by Dave Hodges -
March 26, 2013 

 “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” -Jimi Hendrix
We are living in a 21st century feudal society and we are the serfs. Humanity is sliding ever faster into the great abyss of subsistence living. We have heard it all before, the rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer. However, we hear the humanity outnumbers the globalists and their minions. Americans have 300 million handguns and these two factors should allow us to defeat those of far fewer numbers. If this were true, tell me why is humanity losing the war against tyranny?
How does one defeat The New World Order (NWO) with their control over the banks, the military, the corporations, health care and the politicians? 
In short, they own it all. Is there any way to defeat the NWO?  
The truth is, I don’t know how to defeat the NWO and neither does anybody else because we do not know how to mobilize society.  
Below are a few suggestions that I feel we can use to slow them down. I call it the “death by a 1000 cuts” strategy. Following our delaying actions, while we get our house in order, this article concludes on what it might truly take to defeat evil.

Death By a Thousand Cuts 
Sun Tzu once said that  “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”  
The previous parts in this series have clearly demonstrated that we cannot defeat the globalists on the battlefield. We cannot fully count on the police and the military to protect us is we revolt against this unfolding tyranny. However, there are some strategies that we can employ which can slow down the NWO until we can get our act together and fully prepare. 
1. Take your money out of the megabanks. Now, there are presently harassing customers who are doing so. Therefore, go to the credit union or state-owned bank and write a sizeable check from your soon-to-be former bank.  At the same time, take out the daily maximum from your account. Keep enough in the bank to pay your bills and no more.
2. Turn off all mainstream media. Control of mass media is the key to the Bolshevik strategy for command and control. Only listen to networks and visit websites like the Republic Broadcasting Network, Rense.comSteve QuayleStan and Holly Deyo and Genesis Communication. Do not watch network news unless you are viewing it as a way to determine what the enemy is up to. Apply the same logic to your local newspaper as they are all owned by Gannett Broadcasting. Most of your radio stations are owned by Clear Channel and they all have the same globalist propaganda. 
3. Get your children out of the government schools with their NWO Common Core curriculum along with their zero tolerance policies and transgender restrooms. 
4. Never a borrower or a lender be. We are now a nation of debt slaves. Pay cash for everything. If you cannot pay cash, then you do not buy it!  Own your future instead of the banksters owning you. 
5. Service your car at the local garage and not use the car dealer’s mechanics. 
6. Stay out of Walmart, Kmart and every other slavemart.  Shop at your locally owned store and stay out of the chain stores they are all owned by the enemies of humanity (e.g. Walmart slave labor). 
7. Dine out at your “mom and pop” stores. Stay out of the corporate chains as you are only feeding the NWO beast. 
8. Buy gold and do not horde cash.  This cuts into the power the NWO bankers have over you and your country. 
9. Never vote for the incumbent. The longer the power hungry are in power, the more likely they are to be on the take. 
10. Store food and water. Buy privately sold guns and bury them so you have them following the coming gun confiscations. You will need them to protect your food and water. 
11.  Try, as hard as it might be, to buy only Made In America products. 
12. Make a registry at your local community mail box of which you list the trades and skills possessed by your neighbors so you can trade craft favors. Also, sell your products in the same manner. Trade and barter and get out of the habit of using credit and debit cards as well as cash. This will minimize your tax bill. There are laws being passed against these practices. Ignore these laws. Starve the Federal Reserve beast. 
13. Educate your neighbors, family and friends that this government is controlled by those who would do you harm. 
14. Have an escape plan. When the roundups start you will need a place to hide out for about six months.

15. Grow your own food and try to conceal that fact as much as possible. Encourage your neighbors to do the same so you are not murdering each other on the fourth day following the coming currency collapse. 
16.  Eat organic and avoid GMO’s. Exercise, read and take vitamins. Meditate before starting each day. 
17. Let chemtrails become the new symbol of the tyranny that is ruling over us. 
18. Do not every get on a bus of any kind where they promise safety and food. History shows that you have a 98% chance of not getting out the new place of “safety” with your life. 
19. Your best allies are your families and extended families. Plan according to this principle. 
20. Realize that you cannot prepare for all eventualities. Therefore, enjoy each day because the future is promised to nobody and we live in very predatory times. 

How to Defeat the NWO Once and For All

We cannot defeat the NWO at this time because they are us. Yes, they are indeed evil personified, but they represent everything that is also wrong with us. All of us are the NWO and if we want to not be the NWO we need to stop acting like them. Every time we cheat on our spouses, we are no different than John Corzine who cheated investors out of 1.2 billion dollars of secured investment accounts in MF Global. Every time we spread malicious rumors and lies about another human being, we are no different than what Ted Turner and Rupert Murdock do with CNN and FOX on a daily basis. You see, all of us are the NWO. 

“We have met the enemy and he is us." 
When you come to realize that every human encounter possesses a nexus point with every other human being we encounter. In each instance, we have a choice to be honorable, compassionate and kind to another or to take advantage of them. You have a choice to chart a new path for humanity or to walk in the evil footprints of those misguided ones who have come before you. You can pick up the Cross and walk the path of righteousness. Or we can continue to serve and be ruled over by evil. If reading the Bible is not your thing (highly recommended), then you can try a more secular approach in reading Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Power of Intention.  Both works espouse the belief that we can manifest our just desires with the correct type of prayers, or the correct seven prerequisite beliefs, in order to manifest a change upon the physical universe. Either way, evil can be defeated through nonviolent means. Please remember that evil begets evil. Hate begets hate. Violence begets violence. Maybe it is time to try something that really works. 
We have a choice my friends, but our window of opportunity is quickly closing.
13 thoughts on “The Keys to Defeating the NWO”
Jim Yost March 27, 2013 at 3:26 am
Dear Dave,
I agree with nearly everything you said here, but I don’t hold much hope for the future for the reason I explained a few days ago in the following comment I wrote in the comments section to an article titled ‘Why Hasn’t There Been A Revolution?’ which is this: 
The reason a revolution will never happen here in America is because there aren’t enough people who are unified behind it. That’s because 90% of the adult population are hypnotized by the media into varying states of fear, passivity, despair, apathy, narcissistic behavior, etc. so that they are unable to act in their own defense. The government think tank scientists have figured out how to use TV and movies as effective tools of mass hypnosis via which they not only control the way people think but they also use TV and movies to cause people to become addicted to watching them, very similar to the way the mind becomes addicted to drugs. If you have ever known someone who was addicted to a drug then you can understand why people aren’t going to stop watching TV and movies, and unless that happens on a very large scale there will be no revolution.
EDITOR’S NOTE: I appreciate and respect your point of view. However, God does not reward passivity (ie giving up). I have to keep pressing and hope that you will help awaken my fellow man that there are spiritual solutions to physical problems.

I would highly recommend anything written by Wayne Dyer. Anything that you can gain from his wisdom will be beneficial.

For got to say, great article. Your list is EXACTLY the course of action that we must all move forward with to effect the change in the path we are on. Humanity can only serve to starve the beast and leave the slaughter to a higher power.
The setup they have here is near perfect. Talking about our potential to change things this past dozen years has gained me physical threats from highly religious people who are certain we must remain hands-off and let ‘god’ do his thing – has gained endless hours of new age BS speeches on how ‘it’s all good and to resist it is to give it power” – plastic hippies telling me to “grow up” – corporate fools explaining, “This is the way it is, you’ll never change it.” – Not only do these people enjoy their slavery, they further enjoy knocking down people who try to point things out and when you’re left to the sum of your choices to ‘help out’ – good luck finding a job and do enjoy the polite conversation while standing in line at the church food banks, the same churches that teach ‘hands-off, gawd’s in control here’ approach – bow to it nicely and you may get promoted to being one of those handing out the food, kiss it’s ring and maybe get promoted to handing out no background check loans at 400% interest … my 2 cents
is it not ironic that the vast majority of the NWO command & mid managenent tiers are manned by the former revolutionarys of the late 1960s… they were against the establishment and Corps and the military-industrial complex back then but the NWO leadership has transformed those Idealistic rebels into soldiers that Obey

I think the passivity you described is a misnomer, that what you’re actually referring to is pacifism. The passivity I was making reference to has to do with people being mentally and emotionally unplugged as a result of being hypnotized. I agree that there are spiritual solutions, but God isn’t going to override people’s free will. The think tank scientists, however, don’t place any such limitation on themselves; in fact, they would make mind slaves out of us all if they could. 
I’ve been trying to wake people up for a long time which has proven to have been a big waste of my time and energy because about 99% of the adult population in America are hypnotized and programmed to go along with the flow
I have tried everything from telling the truth over and over and over to resorting to the shock-effect and my experience has been that nothing we can say or do can penetrate the hypnosis. People have to want to come to the light; you or I can’t make them do it (and the Lord isn’t going to make them do it). 
One ingredient in the hypnosis mix is that it is very comforting to people, for several reasons, the main one being that it sets people free from the high-wire act of having an original thought. Another reason is because it wins them a place in the community of like souls. The thought of suddenly becoming a nonconformist frightens them. The rabbit hole goes even deeper, a lot deeper.

Powerful article and DEEP stuff
There is a new solution to all this.
  • It is a system operated completely in the domain of the public & it does not require permission or license of government.
  • It starts with easily accomplished baby steps and proceeds until the real power is in the hands of the people.
  • It is every bit as innovative as Bit-Coin & it’s here, now ready to make us all: Free, Rich, certain of the truth of things, completely in control of government through a new Super system of voting & a national voter referendum which will “reverse” unpopular law.
  • It will replace prurient/perverted sex with a new wellspring of intimacy & love, it will actually end “war” (not a typo) and finally it will open up the oceans and seas to human habitation where the dissatisfied will migrate to begin again in there own ocean-borne “countries.”
  • Now, to begin your journey out of this maze – see:
Jim Yost: I agree with you and feel exactly the same way from my experiences of over 35 years. Me and others for decades tried to inform others to no avail. We no longer talk to anyone except friends that are tuned in. I don’t talk to neighbors period and they don’t know my biz. Few have original thoughts and want to fit in with the crowd for social/business reasons only…they could care less about their kids/grandkids. It’s all about their egos and making money. Church leaders are the major problem…they are spinless cowards doing/saying what the hierarchy/church leaders/ bosses tell them to. Like Hitler, Stalin, etc. the churches were controlling the dumb sheep to submit to gov. and don’t Q it. If people don’t know what’s happening to the country by age 30, I have no time for them; you can’t fix stupid.
Very good article. I’m not against the government unless it goes beserk but we must prepare for any scenario. Most likely our main problems will be marauders seeking food, guns, money and women if everything goes totally crazy. Hiding guns now is a smart idea because once the mass produced drones are out there, they will target gun owners to try and see where they move or hide their guns to confiscate them. The simple vehicle trackers such as Kip Kay’s ‘hack’ videos mention, available at Best Buy ect., may be attached to your vehilce also and your cell phones can track your movements too. Hiding guns around your home won’t work because they will use metal detectors to search. If hidden inside the home they will send an xray scatter truck to see them through the walls. Don’t say in here exactly how or where to hide them because this is all monitored. Everyone must now learn how to construct home made guns and weapons of all kinds, including property defense and protection weapons against marauders other than just guns. There are many lethal and non lethal weapons that can be made at home that aren’t guns. Example, toxic household chemicals deployed against home invaders. Youtube has many how to’s. A great book on home defense is the SAS Fighting Techniques Manual by Terry White. A veritable compendium of survival, tracking, escape and assault information, he also explains how to landscape your home for defense and visibility of intruders. We can also start creating old fashioned barter economies. As Paul Craig Roberts says things are done this time, economist Stefan Molyneux agrees (There will be no economic recovery, Youtube) ect. Water powered energy, paper and saw mills, homemade greenhouses, owning livestock, can create local basic economies. Also read the ‘Survival in Argentina’ blog account from a few years ago. None of the above projects are against the system per se. But the system itself is about to fail. Assuring yourself a source of water, food, and protection from marauders is essential. For example, have two you expect may get raided, grown to be sold or traded for other goods or services, another heavily protected garden for your own basic food needs. Don’t be a threat to the government, don’t be the nail that sticks up. Just be a smart survivor of whoever is in control unless there is no other option left. Learn every skill you can about camping woodcraft, construction and metalworking. Find these two books Survival by Hugh C MacDonald and Basic Self Defense for Adults by Bruce Tegner. They address real situations we all encounter.
Americans citizens have the most awesome weapon that anyone could imagine at their very fingertips, but they are unwilling and unable to use it because they have turned their back on God and trusted in themselves and their own free will instead. That weapon is called PRAYER. Satan and his mutts tremble when the fervent, effectual prayer of a righteous man is exercised on the battlefield. Guns, tanks, aircraft carriers and even nuclear weapons don’t stand a chance against the God of the Bible who hears these prayers.
Want real change for the better? Get on your knees and stay there all night and make it a regular practice. You can even do it when they come haul you off to jail and think you are disarmed.
Dear Laura M.,
I totally agree that the responsibility for America’s demise can be laid at the feet of the church leaders. Calling it ‘Church’ is a misnomer, it is actually the progeny of the Pharisees top-down-control synagogue system. You’ve probably heard the saying “What you judge you become.” (which is a loose paraphrase of Romans 2:1). The early church fathers judged the Pharisees for their demonic control which gave the spirit driving the Pharisees rights to rebound onto them to produce in them the same thing which was the seed of Catholicism. Then later the Protestants judged the Catholics for their demonic control which gave the spirit driving Catholicism rights to rebound onto them to produce in them the same thing which is what the so-called ‘Church’ is now, which is the modern version of the same sort of top-down-control synagogue system the Pharisees had. 
Today’s so-called ‘Pastors’ aren’t pastors at all but are functioning priests. They are members of the priestclass that is the progeny of the Pharisees’ priestclass, and they are empowered by the same spirit that empowered the Pharisees, which is why this country is in such an awful mess. Here’s a link to Eustace Mullins’ power pyramid that I think explains the mess we’re in: HERE

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