Holy Royal Arch
The Holy Royal Arch is a degree of Freemasonry. It is present in all main masonic systems, though in some it is part of 'mainstream' Freemasonry, and in others it is an 'additional' degree.
In the United States, Canada, Brazil, Israel, Mexico, Paraguay, and the Philippines, the Holy Royal Arch degree forms part of the York Rite system of additional degrees. In England, Scotland, Ireland, most of Europe (including the masonically expanding states of eastern Europe), and the nations of the Commonwealth (Canada excepted) it is a stand alone degree, but mainstream, being defined as part of "pure ancient Masonry" along with the three Craft degrees; a candidate for Exaltation into an English Holy Royal Arch Chapter is required to have been a Master Mason for four weeks or more. In Scotland the candidate must also be a Mark Master Mason, a degree which can be conferred within the Chapter if required. Once exalted a candidate becomes a companion, with Royal Arch meetings being described as a convocation. 
The exact origins of the Holy Royal Arch are unknown except that it dates back to the mid 18th century.
While tantalising glimpses of Royal Arch vocabulary appear in Masonic literature from the 1720s, the first verifiable appearance of Royal Arch Masonry is in Ireland in the 1740s. The Arch is held aloft by two "Excellent Masons" in a Dublin Procession, and the degree is mentioned disapprovingly in Dr. Dassigny's "Serious and Impartial Inquiry" of 1744. Separate notes in this work indicate that the rite was practised in Dublin, London and York, and described it as an "organis'd body of men who have passed the chair" (i.e. served as the Master of a lodge).
Laurence Dermott, the Ancient's Grand Secretary, was exalted (admitted to a Royal Arch Chapter) in Dublin in 1746. Until much later, the degree was restricted to masons who had served as Master of a lodge. Dermott regarded it as the fourth degree. However, the degree was met with hostility in the original, Moderns Grand Lodge. In 1764, a lodge of Scottish masons attached to the Ancients switched to become Caledonian Lodge under the Moderns. The next year, they assisted in setting up a chapter admitting masons from the Moderns constitution, and in 1766, with the exaltation of the Grand Master, Lord Blayney, it became the "Excellent Grand and Royal Arch Chapter", taking on administrative responsibilities and becoming the first Grand Chapter. James Heseltine, the Grand Secretary of the Moderns appeared to be hostile to Royal Arch Masonry, writing to a senior German mason that "It is part of Masonry but has no connection with Grand Lodge". He was also a participant, and one of the signatories on the charter establishing Grand Chapter. The minutes of Grand Chapter show that it met in the Turks Head, in Soho, the same tavern that had recently hosted the birth of the Ancients Grand Lodge. Unusually, a mason was elected to hold the office of Z(head officer of the Chapter) in the absence of the Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master. That man was Thomas Dunckerley, later appointed Grand Superintendent, who promoted Royal Arch masonry in the Modern's provincial lodges with considerable energy and success. 
At Dermott's instigation, the Ancients formed their own Grand Chapter, which met for the first time in 1774. Its members were Grand Lodge officers who happened to hold that degree, its meetings were ordained by Grand Lodge, and its proceedings approved by that same body. While the Moderns' Grand Chapter was independent out of necessity, the Ancients' was tied to Grand Lodge. For these masons, the Royal Arch became recognised as the fourth degree, open to those who had served as a master of a lodge. The Grand Chapter was little more than a cipher, registering names and processing fees (for submission to Grand Lodge). Effective governance of the Royal Arch rested with Grand Lodge and the individual lodges that worked the degree. 
As the two Grand Lodges moved towards union, Royal Arch masonry became a sticking point. The "word" of the Royal Arch was still embedded in the Moderns third degree, and even appeared on some of their floorcloths and tracing boards. The Act of Union started with the compromise, that "Pure and Antient" masonry had only three degrees, the Entered Apprentice, the Fellowcraft, and "the Master Mason, including the Supreme Order of the Holy Royal Arch". Although the Antient and Modern Grand Lodges united in 1813, it was another four years before the formation of the "Supreme Grand Chapter" in 1817. The Antient's Grand Chapter had, however, ceased meeting after 1813, and their remaining members were simply absorbed into what had been the Moderns Grand Chapter. The last significant constitutional development in English Royal Arch Masonry occurred in 1823, when Master Masons were allowed to join chapter without passing through the chair of a Craft Lodge. Much of the ritual was reformed in 1835, when part of the ceremony known as "Passing the Veils" was dropped. It was re-adopted by Bristol Chapters at the turn of the next century. 
Orders and Degrees
The Holy Royal Arch is affiliated to many different constitutions worldwide, many of which place different emphasis on the order.
England, Europe and Australasia: A Holy Royal Arch Chapter is required to be sponsored by a Craft Lodge and bears the same number (and in almost all cases the same name); however, the HRA is a separate Order from Craft Freemasonry. Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter is governed from the headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England, but the administration remains distinct - though many officers of the Grand Lodge hold the equivalent office in the Grand Chapter. In these countries the Order of the Royal Arch consists of a single 'Royal Arch' degree, although there are three related ceremonies, one for the installation into each of the three Principals' chairs. As a compromise, at the union of two rival Grand Lodges in 1813 (one of which considered the Royal Arch a 'Fourth Degree', whilst the other almost totally ignored it) English Freemasonry recognised the Royal Arch as part of "pure, ancient masonry", but stated that it was not an additional degree, but merely the "completion of the third degree". However, this was merely a compromise position, and one which was in opposition to normal masonic practice, and consequently on 10 November 2004 (after much deliberation by a special working party) the Grand Chapter (at its regular meeting in London) overturned this compromise position, and declared the Royal Arch to be a separate degree in its own right, albeit the natural progression from the third degree, and the completion of "pure, ancient Masonry", which consists of the three 'Craft' degrees, and the Royal Arch. Words in the ritual which propounded the earlier compromise position were removed, by mandatory regulation. 
The English system of Royal Arch Masonry is found in most European states (outside Scandinavia, which has a unique system), and is currently being introduced to many eastern European states, including Russia and Serbia. 
Scotland: The degree is conferred in a Royal Arch Chapter which is within a wholly different administrative structure, the "Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland". This body administers Mark Masonry, Royal Arch Masonry, and the degree of Excellent Master which is an essential preamble to the Royal Arch degree. English Royal Arch Masons will not be allowed into a Scottish chapter during a Mark working, unless they also hold that degree, which in England is administered by a separate body. The Excellent Master degree does not exist in England, and members of the English Grand Chapter are not permitted to attend these workings. They may also be excluded from part of the Royal Arch working which they no longer use, although this is at the discretion of individual chapters. These restrictions do not apply to members of chapters in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and North America. 
 The position of the Bristol chapters, who re-assimilated "Passing the Veils" (similar to the Excellent Masters working) is unclear. 
United States, Canada, Brazil, Israel, Mexico, Paraguay, Philippines: In these countries, the Holy Royal Arch degree forms part of the York Rite system of additional degrees.
Organisational Structure
Chapters are ruled over by three Principals, who conjointly rule the Chapter, sitting together in the east of the assembly.
Chapters in England are grouped as either a Metropolitan area or Provinces (based on the old Counties), and Chapters overseas are grouped in Districts. Metropolitan, Provincial, and District Grand Chapters are ruled over by a Grand Superintendent who is appointed by the 'First Grand Principal' (see below) as his personal representative for the particular area. The Grand Superintendent is usually assisted by a Deputy, and always rules conjointly with a Second Provincial Grand Principal and a Third Provincial Grand Principal (the word 'Provincial' being replaced with the word 'Metropolitan' in a Metropolitan Area such as London, or the word 'District' in an overseas area controlled from England).
The Supreme Grand Chapter is ruled over from London by three Grand Principals, with a Pro First Grand Principal when the First Grand Principal is a Royal Prince, as is currently the case.
Chapter Officers
In addition to the three Principals, who rule conjointly, a Holy Royal Arch Chapter has elected and appointed officers with individual responsibilities within the Chapter. Similar offices exist at the Supreme Grand Chapter (national) level, and also at the intermediate level (Metropolitan, Provincial, or District), with appropriate prefixes to the titles.
  • Zerubbabel - Prince of Jerusalem
  • Haggai - the Prophet
  • Joshua or Jeshua - the High Priest
  • Scribe Ezra
  • Scribe Nehemiah
  • Treasurer
  • Director of Ceremonies
  • Principal Sojourner
  • 1st Assistant Sojourner
  • 2nd Assistant Sojourner
  • Assistant Director of Ceremonies
  • Organist
  • Steward (there may be several Stewards)
  • Janitor
All of these offices are listed in, and regulated by, the constitutions or regulations of the various national Grand Chapters, including those of the 'mother' Grand Chapter, the Supreme Grand Chapter of England. Within the 'York Rite' version of Royal Arch Freemasonry the Janitor may be known as the Tyler or Sentinel. 
In Ireland, in 1864, the founding legend of the Royal Arch became based on the renovation of the First Temple under King Josiah. The three principals are now the Excellent King, High Priest and Chief Scribe. The Sojourners and Scribes were replaced by the Royal Arch Captain, the Captain of the Scarlet Veil, the Captain of the Purple Veil and the Captain of the Blue Veil. Although not referred to as such in the ritual, the three principals are taken to be King Josiah, the High Priest Hilkiah and the scribe Shaphan.
Operation Yewtree  
is a police investigation into alleged sexual abuse, predominantly the abuse of children, by the British media personality Jimmy Savile (who died in 2011) and others. The investigation led by the Metropolitan Police Service started in October 2012. After a period of assessment it became a full criminal investigation, involving inquiries into living people as well as Savile. 
On 19 October 2012 the Metropolitan Police reported that more than 400 lines of enquiry had been assessed and over 200 potential victims had been identified. By 19 December, eight people had been questioned; the total number of alleged victims was 589, of whom 450 alleged abuse by Savile. The report of the investigations into the activities of Savile himself was published, as Giving Victims a Voice, in January 2013. Operation Yewtree continued as an investigation into others linked with, or independent of, Savile. 
Main article: Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal
An ITV documentary, Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile, researched and presented by former police detective Mark Williams-Thomas, was broadcast on 3 October 2012. The programme contained several allegations by women who said that, as teenagers, they had been sexually abused by Savile, who had gained access to them through the television programmes he had presented and his charity work. Following the broadcast, many other people came forward to make allegations about Savile's conduct towards young people, including sexual abuse that had taken place on BBC premises and in hospitals to which Savile had access.
Operation Yewtree is concerned with:
  • claims against Savile;
  • claims against Savile and others; and
  • claims against others.
  • Initial assessments
On 4 October 2012, the Metropolitan Police said it would take the national lead in a process of assessing the allegations. The assessment was undertaken by the Serious Case Team of the service's Child Abuse Investigation Command, led by Detective Superintendent David Gray working closely with the BBC. The police said, "Our priority will be to ensure a proportionate and consistent policing response putting the victims at the heart of our enquiries", and that "it is not an investigation at this stage". 
The Metropolitan Police announced on 9 October that the inquiry into the allegations would be called Operation Yewtree, and would be undertaken jointly with the NSPCC. The police had formally recorded eight allegations against Savile, but announced they were following 120 lines of inquiry, covering up to 25 victims of abuse, mainly girls aged between 13 and 16. The allegations covered four decades, from 1959 until the 1980s, and were on "a national scale". Commander Peter Spindler, head of specialist crime investigations, said, "At this stage it is quite clear from what women are telling us that Savile was a predatory sex offender." Operation Yewtree aimed to report by the end of November; the publication date was later revised to early 2013. 
"Yewtree" was chosen from a list of names which are intended to be neutral and unrelated to the particular case. 
Criminal investigation
The Metropolitan Police launched a criminal investigation on 19 October 2012 as, in addition to the historic allegations of child sex abuse by Savile, there were "lines of inquiry involving living people that require formal investigation". The police were pursuing over 400 separate lines of inquiry based on evidence of 200 witnesses via 14 police forces across the UK. The criminal investigations within Operation Yewtree were led by Detective Chief Superintendent Keith Niven, head of the Metropolitan Police's child abuse investigation command. 
Commander Peter Spindler said: "The public's response to this issue has been astounding. We are dealing with alleged abuse on an unprecedented scale. The profile of this operation has empowered a staggering number of victims to come forward to report the sexual exploitation which occurred during their childhood." He said that: "We are dealing with a major criminal investigation. This is a watershed moment for child abuse investigations and Yewtree will be a landmark investigation." 
On 25 October the police reported that the number of possible victims was 300, and on 15 November reported the number had reached 450. Investigations took place into allegations that living people had undertaken abuse with Savile and other claims that had come forward of abuse not involving Savile. It was reported that about 60 of the claims related to allegations of abuse by people other than Savile. 
Police have questioned ten people as part of Operation Yewtree. As of 2013, fourteen separate inquiries are continuing, including an inquiry by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary into police investigative failures. Approximately 600 people had provided information at the time of the publication of the Savile report, Giving Victims a Voice, with 450 such allegations relating to Savile. This resulted in the formal recording of a total of 214 criminal offences across 28 police forces. 
Former pop star and convicted sex offender Gary Glitter was arrested as part of the investigations into Savile on 28 October 2012; he was questioned at a London police station for more than nine hours and bailed until December. Comedian Freddie Starr was arrested on 1 November on suspicion of related offences and released on bail the following day. He was re-arrested on 24 April 2013. 
On 11 November, former BBC producer Wilfred De'ath, who had been interviewed for the Exposure documentary, was arrested inCambridge on suspicion of connected sexual offences; he was later released on bail, denying the claims made against him. No charges were brought against De'ath after the complainant withdrew her statement, confirmed Alison Saunders the chief crown prosecutor for CPS London in March 2013. De'ath was later told that he would not face any charges, and said that the police action had been "overzealous". 
A fourth man, DJ Dave Lee Travis, was arrested in Bedfordshire on 15 November; he was later released on bail. The police said allegations against him were unrelated to Savile, and Travis said his arrest had been on matters not linked to children. Travis was re-arrested on 13 March 2013 on suspicion of further sexual offences. In late November 2012 an unnamed man in his 80s was questioned by the Metropolitan Police and his Berkshire house was searched, but he was not arrested. 
On 6 December, it was reported that publicist Max Clifford had been arrested as part of Operation Yewtree, on suspicion of sexual offences; after his release on bail, he denied what he termed the "damaging and totally untrue allegations". On 26 April 2013, Clifford was charged with 11 indecent assaults against girls and young women between 1965 and 1985. 
A former BBC chauffeur, David Smith, was arrested in London on 10 December, and an eighth man, former BBC radio producer Ted Beston, was arrested on 19 December.  Comedian Jim Davidson, and an unnamed man in his 50s, were arrested on 2 January 2013. Another man, aged 65, was arrested in south London on 5 February.David Smith was the first suspect to be charged in the investigation, on 3 April. 
An 82-year-old man, unnamed at the time, was arrested in Berkshire on 28 March 2013. On 19 April this was stated by the BBC and other media sources to be Rolf Harris, who had already been questioned in November 2012. Another unnamed man, aged 65, was arrested in Somerset on 4 April. Comedian Jimmy Tarbuck was arrested by North Yorkshire Police after a Operation Yewtree file was passed to them concerning a claim he sexually abused a young boy in the 1970s. 
Completion of investigation 
On 11 December, the Metropolitan Police stated that the investigation of the abuse undertaken by Savile had been completed, and that the report of Operation Yewtree was being prepared for publication early in 2013. The operation had involved 30 police officers, and its cost so far was estimated at about £2 million. In a statement the following day, Commander Peter Spindler said that a total of 589 alleged victims of abuse had come forward in the inquiry, of whom 450 alleged abuse by Savile. Of the alleged victims, 82% were female and 80% were children or young people. There were 31 allegations of rape by Savile, across seven police force areas. Commander Spindler said: "Savile's offending peaked in the 70s and what we can show, or will be showing in the New Year, is how he used his position in society across the country—the crimes relate to 17 different police force areas—how he exploited this position to get his sexual gratification." 
Giving Victims a Voice
The joint report prepared by the Metropolitan Police Service and the NSPCC, Giving Victims a Voice, was published in January 2013, and marked the end of investigations under Operation Yewtree into Savile alone. It reported that sex offences were committed by Savile on 450 people (328 being children at the time), across England and Scotland, with allegations also made in Jersey. The vast majority of offences occurred in his home town of Leeds and in London, his main place of work. The victims were "mainly not known to each other". His youngest victim was aged 8 years, the oldest 47. Most were aged 13–16, with 73% being under 18 and the majority being minors. The attacks included 18 girls and 10 boys under the age of 10, and were mostly against young girls aged under 16. The offences were mostly opportunistic, although child grooming was involved in some cases. The first and final known offences were in 1955 and 2009 respectively. The period containing most frequent offending was between 1966 and '76 (when he was aged 40–50), coinciding with his "peak [celebrity] status". The most frequent offending was during 1975 and '76 with each year having 15 offences recorded in it. 
Savile's celebrity status meant that he was considered to have been "hiding in plain sight". Operation Yewtree's senior investigating officer, DS David Gray, said Savile used Jim'll Fix It "as a vehicle to gain access to victims". Most allegations had not previously been reported to authorities, with victims stating reasons of fear of disbelief or distrust of the judicial system. 
At least seven allegations of sexual assault made to police during Savile's lifetime were not linked. The CPS said prosecutions "might have been possible" in connection with allegations made to Surrey Police between 2007 and 2009. 
The NSPCC described Savile as "one of the most prolific sex offenders in its 129-year history". The BBC restated a "sincere apology to the victims".

  •  Operation Yewtree About 1,350,000 results (0.31 seconds) HERE

Satanists Control Britain With Blackmail - Insider
May 12, 2013

"We have Operation YewTree [investigating Jimmy Savile, et al]  in Britain. The idea that the British Investigators who all work for the Freemasons who work for Evelyn Rothschild  who controls the people by getting them to commit obscene acts on video are going to come up with something, well I think it's unlikely!"


[EDITOR'S NOTE: While not in a position to confirm these claims, I present them for your consideration.]

by Red Ox

If you ask a local Mason about "The Royal Arch," they might be scared, assuming they know what goes on. Maybe they joined Masonry to progress up the career ladder, get told what to do by a semi-official government official and call it a day.  
You can join The Royal Arch after joining the friendly and relatively insignificant local lodge. It is for the people who "will do anything, absolutely anything to get on". A British Intelligence Officer involved - an ex Director General - told me "we have our fair share of sociopaths". 
Indoctrination is by degree, but if you are caught by the Royal Arch as a child, as I was,  you will be subject to such deliberately traumatic rape, torture and "mind control" that a normal person disassociates. 
Injections are administered to prevent recall, and drugs such as Rohypnol are used along with electroshock punishment. Most of the people involved in the Royal Arch would have been through this at the hands of their own "Illuminati" or "multi-generational-Satanic" family. For example, Douglas Hurd (Foreign Secretary) and his son Thomas Hurd ('Diplomat'/MI-6 Officer) Hurd. They will then often suffer displacement - meting out similar punishments to others - and cognitive dissonance identifying with the organization that abused them.
The best way to understand how they work together is to see the agenda as "a force". They are Luciferian but some take it more seriously than others. Either way they all agree that the way to prove one's power is to cause suffering to others and that "do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law". If you can imagine what 'normal' people regard as the worst possible philosophy, you will also be pretty close. 
In a previous article I went through the torture techniques of electroshock with cattle prod. My parents were not Satanists, but those who are in with the Royal Arch can let their offspring be 'treated' with electroshock therapy 3 times a week. At the extreme, Miley Cyrus's father (left) used to rape her live at Bohemian Grove as one of the leading attractions. 
Today, I want to be specific about actual pedophiles in music, entertainment and politics.  I can confirm from my experience that the cult is everywhere. I mean literally everywhere: you will not be successful in "Allied" music or entertainment industry without being part of it. If you know that, it should make turning off MTV entirely rather than have your unconscious or subconscious mind subverted.
When people watch Royal Arch music videos/live performances or watch entertainment programs, the information is "hidden in full view".  The most obvious recent example for British readers is Jimmy Savile, whose cathphrase "Jim'll Fix It For You" was also used in child rape sessions with all his British government chums. "Has Jim Fixed it for You?" an enthusiastic Thomas Hurd would ask a child rape victim. 
Another prominent child rapist who was then forced to do Rothschild bidding is the former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. An Intelligence minion like Hurd would ask him if he wanted a go with a boy, and the PM would say "that's very prudent of you". Planned in advance, he then used this phrase an inordinate  amount of times in the mass media to millions. Easy to understand when you know how. 
Tony Blair was introduced to me as "the future Prime Minister" in about 1992 by Douglas Hurd and Mandelson, although Hurd told me Mandelson was more important (Rothschild direct contact). Hurd told me that Tony Blair wasn't into rape as much as others, same as Evelyn Rothschild usually didn't get involved directly. "Sometimes my brother does" Evelyn told us. 
There was Kathryn Blair's suicide bid after being raped by friends of her father. There's also rumours Tony Blair is the actual illegitimate son of a Rothschild. Either way you can see how timely that "heart attack" was for Labour Leader John Smith. Blair said  "I had a funny feeling it would be me." 
Some of these people are more victim than perpetrator. For example in the music industry you can take most famous women and young men. Is there much doubt that Justin Bieber and the dude from N Sync have been subjected to it? 
From personal experience being flown by MI-6 to Bohemian Grove I met Nicole Scherzinger [lead singer Pussy Cat Dolls] who was being subjected to "ugly duckling" programming by having affection withheld in favour of Jessica Simpson. 
Alizee the Corsican French singer, left, who could speak English (not very well in my opinion as a boy but was told "better than your French") was raped a thousand times and went on to be one of the largest names on the international stage singing "I'm  a Lolita" and "I'm Not 20". I was asked to rape this girl which makes me feel guilty even though I was too young for it to be my decision. "You'll have to take the lead with this one, Reggie" The Royal Arch sneered "as Alizee doesn't know what she's doing".

I said specific: that was pretty specific. We have Operation YewTree in Britain. The idea that the British Investigators who all work for the Freemasons who work for Evelyn Rothschild who controls the people by getting them to commit obscene acts on video in the first place are going to come up with something, well I think it's unlikely!
But here's some names that may be outed (check back in a few weeks to see if I'm right):
First two new ones who may be revealed as they're not important members of Rothschild's circle like Hurd, Gordon Brown and Ted Heath.
Pete Burns- (music industry):- Involved in frequent Satanic gay orgies with boys (so unconsenting) run by MI-6/Thomas Hurd. Burns likes being a "top" (penis) and when the KGB was monitoring him raping a boy he started saying "you're a little runt aren't you. That's what my mother would have called you. She wouldn't have liked you" and throwing the child around. Putin thought this was obvious displacement and offered to help Pete out with his problems (to avoid him killing anyone) but Pete said "I'm not going to speak to your imaginary friend Pooka". Putin, Peter, not Pooka. He later got his face almost taken off by absolutely inexplicable surgery (continued injections even when there was a problem) by an Italian surgeon. Don't want to instantly link Italy to KGB - but KGB revenge!?
Bruce Forsyth - A beloved entertainer on British television with many catchphrases. The SVR has footage of Bruce and Thomas Hurd (MI-6) conducting a double rape of a child. In fact the SVR have thousands of hours of footage of Hurd that I saw the one time the Russian agency tried to attract my attention to it on their laptop (they cover up the brand for some reason with paper is something I remember?!). Bruce was told "you remind me of Grandad" in about 1990 and didn't react too well. He carried on touching the boy and was told "Grandad doesn't touch me like that". Thomas Hurd was finding it funny being young at the time and Forsyth told him off saying "this is for both our pleasure, Thomas, not just yours".
In fact Bruce,left, is a very poor pedophile since at a charity golf day he actually casually made reference to a gangbang to his friend Boycie from Only Fools and Horses - actor John Challis. "be quiet you're giving it away" Bruce laughed out of earshot when Challis commented at a "celebrity golf day" to the audience that he thought he recognized a child. "You're giving it away, Bruce" Challis said quietly. When the Dad wanted to know where Challis would know his son from, Challis did his famous Boycie laugh   which, despite being asked numerous times, until that moment he was steadfastly refusing to do.
Those other names: McAlphine (he is now pedophile that is pretending not to be pedophile in full view), Savile, rocker Gary Glitter (arrested in Vietnam in 2006 for child sex) , Comedian Jim Davidson, [comedian] (accused of sexual assault yesterday) Jimmy Tarbuck (arrested for child abuse last week are all known to us.) [PR flack] Max Clifford I mentioned before.
Other names I mention but nothing has happened (guess they're too important):  Piers Morgan, [ad mogul] Charles Saatchi, [magazine publisher] Felix Dennis, Trevor Kavanagh (The Sun Political Correspondent), Theo Paphitis, [lingerie retailer], but you could go on to Gordon Brown, Ted Heath... it goes right to the top because it's deliberately run in that fashion by Rothschild. Some of the main "minions" are the British Security Services. Thomas Hurd didn't want to sign in when we visited Savile in his studio at the BBC for obvious reasons, but I did anyway on his behalf and crossed out his name a few times when he complained.
(Anti gun crusader Piers Morgan) 
I'm sure that must be terriblly difficult for the Rothschild-controlled British Police to find: the signing in book from 1992. Also, of course, the Russian Federation could put away half the British Government for life by sending a videotape to the right person. Or even simply revealing it on RT. Consider it a polite request?
Not as important as Rothschild, but one for your US audience. When I was at Bohemian Grove I met the US guys like Bush, Clinton, Cheney and Greenspan. There's some tedious joke they do with Dick Cheney "that's why he's called Dick" --such a large penis. One of the chaps I met was your current President Mr Obama.
The KGB on radio asked me to do a joke with him: "Say, Sir, you look different from the others". Obama paused for a moment nodding his head to himself.. and then said "Is it because I am Black!?" with a smile.
 Angela Merkel didn't have such a good sense of humour when some Russian scamp wanted me to say, "Hello Sir I take it the operation was a success!".
David Icke - Pedophile Ring Everywhere - HERE

by Red Ox

Makow-- Crazed MI-5/6 Wreak Havoc for Illuminati - HERE

Operation Yewtree: the arrests so far 
Information provided by Operation Yewtree has led to the arrest of Jimmy Tarbuck - bringing the list of celebrity names arrested over sex abuse allegations ever higher
Mr Tarbuck has not been arrested as a part of Operation Yewtree, but was arrested by North Yorkshire police acting on information provided by the Metropolitan police investigation.
Yewtree, which was triggered by revelations of sexual abuse carried out by the late radio DJ Jimmy Savile, has led to a number of high profile arrests (see graphic, above).
Former BBC producer Wilfred De'Ath, arrested in November, was released without charge after a statement made against him was dropped.
Operation Yewtree has received information from 589 people relating to the scandal, with a total of 450 complaints against Jimmy Savile himself.
The investigation splits allegations into three categories - those allegedly carried out by Savile on his own, those allegedly carried out by Jimmy Savile with others, and those allegedly carried out by individuals separately from Savile.
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8 May 2013 16:20
Operation Yewtree: Former BBC driver David Smith in court charged with sex offences

Smith, who ferried a variety of celebs around for the Beeb during the 1980s, entered no plea and was released on bail
A former BBC driver appeared in court today as part of the investigation triggered by allegations of abuse against Jimmy Savile.
David Smith, 66, who ferried a variety of celebs around for the Beeb during the 1980s, appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court today.
Smith is accused of two counts of indecent assault, two of gross indecency and one of buggery in 1984, the Crown Prosecution Service said.
He entered no plea and was released on bail until July 12 when he will appear at Southwark Crown Court.
He was the first person to be charged under Operation Yewtree, the national investigation prompted after claims were made against disgraced TV presenter Savile.
The CPS previously said charges are two counts of indecent assault on a boy under 14 between June 1 and July 21, 1984; two counts of gross indecency with a boy under 14 between the same dates; and buggery of a boy under 16 between July 1 and 21, 1984.
The counts relate to one victim.
Operation Yewtree was set up in the wake of allegations against Savile and other celebrities of sex abuse.
After his death in 2011, aged 84, police found that Savile was one of Britain’s most prolific sex offenders.
Scotland Yard is leading the national investigation and has separated its inquiries into those involving Savile, those involving Savile and others, and those involving others.
Smith, of Lewisham, south east London, has been investigated under the "others" strand.

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11 May 2013 00:00
 Jimmy Savile police to investigate actor, comedian, TV host and two pop stars as net widens

Police have been inundated with calls in recent weeks from potential victims following coverage of Savile’s depraved ­background
The list of celebrities being probed by the police squad set up after the Jimmy Savile scandal is growing, it emerged last night.
At least five more household names will be investigated by detectives after a string of alleged victims came forward.
Men and women have brought complaints against two singers, a pair of TV personalities and a comedian.
Detectives from Operation Yewtree are travelling the length and breadth of the country speaking to the latest people who claim they have been attacked.
The ­allegations stretch back five decades.
Police have been inundated with calls in recent weeks from potential victims following coverage of Savile’s depraved ­background.
It is claimed more of those allegedly abused are now emerging because police are taking a new approach, giving them confidence their cases will be treated seriously.
One source said: “Officers will investigate all credible allegations before deciding what further action should be taken.
"Detectives have a list of witnesses and are touring the country and world as they take ­statements. They will leave no stone unturned.”
Yewtree detectives have so far arrested 12 men.
Among them are ­celebrities including Rolf HarrisGary GlitterDave Lee TravisFreddie Starr and Jim Davidson. All deny the allegations.
PR guru Max Clifford, was last month charged with 11 indecent assaults allegedly committed between 1966 and 1985.
The 70-year-old, who is due to appear before Westminster magistrates on May 28, has vowed to clear his name.
He described the allegations as “a load of nonsense”.
His solicitor Henri Brandman said: “Jim continues to vigorously deny the allegations and is helping the police as fully as possible in their inquiries.
"He has not, of course, been charged with any offence.”
The TV star was bailed to an ­unspecified date in July.
Yewtree cops have flown to Australia as part of their investigation into Harris, 83.
Two detectives visited a woman in New South Wales. Harris was arrested in March over sexual offences claims.
The TV comic, singer and artist has not commented on the allegations. He has been bailed until a date in May.
Starr, 70, was arrested in December and re-arrested last month over claims he groped a 14-year-old girl in Savile’s dressing room.
Police held Lee Travis, 67, after two former BBC employees came forward to claim he had assaulted a number of women at the Beeb.
Comedian Jimmy Tarbuck, 73, was held in April over allegations of sexually abusing a young boy the 70s.
Police arrested him at his home in Kingston, South West, after information from Yewtree was passed to them.
The alleged assault took place in ­Harrogate, North Yorkshire.
Two days after his arrest, the Sunday Mirror revealed a "household TV name" had been questioned.
However, Tarbuck was not named until nine days later.
The decision to keep his arrest secret was made despite a top police publicist calling for celebrities arrested in child sex inquiries to be identified.
Andy Trotter, media chief for the ­Association of Chief Police Officers, said the move could encourage other potential victims of abuse to come forward.
And former Met chief Lord Blair has insisted it is in the interest of justice for suspects to be named as the publicity could help uncover vital evidence.
Scotland Yard staff are committed to interviewing every person who makes an allegation and teams of specially trained ­detectives are travelling the world talking to victims and witnesses to gather information.
The 69-strong team have been stretched to breaking point as people continue to come forward and Yard bosses are recruiting more officers.
A source said some ­allegations are so historic that they are unlikely to lead to charges, while others involve victims now living abroad who cannot be traced.
Police are also preparing to interview celebrity friends and ­associates of stars who have already been arrested or charged as they attempt to build cases for trial.
The pals will be asked to provide any information that could assist the police in corroborating the allegations.
Some of the historic sex abuse claims made by the many alleged victims date back to the 50s.
Operation Yewtree has three strands. One is looking specifically at the actions of ­paedophile Savile.
The second concerns allegations against “Savile and others”.
The third relates to alleged complaints against “others” – people unconnected to the probe into the Jim’ll Fix It star.

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