour peer Lord Mandelson, Nobel Peace Prize winner Henry Kissinger and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands – who abdicated last month in favour of her son.
In 1993 Tony Blair denied to parliament that he had attended the Bilderberg meeting.
It is understood police are mounting a major security operation using a local rugby club as an operational base for the duration of the meeting.
A Hertfordshire Constabulary spokesman confirmed the event was taking place but declined to comment on operational policing details or the potential financial cost.
The spokesman added the force would “facilitate people who want to undertake peaceful protest” and that police leave would be cancelled if it was deemed necessary to maintain the peace.
The group’s annual meetings have in the past attracted storms of protests from campaigners who accuse it of hijacking the democratic process Among the more outlandish critics are writer and public speaker David Icke, who claims the group’s influential steering committee is made up of 12 foot lizards known as “Reptoids”.
Hertfordshire police and crime commissioner David Lloyd refused to comment on the police operation
May 11, 2013

Key intelligence uncovered: Transformation of Bilderberg into new breed of technocratic elite

Paul Joseph Watson

Major new revelations concerning the secretive Bilderberg Group have been uncovered by Infowars reporters who visited the Grove Hotel in Watford, UK – site of the elitist confab’s 2013 get-together.
With international policy having been set by Bilderberg for decades behind closed doors with complete contempt for transparency and the democratic process, the organization is in the process of merging with a new breed of technocrats under the umbrella of Google – with the behemoth corporation being handed the baton by Bilderberg to implement policies in a variety of different fields, both technology-related and geopolitical.
Infowars reporters who visited the Grove were able to document how the site is being used as an outpost for social media-driven regime change under the auspices of the “Arab Spring”.
The information set to be released is a game changer and will highlight how Bilderberg is transforming itself into a new technocratic elite, with Google at the helm.
Infowars was also able to fully document the layout of the hotel and the sprawling grounds which surround the complex outside of which will gather hundreds of protesters when the clandestine group meets from June 6-9.
Visit on Monday to uncover the true agenda behind “Googleberg” as well as the Bilderberg Group’s talking points and political agenda for 2013.

Inside the Bilderberg Hotel
 14 Mei 2013

  • A walk through the Grove, site of Bilderberg 2013, including conference rooms where elitists will meet. Select the HD setting! | HERE 
  • Exclusive Tour of Site of Bilderberg 2013 | HERE 
  • An extensive tour of the grounds of the Grove – site of Bilderberg 2013. Select the HD setting!
  • Bilderberg's Transhumanist Art | HERE 
It’s ironic that the gardens at the Grove, site of Bilderberg 2013, feature a transhumanist statue given that Bilderberg is now merging with Eric Schmidt’s Google.

May 15, 2013
Second confirmed Bilderberg participant made public
Jurriaan Maessen

Another elected official is confirmed for Bilderberg 2013, this time the spanish Minister of Economy and Competitiveness and former Lehman Brothers advisor, Luis de Guindos. The minister will be attending at the request of Bilderberg’s Spanish steering committee member Juan Luis Cebrián.
Spanish Minister of Economy and Competitiveness and former Lehman Brothers adviser, Luis de Guindos.
Only last week I confirmed the newly elected leader of the Swedish social-democratic party, Stefan Löfven, has received an invite to the exclusive meeting planned for Hertfordshire in the beginning of June. De Guindos will be the second confirmed elected official participating in the event. These announced participants will be followed up by many more elected officials asked to join the secretive club at the Grove Hotel, at taxpayer’s expense of course, even if Bilderberg itself describes the annual meetings as “private”.
The attendance of De Guindos at this year’s confab is interesting in the fact that Spain is one of the first nations that found themselves on the wrong end of the financial stick after the crisis hit home in Europe- as was possibly arranged at last year’s meeting. As Daniel Estulin reported on in 2012:
“The key message from the (2012) meeting: come hell or high water, it is imperative to preserve the functioning of the banking system. Spain´s Vice President received a dose of humility when she tried to push the issue of “responsibility” telling her high powered German Bilderberg colleagues that they should issue Eurobonds to save the system. The reply was more than telling: “go pound sand, little girl.””
It’s important to make clear that the current Spanish Minister of Economy and Competitiveness was an adviser to Lehman Brothers up to 2007, making him partially responsible for the mess that Spain is finding itself caught up in a few years after.
It’s significant that a member of Bilderberg’s steering committee (Juan Luis Cebrián) is inviting De Guindos to the table this year. It reveals that Bilderberg wants to make sure their pro-Euro policies will be properly communicated to Spanish officials, who can then sell it to the nation as a painful but necessary thing. Just like their Greek counterparts, Spain’s elected officials are summoned to Bilderberg to streamline the global objectives by a group of international bankers with the preferred policy measures they would like to see implemented. One could say that these elected officials are committing a treasonous act, as they cannot disclose what has been decided. Being a former Lehman Brothers adviser, the Spanish minister probably won’t need too much encouragement to execute these objectives.
To illustrate the involvement of the Spanish power structure in the annual Bilderberg meetings, just check out the royal family’s Wikipedia page, noting that all of the prominent members of the family are members of Bilderberg. Queen Sofia attends Bilderberg on a very regular basis, as does her husband King Juan Carlos. Now elected officials get to go behind the backs of the Spanish people as they swear alliance to an unelected and unaccountable body. 
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Monday, 20 May 2013 12:38  

Posted by David Icke
Event will include Gareth Icke and other musicians, comedians and speakers.
'Every year politicians, royalty and CEO’s meet in secret to discuss the fate of the world. This year, you are all invited!
2013 welcomes the first ever Bilderberg Fringe Festival. Taking place between 7th – 9th June in Watford, the festival is a unique event which will nurture dialogue and discourse about Bilderberg in a peaceful, fun environment – alongside a jam-packed weekend of speakers, comedy, music, workshops, arts and entertainment!
Seeking to stimulate hearts and minds and unite the politically conscious, the event will be a positive platform which harmonises fun with enlightened idea exchanges. The Bilderberg Fringe Festival is an unmissable occasion for conscious citizens from all over the world to join together and positively influence global power-elite to make the right decisions for our future… and have a fantastic party'.
Read more ...----------------------------------------------------------
David Icke and Alex Jones to speak on the Saturday
 Read more ...------------------------------------------------------------
By the way ... this posting doesn't refer to the festival ... it is something else - the people are starting to stir ...
Announcement coming soon on this website ...
 David Icke's plan to go beyond protest and the mainstream media and take the 'game' to 'The System' ... details to follow.
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